Ascend Ecom Review: Legit or Scam?

Today, I’ll do an Ascend Ecom review to see if it’s legit or a scam.

Ascend Ecom is an Amazon and Walmart automation service that builds you a passive income-driving business.

They claim they can start generating sales for you in less than 120 days and a long-term and sustainable e-commerce business within 24–36 months.

But… can you really make money by buying an automated e-commerce business?

Is Ascend Ecom legit? Or is it a scam?

Let’s find out in this Ascend Ecom review!

What is Ascend Ecom?

ascend ecom review

Ascend Ecom was founded by Will Basta and Jeremy Leung. They claim to be the foremost and most proficient eCommerce company that can deliver an actual return on investment.

They will build you an automated Amazon FBA business (or Walmart) where they do all the work, and you get all the ownership.

Furthermore, they guarantee to repurchase your ecommerce business if the return on investment is unsatisfactory. They also declare that a continuously growing cohort of over 500 clients has accomplished success with their hybrid distribution methodology.

With over 400 professionals possessing a decade or more of experience in software, shipping, and operations, Ascend constitutes a team. In 2021, they claimed to have generated over $30,000,000 in revenue for their clients.

How Does Ascend Ecom Work?

ascend ecom review

Ascend Ecom is an eCommerce automation company that helps businesses grow and succeed online. Here is a general overview of how Ascend Ecom works:

Consultation: Ascend Ecom offers a free consultation to prospective clients to discuss their business goals and determine whether their services fit.

Onboarding: Once a client signs up with Ascend Ecom, the team will onboard them and gather the necessary information to build their eCommerce strategy.

Product Selection: Ascend Ecom helps clients select products to sell based on market research and analysis of customer demand and competition.

Marketing: Ascend Ecom assists with creating effective product listings and optimizing pricing strategies. They also help drive traffic to clients’ product listings using various marketing channels, such as social media and email marketing.

Fulfillment: Ascend Ecom offers hybrid fulfillment services that combine both their own fulfillment centers and third-party logistics providers to ensure fast and efficient order fulfillment.

Analytics: Ascend Ecom provides clients with regular performance reports and analytics to track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Support: Ascend Ecom offers ongoing support to clients through a dedicated account manager and customer service team.

How Much Does Ascend Ecom Cost?

ascend ecom amazon and walmart

Ascend Ecom doesn’t make its pricing transparent on its website, so you must schedule a free consultation to get exact details.

They have two main services: Amazon FBA Automation and Walmart WFS Automation.

Ascend’s website says their automation businesses generate over $100,000 monthly revenue for their biggest clients. Their site also states that investors need at least $20,000 in working capital.

Because of this, I’d guess an automated Walmart WFS or Amazon FBA business from Ascend costs anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.

Ascend Ecom Client Reviews & Results

ascend ecom results

Here are a few client reviews for Ascend Ecom, which has mixed reviews:

I’ve been with Ascend for about 7 months now, and I must say I’m quite pleased with the progress so far. The initial setup was smooth and efficient, with the team providing helpful guidance and support. There were a few minor hiccups in the first couple of months, but things have really picked up since then. I’m now consistently seeing a good return on my investment, and I’m confident that the upcoming months will be even better. The only downside is that communication with Will Basta and Jeremy could be improved. Overall, a great experience with Ascend and I’d definitely recommend them. – Dilal Mahiya, Trust Pilot.

Date of experience: July 06, 2022

I signed up for an Amazon Store and a Wal Mart store in August 2022. It is now April 2023. Sales are -$34.60 to date on the Amazon store. That is a negative number. That number also does not reflect the initial $58,500 investment for both stores. To this date, the Wal Mart store has not been setup. Jeremy Leung agreed to refund the investment in the Wal Mart store, but Will Basta denied the payment. Neither one of them will answer a call or an email. I have spoken with many other customers of Ascend Ecomm, all with the same experience. The few clients that have said positive things about Ascend don’t appear to be actual clients at all. – Savy Ship, Trust Pilot

Date of experience: April 24, 2023

So I will say my experience so far is great. Only been on for 3 months so no major return just yet, but my store is making sales and they are setting up the one.
My only complaint so far is clickup software for project management and tracking. It’s kind of annoying compared to like Trello or others I am familiar with. Judging by how things are going tho, I am anticipating nice gains on autopilot. I will probably update in a few months as my journey continues and more results come in. –
Nokul Haris, Trust Pilot.

