AdSpy Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing an AdSpy Review.

Facebook ads and Instagram ads have been very lucrative traffic sources for online businesses, especially for Shopify dropshipping.

Facebook and Instagram ads spying can be a great way to find out what’s working well, then implement that into your own online business.

There are many spy tools, but…

Is AdSpy the best ad intelligence tool?

Is AdSpy worth it?

Let’s find out in this AdSpy Review!

What is AdSpy?

adspy review best ad spy tool

AdSpy labels itself as the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world.

They have 123.8+ million ads with global coverage (88 languages & 216 countries).

Using their unparalleled array of data and innovative search functionality, uncovering the ads that you need to see becomes a simple task.

With the amount of data they have, you can easily find ads for any online business using Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s continue this AdSpy review by looking at their features.

AdSpy Features

adspy review search

One of the main strengths of this spy tool is its simple interface and ability to search for ads (Enhanced Basic Search).

It also has a truly massive database, with tons of different search filters on its search page.

This is one of my favorite features from this AdSpy Review.


Ad Text

adspy search results

Users can search for ad text if they’re looking for an ad within a specific niche.

For example, you could search for ad text containing “dog” to find ads in the dog/pet niche.

To make the search results easier to go through, I normally set the language to English.

I also sometimes set the country to only the United States, although this tool has global coverage.

It’s also important to set the button to “Shop Now”, that way you get only e-commerce ads.


ad spy tool

If you want to find ads with a positive response from users, this is a great feature.

A good example here would be to search ads for a comment containing “love this”. Look through the search results and you’ll see ads that are doing something right.

I’m just scratching the surface here. Users can do all sorts of cool stuff with this feature.

Advertiser Name

adspy search for ads

This is another one of their unique features where you can search for a certain term in the Advertiser Name.

Want to find ads being run by pet dropshipping pages? Search for advertiser names containing “pet.”


adspy search for ad with url

Maybe you’ve found a very successful Shopify store through a product research tool, and want to see what ads they’re running. Simply plug in their URL and see what they’re advertising on Facebook ads.

Landing page text

If you have specific data from landing pages, like a line of text, you can plug that in to find what ads they are running.

Landing page URL

If you have a landing pages URL, you can also plug that in to see what ads they are running. Although, the landing page URL is the same thing as the URL, so there’s a bit of overlap here.

I find these landing page filters a bit odd, and not that helpful.

Age Range

adspy search by age range

If you want to search for an ad that appeals to an older audience, you can set the age range to something like 50 – 65+ and only search for Facebook ads (it’s mostly only boomers that use Facebook now lol).

If you want to search for an ad that appeals to a younger audience, set the age range to 18-30 and site type to Instagram (avoid Facebook).

Created/Seen Between

adspy most popular ads

If you want to see marketing campaigns that have just launched, you can search for ads that were created in the past month.

You can then Sort by Shares to find new marketing campaigns that are growing rapidly on social media (hint: this is very valuable data!).

The Seen Between filter is nice to see ads that are still currently running.

If a business is still paying for advertising on something, it means they’re still making money on it, so it’s something to pay attention to.

Daily/Total Likes

adspy sort by likes

Another one of AdSpy’s search filters is Daily Likes and Total Likes.

If you want to find popular ads, but not viral ads, you can set the Total amount of Likes to something like 1,000 to 5,000.

You can also set the Daily Likes to something like 100+ to see an ad that’s still running.

Be careful with this feature though, because Likes can easily be botted/fake.

I wish you were able to filter advertising by Shares rather than Likes, as those are more accurate and valuable.

Other Search Filters

Users can also search for affiliate networks if they have a specific affiliate network in mind.

You can find tons of advertising for any affiliate network in seconds by plugging in Affiliate ID or Offer ID.

If you have the Advertiser User ID or Username, you can filter for that as well.

Currently, the only social media sites they support are Facebook and Instagram, NOT winning products on TikTok.

Sort Function

adspy sort by shares

This spy tool also has a powerful Sort function.

You can sort by Shares or Longest Running to easily see the most popular social media marketing campaigns.

Or you can sort by Date to see what ads your competitors recently just started testing.

