Adserea Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing an Adserea review.

When it comes to dropshipping, there are TONS of helpful tools to choose from…

Tools that help with finding winning products, creating viral video ads, spying on stores, and more.

Adserea is a dropshipping tool that aims to provide ALL of that for you at a fraction of the cost…

But… is Adserea worth it?

Does Adserea really have everything you need for your dropshipping business?

Let’s find out in this Adserea review!

What Is Adserea?

adserea dropshipping spy tool

Adserea describes itself as the one-stop solution for all of your dropshipping needs.

You get access to everything you need to build a profitable e-commerce business—things like winning products, ad copy, product descriptions, ads, and insights.

They aim to save you time and money by doing all the hard work for you

Adserea even has powerful A.I. analyzers to give you an advantage over competitors.

Let’s start this Adserea review by looking at its features.

Adserea Review: Features

Hand-Picked Winning Products

adserea review hand-picked winning products

Adserea provides you with hand-picked winning products daily, similar to other dropshipping tools.

It looks like they have about ~1300 dropshipping products, so there’s an extremely high chance you could find a winning product here.

Just by browsing for a couple of minutes, I’ve found multiple products I would test myself.

This tool would undoubtedly make product research a lot easier. However, I wish you could sort by something like profitability or daily orders…

Let’s take a look at what data they provide on each product.

Winning Product Details

adserea dropshipping products analytics

Another feature is the analytics, data, and resources Adserea provides for each product.

They provide a custom brand name for the product, which is required for dropshipping.

They have some high-quality product images, COGS, selling price, and profit margin.

Also, they have Google Trends for the product, which is nice data to have.

They also provide other helpful links like the competitor’s Shopify store, Facebook ads, and Amazon links.

Adserea review analytics

They include valuable data for your Facebook ads, like Breakeven ROAS and 20% Profit ROAS.

They also provide some analytics for the AliExpress listing, like the total number of orders, reviews, and ratings.

You can also see the amount of engagement on the Facebook ad, like the number of likes, comments, and shares.

The Product Real Time Chart makes it easy to see a product’s growth history and trajectory.

adserea review custom product description

Another resource they provide is a custom product description.

Overall, it’s a solid description. You could easily copy and paste this to your store and convert visitors into customers.

However, they only provide one gif, unfortunately. I recommend splitting up the text with more images and gifs so it’s easier to read.

Adserea review custom video ads

They have some excellent footage of the product being used and showing its effectiveness.

They provide two different versions, one with captions and one without them.

The one with captions is alright, but you could get a better ad from someone like BandsOffAds.

Or you could take the clips they give you and make your own ad creative.

adserea review facebook ad thumbnail and ad copy

The ad copy here is pretty solid.

In 2023, you need to make a bold claim in your ad copy to get the user’s attention. You can take what they give you and turn it into a bold claim.

The thumbnail is good, even though that’s probably the least important part of a Facebook ad.

adserea targeting and reviews

Adserea also provides you with some targeting suggestions for Facebook. They include what interests to target as well as age and gender.

Another thing they provide that I think is beneficial is product reviews. They only offer a handful, but it’s still enough to get you started.

You can download a CSV file and then upload them to Loox.

Product Analyzer

adserea product analyzer

The Product Analyzer is another beneficial tool. The first set of data this tool provides is cost, sale price, and profit.

They also provide other valuable data like number of suppliers, and most importantly, number of stores.

I’m not sure exact what the Strength Index is, but I’d guess it has something to do with momentum.

adserea product analyzer engagement analysis

Adserea also includes analysis on ad engagement.

You can see the number of views compared to the number of likes/comments to see how engaged users are and how much they actually like this product.

They also provide some marketing analysis like an estimated CPA (cost per acquisition).

You can also see which countries the audience is from.

adserea tiktok ads

Adserea also finds the best ads for each product and shows them here.

This makes it incredibly see to see who is successfully selling this product and what kind of ads are working for them.

For this product, they provide 8 different TikTok ads for you to analyze and learn from.

adserea sales analysis

You can also see average monthly sales as well as an Orders Trend Chart. This makes it easy to see if a product is accelerating or dying out.

This tool has another metric called the Opportunity Score. They explain exactly what it is, but I would guess it compares the current number of orders to overall market size. Something like a saturation meter maybe…

This product has a market size of billions, so it makes sense why the Opportunity Score is 10/10.

adserea competition analysis

Another metric they provide is the Stores Trend Chart.

This makes it really easy to see how popular a product is amongst other dropshipping stores.

For this product, you can see there was a huge increase in the past 6 months, but has really slowed down in the past month or so.

top sellers

Another incredibly valuable piece of data they provide you with is the Top Sellers.

You can see all of your competitors’ stores and Facebook ads… This will make easy to see what’s working for them and then you can implement that on your own store and ads.

They also have a Competition Meter and Geo Distribution to get a better idea of your competition.

TikTok Spy

adserea tiktok spy tool

Adserea also has a spy tool to find winning products on TikTok.

