AliShark Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing an AliShark review.

As you probably already know, finding winning products is critical for a dropshipping business.

AliShark is an AliExpress product research tool that tries to help you find winning products as efficiently as possible.

But… is AliShark the best dropshipping product research tool?

Can you actually find a winning product with it?

Is AliShark worth using for your dropshipping store?

Let’s find out in this AliShark review!

What is AliShark?

alishark review

AliShark gives you “everything you need to find winning products to dropship or sell online.”

AliShark’s product research tools keep updating throughout the day. This allows you to find hidden gems that are quickly rising.

They provide details and analytics on each of their 4.7 million dropshipping products. These include the top countries and top dropshippers selling each winning product.

Another thing to note is that AliShark was created by the founders of Hurrify, a top-rated Shopify app.

Let’s continue this AliShark review by taking a look at their features.

AliShark Features

Product Research Tool

alishark winning products

AliShark has one primary product research tool where you can search through over 4.7 million winning products.

They source products from mostly AliExpress but have also added Banggood recently.

Instead of manually browsing through all these dropshipping products, they provide you with multiple filters.

alishark product research tool filters

If your dropshipping business has a specific Category/Niche, you can narrow your search results using these filters.

Filter by Top Countries to see dropshipping products that are popular in only certain countries.

Shipping is another important factor when doing product research, so they have filters for this too. You can filter for products that have Standard Shipping or ePacket available.

Although, using a trusted supplier like Zendrop is better than AliExpress…

And finally, if you’re looking for faster shipping times, you can search for winning products that can ship from specific countries.

alishark dropshipping product research tool

AliShark’s dropshipping product research tool also has a feature where you can filter by Price Range.

If you want lower COGS and higher margins for your dropshipping business, you can set the Price Range to something like $2 to $10. You can also select a range for Total Orders and Period Orders.

One product research method I like is to set those two equal to each other and set the Period to 30 days.

This will show you newer, untapped winning products that are just starting to pick up steam.

alishark product research tools

Let’s say you’re looking for a different type of winning product for your dropshipping business.

For example, one that is a more proven winner and has recently done a more significant number of orders.

You can set “Daily Orders” to 50 and “Period” to 7 Days to see only dropshipping products getting 50+ orders per day in the past week.

You can also sort by Growth to see the fastest growing winning products.

alishark dropshipping product research

AliShark also has Advanced filters such as “Dropshipped” to find only dropshipping products.

This is okay…

But I prefer a more effective way, such as searching for the keyword “VIP.”

This is guaranteed to show the best winning products because AliExpress suppliers only create VIP links for top dropshippers.

As you can see, you can get pretty creative with this dropshipping product research tool.


Alishark product analytics

AliShark also provides us with details for each of these winning products.

This includes images, the number of orders, and sales history.

They also include links to the AliExpress product page, video generator, and Shopify store link.

I’ll review the video generator soon, but let’s look deeper into the sales data they provide.

alishark product performance

They also show us some analytical data like Product Performance.

This gives us a clear picture of the number of orders each day for the past month.

It also seems like they tried to give us a Trend Chart, but this is useless.

This analytical data is alright, but other tools like Sell The Trend do it much better.

Video Generator

video generator

AliShark also has a Video Generator tool.

This automatically creates video ads out of a set of images for Shopify.

I’m not sure why so many product research tools have this because the generated videos are unusable for most dropshipping products.

You will NOT get any sales for your dropshipping business if you use these videos in your ads.

If you cannot create video ads, you’re better off hiring a professional editor.

AliShark Pricing

alishark pricing

AliShark pricing is very straightforward…

They have one plan that costs $20/month and a 2-day trial for $1.

Once you pay by PayPal or credit card, you get full access to their product research tools.

AliShark Alternatives

There are many AliShark alternatives. These include Niche Scraper, Adserea, Peeksta, EcomHunt, Dropship Rabbit, Sell The Trend, SellerCount, Winnerzilla, Pexda, EcomProfitHub, and more. I’ll review the closest AliShark alternative, EcomHunt. Here are the 18 best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options.

AliShark vs. EcomHunt

alishark vs ecom hunt

One nice thing about EcomHunt is you can access part of their tools for free, whereas AliShark charges $1 for a 2-day trial.

EcomHunt has numerous tools for finding winning products, whereas AliShark only has one primary product research tool.

As far as filters and sorting go, AliShark wins here.

EcomHunt provides many more details on the product, such as the Shopify store, Facebook ads, and more.

Regarding price, EcomHunt ($30/month) is a bit more costly than AliShark ($20/month).

Overall, I’d say EcomHunt is much better than AliShark.

You can read my full EcomHunt review here.

AliShark Review: FAQ

Is AliShark legit?

Yes. AliShark is legit and safe to use.

Is there an AliShark free trial?

Technically, no. They offer a 2-day trial for only $1, which you can cancel anytime.

How much is AliShark pricing?

AliShark pricing is very affordable at only $20/month.

Is there an AliShark group buy?

Not sure, but I strongly recommend against group buys as they are too sketchy.

Is there an AliShark chrome extension?

There might have been an AliShark chrome extension in the past, but there is NOT one currently.

AliShark Review: Pros & Cons

AliShark Pros

  • Cost: At only $20/month, AliShark is one of the most affordable product research tools.

  • Extensive Database: With almost 5 million dropshipping products, there are bound to be some winning products you can sell in 2023.

AliShark Cons

  • No Data On Competitors: Unfortunately, AliShark doesn’t provide data on dropshipping stores or ads selling these products. You’ll have to use a spy tool to get this data.

  • Minimal Sources For Winning Products: AliShark lacks other data sources such as Facebook ads, TikTok ads, CJDropshipping, Amazon, and more.

AliShark Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

alishark review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

AliShark’s website isn’t the best and has some problems here and there…

Although AliShark’s pricing is affordable at only $20/month…

Their product research tool is decent at best. I would be shocked if you could find a winning product with it.

FINAL VERDICT: I do NOT recommend AliShark.

From my 5+ years of experience, it’s 100% worth it to invest a little bit extra…

You will get MUCH better results in FAR less time if you use these tools instead.

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