My Story

Max Aukshunas

7 Figure Dropshipper

I started dropshipping in 2017 with ZERO marketing or business experience.

To my dismay, it took me almost 1 year just to get my first sale.

After almost ANOTHER YEAR of failure, pain, and stress... along with $7k down the drain...

I finally had a breakthrough with my first profitable store.

$2 million in sales and $500k in profits in only 6 months!!

After taking a couple months off... I did it AGAIN.

Almost $2 million in sales. I had officially cracked the code.

After reaching financial freedom with a 100% online business, I knew it was time to help others do the same.

Thus, was born.

My one goal? Help you make life-changing money...

WITHOUT having to endure the pain and struggle that I did.

That means I'll be sharing EVERYTHING I've learned over the past 5 years...

Along with everything I continue to learn on a daily basis!

Can't wait to help you build a profitable store!

Student Results

My methods work for others as well...