Analyzing an Ad

Once you’ve found an ad that looks promising, you can take a look at all the comprehensive data that’s been collected on it.

You can click on the arrow in the top right to open the advertising post in a new tab.

Click on the I with a circle around it to see more details on the ad.

Likes Over Time

adspy likes over time for ad

AdSpy makes it easy to see likes over time for a specific ad. It’s great to see the growth of the ad over time, and if it’s still currently running.

Landing Page

Adspy landing page urls

They also provide screenshots for the landing page for the ad, as well as ALL of the landing page URLs.

This is especially helpful when a store is closed or no longer accessible. AdSpy provides screenshots of the website so you can see what it looked like when it was active…

Advert Comments

adspy review advert comments

AdSpy makes it insanely easy to see the best comments for an ad. The best video ads have a ton of positive comments, so you can use this to your advantage when looking for the best-performing ads.

Other Ad Analytics

They also provide information on demographics like gender, country, and age group. They aren’t very specific, but can certainly be helpful.

How to Use AdSpy for Dropshipping

how to use adspy for dropshipping

A great way to use this tool is for finding winning products for dropshipping. You can find dropshipping ads by searching for the Ad Text “Get yours now”.

Combine that with other search options like a Shop Now button, Shopify for Technologies, and Video for Media Type.

If you’re doing Print on Demand, choose Image for media type.

Another popular thing most dropshippers do is make their products 50% off. So you could also search for ads containing that text as well.

Look through the search results and you’ll find mostly dropshipping ads and dropshipping products.

AdSpy Pricing

how much is adspy pricing

AdSpy pricing is very straightforward. For their paid plan, it’s $149/month with a limit of how many times you can view an ad. From my experience, this limit is extremely high and I never go close to it.

Before you subscribe to a paid plan, you can trial their spy tool with the free ad credits they provide. It’s not much, but it’s enough for you to get a good idea of how their spy tools work.

AdSpy vs BigSpy

It’s debatable which has the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

BigSpy claims to have an ad count of 1 billion, whereas AdSpy only (haha) has an ad count of 128 million.

It’s also impossible to verify which one of these spying tools actually has the most data.

Adspy vs bigspy

For spying tools, interface and usability are incredibly important. I think AdSpy’s spy tool takes the cake here.

If users want to search for ads on another site type like Twitter, YouTube, or even Yahoo (???), BigSpy is the only tool that has advertising data to search through.

AdSpy doesn’t bother with any other site type, probably because they know Instagram/Facebook advertising is the most popular for advertisers.

AdSpy Review: FAQ

Do you have an AdSpy coupon code?

Yes, you can use this AdSpy coupon code for $50 and a free trial.

Is there an AdSpy free trial?

Yes. If you use my link, you can get an AdSpy free trial.

Can I use AdSpy to search for Instagram ads?

Yes absolutely. They have a truly gargantuan amount of data on Instagram and Facebook ads.

How can I get free ad credits?

When you initially sign up using an adspy coupon code, you are given a small number of free ad credits to trial their ad spy tool. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to realize that they have a lot of unique features and they’re one of the best spying tools.

Does AdSpy have the most innovative search functionality?

Yes, they have the most search options and it’s the easiest tool to use. Searching for ads or specific advertisers is a breeze with this adspy tool.

How good is AdSpy support?

I’ve only had to interact with AdSpy support a couple of times. While they are helpful, it does take some time (a couple of days) for them to respond. The good news is, that you probably won’t have to ever reach out to them, as their spy tools are incredibly easy to use.

Are there any AdSpy alternatives?

Yes. There are multiple AdSpy alternatives, with a few of them being PowerAdSpy, Minea, and BigSpy. Here are the best Facebook ads spy tools if you want more options…

AdSpy Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

adspy review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Unfortunately, AdSpy only focuses on Instagram and Facebook ads, unlike some other ad spy tools.

That is okay though. Because of the sheer amount of data they have, it’s really easy to find the best or most recent advertising.

It’s also incredibly easy for users to search for specific advertisers and ads through their Enhanced Basic Search page.

This tool is for you if you’re currently advertising or plan on advertising with Facebook or Instagram Ads.

FINAL VERDICT: I highly recommend AdSpy.

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