Astroflipping Review: Legit Real Estate Co-Wholesaling Course or Scam?

Today, I’ll do an Astroflipping review to see if it’s legit or a scam.

Astroflipping is a real estate investing program that teaches students how to succeed in real estate wholesaling.

The two co-founders, Jamil Damji and Josiah Grimes, claim you can make a 6 figure income without even needing any of your own capital to invest.

But… can you really make money with Astroflipping and real estate wholesaling?

Is Astroflipping legit? Or is it a scam?

Let’s find out in this Astroflipping review!

What is Astroflipping?

astroflipping review

AstroFlipping is an educational program that teaches individuals how to succeed in real estate wholesaling. This training and mentorship program, created by two of KeyGlee’s co-founders, targets a niche in the real estate industry and is featured on the New Reach Education e-learning platform.

The term “AstroFlipping” is derived from the idea that an astronaut flipping in space will continue to flip indefinitely. This business model allows individuals to earn a six-figure income by flipping real estate without investing any of their own capital.

Founded in 2018, AstroFlipping is an online course that teaches individuals how to wholesale properties, whether they are beginners or experienced real estate investors looking to establish a successful wholesaling business.

AstroFlipping’s mission is to help individuals achieve greater success in all real estate ventures. The company’s name reflects its vision, as astronauts never stop flipping, and neither does the knowledge and expertise provided by the real estate education courses offered by AstroFlipping.

The course provides immediate knowledge to real estate investors, allowing them to expand and scale their businesses.

As more and more real estate investors receive education from AstroFlipping, they have not only limited themselves to education but have also engaged in profitable deals worldwide.

Who Are Jamil Damji and Josiah Grimes?

astroflipping founders

Jamil Damji and Josiah Grimes are prominent figures in the real estate industry as two of the four co-founders of KeyGlee LLC, a leading real estate wholesaling company based in Temple, Arizona.

Since its founding in 2017, KeyGlee has facilitated over 5000 deals and is considered the top wholesaling company in the United States, with franchises operating in 180 markets across 25 states.

Jamil Damji, a native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has been in the real estate industry since 2002. He holds a bachelor’s degree in science with a specialization in kinesiology. Prior to co-founding KeyGlee, Jamil used to sell only one or two properties per month.

Josiah Grimes, also with roots in the real estate industry since 2002, is a co-founder and CEO of KeyGlee Investments. He hails from Chandler, Arizona, and holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the W.P.

Carey School of Business. In addition to his role at KeyGlee, Josiah is the CEO and co-founder of New Reach Education. He has worked as a realtor for SRL Group since 2012, as an operations manager for Sell Quick for Cash in 2013, and as a founding partner of Aptus Investments and Atlas Wholesale Homes.

Astroflipping Review: Curriculum

astroflipping course curriculum

The Astroflipping mentorship program offers two options: Astro Accelerator and Astro Accelerator Executive. The only difference between the two packages is the inclusions.

Astro Accelerator is ideal for first-time real estate investors or business owners aiming to earn six- to seven-figure income. It includes a six-week training course, 78 step-by-step videos, downloadable contracts, access to an active real estate community, lifetime access, two weekly group training calls for six months, and a live comping assistant to run comps.

On the other hand, Astro Accelerator Executive is perfect for real estate business owners looking to scale their business to seven to eight-figure income. It includes a seven-week training course, 88 step-by-step videos, downloadable contracts, access to an active real estate community, lifetime access, two weekly group training calls for six months, a live comping assistant to run comps, two custom websites made for you, customer relationship management setup, workflow automation training, team build-out and organization training, and nine live calls per month with Jamil Damji.

Astroflipping provides an active Facebook support group for its students. The primary Facebook group has 12,000 members, while the Elite Facebook group has 3,500 members.

How Much Does The Astroflipping Course Cost?

astroflipping cost

Regrettably, Astroflipping does not provide transparent pricing information on its website. Instead, interested individuals must schedule a booking and speak with a sales agent to receive a price quote.

The reported price range is typically between $5,800 to $7,500, but this can vary depending on factors such as the season and payment plan selected.

Is Astroflipping Legit or a Scam?

astroflipping reviews from reddit

Astroflipping is not a scam, but that doesn’t mean it’s 100% legit and worth buying. It’s important to realize that this business is MUCH harder than the founders claim.

According to some Reddit users, people should be wary of Astroflipping…

Before investing in Astroflipping or real estate in general, consider whether it’s the right time for you, as it requires a lot of capital and is labor-intensive.

Astroflipping Review: FAQ

What is the Astroflipping course refund policy?

It’s not disclosed anywhere on their website. This usually means that you can’t get a refund.

Who is the Astroflipping course for?

The Astroflipping course provides material to new and seasoned real estate investors. This is the course for you if you want to build or start a full-scale acquisition and disposition business. However, it’s important to know that it’s not easy.

Do students of Astroflipping actually make money?

While there are positive and negative reviews of the course online, the positive reviews lack specific details on success stories. In contrast, negative reviews criticize the over-hype of the course, its methods, and its high cost.

Can you really make passive income with real estate investing?

Yes, it is possible to make passive income with real estate investing. One way to do this is through rental properties, where you earn rental income from tenants each month. If you hire a property manager, they can handle most of the day-to-day tasks, making it a relatively passive source of income. Another way is through real estate investment trusts (REITs), which allow you to invest in a pool of properties managed by professionals, with the profits distributed to shareholders. However, it’s important to note that there is no guarantee of passive income with real estate investing, and it requires upfront capital, careful research, and ongoing management.

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Legit and Worth It?

While you can make money with this program, building a successful business is not easy, like most real estate investments, which are not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Are there other “Gurus” like Jamil Damji?

Yes, there are many. These include Jordan WelchHayden BowlesMike VestilDavie FogartyAC HamptonBiahezaTan ChoudhurySebastian Ghiorghiu, The Ecom King, Nathan Nazareth, Scott Hilse, Sebastian Esqueda, Sharif Mohsin, Austin Rabin, Cortney FletcherEcom BabesE-Farming by Igor KheifetsIman GadzhiThe Millionaire Shortcut by Jeff LernerAndrew TateThe Real World by Andrew TateHustlers UniversityTristan TateEntre Blueprint by Jeff LernerJeff LernerSophie HowardKindle Publishing Income by Sophie HowardAgency NavigatorRemote Integrator AcademyThe One-Day FlipLunar AutomationPublishing LifeMikkelsen Twins, Audiobook Impact AcademyFiction Profits Academy by Karla MarieFPA Workshop, Leadific, Douglas James, BNB Formula, Commission Hero, Fullstaq Marketer, Ascend Ecom, Legendary Marketer, Capital Syndicate, Leila Hormozi, Luke Belmar, Karla Marie, and Mikey Kass.

Astroflipping Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

astroflipping review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that you can make a TON of money online…

But after doing this Astroflipping review, there’s nothing special about this course.

Yeah, real estate wholesaling is a legit business model, but it’s not even close to as easy, passive, or profitable as Jamil Damji makes it out to be.

If you want a chance to make significant money quickly, I highly recommend dropshipping physical products instead.

Running a dropshipping business isn’t easy, but the potential reward is immense (as seen below), so it’s 100% worth it.

max aukshunas dropshipping course