They don’t provide any data on how large their database of ads is, but after using it myself, it’s definitely large enough to be useful.

This spy tool doesn’t have very advanced filters, but again, it’s enough to be useful.

The Engagement Rate filter can be used to find high-quality ads that have tons of engagement on them.

You can also set the Age to less than 90 days and views to more than 100,000 to see newer winning products/ads.

tiktok spy tool

One strategy I recommend is using the search feature to search for TikToks that include “get yours here” or “50% off”.

This will show you mostly e-commerce/dropshipping ads which is probably what you want.

Once you find a TikTok ad that looks promising, you can use Adserea’s A.I. to find the actual product and analyze it.

Live Products Spy

Adserea review live products spy

This is a pretty unique research tool. It focuses on showing the newest products that were just added to stores.

This could be good for finding untapped products that dropshipping stores are just starting to test.

If you’re looking for a specific product, you can search for a keyword. Or you can narrow down the products by Niche/Category.

Because dropshipping/eCommerce is so competitive now, speed matters. This means this tool could be pretty helpful.

Store Finder

Adserea dropshipping store finder

Next is the Store Finder, which is precisely what it sounds like.

You can use this tool to browse through their database of 6+ million eCommerce stores.

For each store, you can see an estimate of their monthly sales, as well as what products they’ve recently added to their store.

shopify store finder

The best way to use this tool is to build an extensive list of successful dropshipping stores and spy on them regularly.

Once you’ve found a store that looks promising, you can either analyze the store itself or analyze each of its products.

Let’s take a look at what the Store Analyzer does.

Store Analyzer

Adserea review Store analyzer

To use the Store Analyzer, you can either find a store on the Store Finder or input a link yourself.

Adserea will show you social profile engagements which is a great way to see where this store’s traffic is coming from.

You can also see what apps they have installed on their Shopify store.

adserea store analyzer

You can also use this tool to see what products this store has recently added.

If this store has found and scaled a winning product in the past, it probably means these recently added products also have potential.

You can also see this store’s best-selling products. And if a product looks promising, you can use Adserea’s AI to analyze them further.

Audience Builder

Adserea review audience builder

Last but not least, we have the Audience Builder.

Input your niche/category and get a bunch of interests to target on Facebook ads.

They also have data on Instagram hashtags if you’re going the influencer route instead of Facebook ads.

They have no data on TikTok audiences, but that doesn’t matter because targeting isn’t as crucial on TikTok as on Facebook.

Adserea Pricing

Adserea pricing

Adserea pricing is very straightforward. They have one plan, which is usually $29.95 per month… Or if you use my link, you can get a free trial + 30% off.

Once you subscribe, you get instant access to:

  • 1300+ Ready-To-Sell Winning Products ($3,359 Value)
  • 2 New Hot-Selling Products Added Daily
  • Engaging Video Ads
  • Professional Ad Copies
  • Full Product Descriptions
  • Facebook Audience Targeting
  • All-Powerful Audience Builder
  • 30,000 Products Added Daily with our Live Product Spy Tool & Ready to Analyze with our A.I Analyzer ($2,569 Value)
  • 6 Million+ eCommerce stores data with Store Finder ($8,999 Value)
  • Unlimited Store Analyzes ($12,099 Value)
  • Unlimited Access to TikTok Spy ($18,465 Value)
  • All-Powerful Adserea A.I Product Analyzer
  • ​24/7 Customer Support

Adserea Alternatives

There are multiple Adserea alternatives. Some of them include Peeksta, Dropship Rabbit, BandsBox, EcomHunt, Viral Vault, Sell The Trend, AliShark, and Winnerzilla. Here are the 18 best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options.

Adserea Review: FAQ

Is Adserea legit?

Yes. Adserea is legit and safe to use.

How does Adserea find winning products?

Adserea’s teams are trained to use unique in-house tools that give them elite and sensitive information on the best winning products across the internet. I would also guess they use an ad spy tool here and there…

Is there an Adserea free trial?

Yes. There is an Adserea free trial to access some of their tools.

Does Adserea offer refunds?

No. Because of the nature of their product, they don’t offer refunds. But you can easily cancel your subscription anytime.

Does Adserea have winning products for Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads?

Yes. Adserea has winning products for both Facebook and TikTok ads. You can use their TikTok spy tool or another tool like PiPiAds.

How much data does Adserea have?

They have data on about 1,300 winning products and over 1 million Shopify stores.

Adserea Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

adserea review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Adserea provides valuable data and analytics to help with your dropshipping business.

Their hand-picked products make it relatively easy to find a winning product whether you’re using Facebook or TikTok ads.

Plus, it’s only $29.95 per month, so it’s low risk…

You can also get 30% off + a free trial with this link

FINAL VERDICT: I recommend Adserea if you have a very low budget.

But from my 6+ years of experience, it’s 100% worth it to invest a little bit extra…

You will get MUCH better results in FAR less time if you use these tools instead.

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