Date of experience: October 07, 2022

Is Ascend Ecom Legit or a Scam?

ascend ecom scam

Based on available information, there is no indication that Ascend Ecom is a scam. Ascend Ecom is a legitimate eCommerce company offering services like Automated Amazon FBA Businesses.

They have a track record of some success, with a portfolio of satisfied clients who have achieved positive results using their services.

However, because of some of the highly negative reviews and the outlandish cost ($20,000+), I do NOT recommend buying an automated ecommerce business from Ascend Ecom.

Is Buying Automated Ecom Stores Worth It?

ascend ecom amazon fba

No. They wouldn’t give you the store if it were that easy and lucrative. They would run it themselves and keep 100% of the profits.

If someone is selling you an “automated” store, it is either A) not going to make you money or B) going to require a ton of work on your end to reach profitability.

These people also already have money, so they don’t need you for startup capital either.

Selling on the Walmart Marketplace or Amazon FBA can be worth it, but you should never buy an “automated” store.

Ascend Ecom Review: FAQ

What is the Ascend Ecom refund policy?

Ascend Ecom offers a refund policy that allows customers to cancel their plan and receive a full refund within the first 14 days of signing up. This refund is available to customers regardless of the reason for cancellation, and Ascend Ecom promises no questions asked. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with their services, you can cancel your plan and receive your money back within the first two weeks. This refund policy demonstrates Ascend Ecom’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their confidence in the quality of their services.

Do clients of Ascend Ecom actually make money?

Ascend Ecom claims to have a track record of helping its clients achieve positive results and make money.

They state that they have brought in over $30,000,000 in revenue for their clients in 2021 alone. Additionally, they claim to have a continuously growing group of over 500 clients who have found success with their services.

However, as with any business or service provider, results can vary depending on several factors, such as the client’s business model, industry, and competition. Therefore, while there is no guarantee of success, Ascend Ecom has a solid reputation and a track record of helping its clients generate revenue. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual client to determine if Ascend Ecom’s services are right for their business and if they are willing to invest in those services.

Can you actually make passive income with Amazon FBA or Walmart WFS?

Yes, it is feasible to generate passive revenue with Walmart WFS or Amazon FBA, but it demands upfront work and smart preparation. To free up their time to concentrate on other elements of their business or personal lives, sellers can outsource the logistics of warehousing, shipping, and customer care through Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS.

Are there other “Gurus” or services like Ascend Ecom?

Yes, there are many. These include Jordan WelchHayden BowlesMike VestilDavie FogartyAC HamptonBiahezaTan ChoudhurySebastian Ghiorghiu, The Ecom King, Nathan Nazareth, Scott Hilse, Sebastian Esqueda, Sharif Mohsin, Austin Rabin, Cortney FletcherEcom BabesE-Farming by Igor KheifetsIman GadzhiThe Millionaire Shortcut by Jeff LernerAndrew TateThe Real World by Andrew TateHustlers UniversityTristan TateEntre Blueprint by Jeff LernerJeff LernerSophie HowardKindle Publishing Income by Sophie HowardAgency NavigatorRemote Integrator AcademyThe One-Day FlipLunar AutomationPublishing LifeMikkelsen Twins, Audiobook Impact AcademyFiction Profits Academy by Karla MarieFPA Workshop, Leadific, Douglas James, BNB Formula, Commission Hero, Astroflipping, Fullstaq Marketer, Legendary Marketer, Capital Syndicate, Leila Hormozi, Luke Belmar, Karla Marie, and Mikey Kass.

Ascend Ecom Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

ascend ecom review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that you can make a TON of money online…

But after doing this review, I recommend staying FAR FAR FAR away from Ascend Ecom and anything related to automated Amazon or Walmart stores.

The cost is insane ($20,000+), and the chances of you making your money back + much more are very low (in my opinion).

If you want a chance to make significant money quickly, I highly recommend Shopify dropshipping instead.

You can start a dropshipping store for like $100…

And while it’s not easy or passive, the potential reward is immense, so it’s worth it.

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