BandsBox Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a BandsBox review.

BandsBox is a service created by Sharif Mohsin from BandsOffAds.

While BandsOffAds provides ad creatives for Facebook and TikTok…

BandsBox provides winning dropshipping products, which are essential for a successful dropshipping business.

But… does BandBox provide the BEST dropshipping products to sell?

Is BandsBox worth it?

Let’s find out in this BandsBox review!

What Is BandsBox?

BandsBox daily winning products

BandsBox describes itself as “software that offers daily handpicked trending products”.

Rather than being a dropshipping product research tool, they are much simpler.

They provide only the best dropshipping products to sell… No need to sift through garbage products!

They also provide resources for each winning dropshipping product, like video ads, descriptions, thumbnails, competitors, images, etc.

Let’s continue this BandsBox review by looking at their features.

BandsBox Features

E-commerce Toolkit

BandsBox Review: Ecommerce toolkit

When running ads for your dropshipping store, you must know your Break-Even ROAS.

ROAS = Return On Ad Spend.

It’s very common to get orders for your dropshipping store without profiting because the product you’re dropshipping has a high cost.

In this example, if your ROAS is below 1.48, your dropshipping store is losing money.

If your ROAS is above 1.48, your dropshipping store is profiting.

This little tool is super helpful for calculating an important metric for a dropshipping business.

Alright, back to the BandsBox Review…

Product Box

bandsbox best dropshipping products

This is what you came for.

Right off the bat, I can tell the user interface is super clean.

Very easy to navigate and not tons of clutter like some other product research tools…

bandsbox search for dropshipping products

BandsBox also allows you to search for a specific dropshipping product.

Yes, this is helpful…

But not that important considering they do NOT have thousands of dropshipping products like other tools (this is a good thing btw).

It’s also very easy to simply scroll through and look at all of the trending dropshipping products.


BandsBox best dropshipping products

BandsBox has two main filters: Category and Platform.

Only looking for dropshipping products to sell in the beauty niche? Set Category to Beauty.

Only looking for dropshipping products to sell on TikTok? Set Platform to TikTok.

BandsBox filter the best dropshipping products by platform

I like the platform filter because there are multiple strategies when it comes to a dropshipping business.

You could be running Facebook Ads or doing the more popular thing recently… running TikTok ads.

Or you could NOT advertise at all…

And go 100% organic by using the power of the TikTok algorithm to sell dropshipping products.

No matter which dropshipping strategy you use… It appears BandsBox provides the best dropshipping products for all three.


BandsBox best dropshipping products

BandsBox also has multiple Sorting options, with Sorting by Profit being my favorite.

In a couple of clicks, you can see which winning products have the highest profit margin.

If you’re like most dropshippers and don’t want to deal with razor-thin margins… this feature will be super helpful.

Let’s take a look at the resources BandsBox provides for each product.


BandsBox dropshipping products

This product is for TikTok, so they provide you with custom TikTok ad creatives as well as ad copy like some other tools do.

They also provide you with a custom description for your Shopify store.

I don’t want to leak the details of these valuable resources, but I really like what I see.

BandsBox dropshipping product resources

They also provide you with the competitor’s ad + store so you DON’T need to use an ad spy tool.

The AliExpress link is also provided so you can start sourcing it ASAP.

They also provide the Amazon link so you can see what real customers are saying about the product.


I’m blown away by the quality of the resources they provide.

Some other dropshipping tools ALSO provide ads, ad copy, and descriptions

But most of the time, they are straight-up unusable.

These resources are on a whole nother level and I’ll probably test them out myself.

bandsbox dropshipping products drop

BandsBox also has a timer for when the next batch of best dropshipping products will be added.

If you’ve somehow already exhausted their entire supply of winning products…

This will let you know when to come back for more.


BandsBox review community

When you subscribe to a BandsBox plan, you also get access to the BandsBox community.

BandsBox is quite new, so the community section is still a little empty, unfortunately.

But once they get more subscribers…

I could see this being a great resource for anyone with a dropshipping store.

You’ll be able to get help from tons of other dedicated dropshippers or simply talk shop with other like-minded individuals.

BandsBox Pricing

how much is bandsbox pricing

BandsBox pricing is very simple. They have 2 monthly plans with no free trial for either.

And like most software/tools…

You can save money by paying annually rather than monthly.

BandsBox: Starter Box

The Starter Box is $67/month. Or if you buy the Lifetime plan, it’s only $297.

Here’s whats included:

  • Daily Winning Products

  • Custom Video Ads & Thumbnails

  • Copy & Paste Descriptions

  • Competitor Insights

  • Advertising Ad Copy

  • Facebook Products

  • TikTok Products

BandsBox: Premium Box

Bandsbox Review premium

The Premium Box is $97/month. Or if you pay annually, it’s only $87/month (save $120).

Here’s whats included:

Everything in the Starter Box + BandsOffAds benefits below:

  • 20% Off Video Packages

  • 24 Hour Delivery

  • 24 Hour Revisions

  • Weekend Delivery

  • Free Gifs

  • Priority Support

BandsBox Review: FAQ

Does BandsBox offer a free trial?

No. BandsBox does NOT have a free trial. But honestly, I don’t think a free trial is even necessary here… You can find trending dropshipping products within seconds of signing up!

Is BandsBox a spy tool?

No. While ad spy tools are very helpful for an e-commerce business, they require tons of time to sift through ads/products. BandsBox does that FOR YOU, and provides only the BEST dropshipping products to sell, reducing the need for an ad spy tool.

Is BandsBox a product research tool?

Kind of. Product research tools provide winning products, but again, you’ll have to sift through a bunch of low-quality products to find the best dropshipping products to sell. BandsBox does that FOR YOU, and provides only the BEST dropshipping products to sell, making it easier to find winning products. Here are the 18 best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options.

How often are winning products added to BandsBox?

BandsBox adds winning products daily.

What kind of dropshipping products does BandBox provide?

They provide winning products from basically every niche. They also provide trending dropshipping products from both Facebook and TikTok.

BandsBox Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

bandsbox review conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

I’ve always said it only takes 1 winning product to change your life, so I like anything that provides winning dropshipping products to sell.

But in this case… I love what BandsBox offers.

Their user interface is super clean and easy to use…

But most importantly, ALL of the products they provide are high-quality winning products that I would personally test myself.

It’s pretty annoying when I have to sift through garbage products to find a winner, so I love that I DON’T have to do this with BandsBox.

The custom ad creatives, ad copy, and descriptions they provide are also extremely high quality and genuinely useful.

FINAL VERDICT: I HIGHLY recommend BandsBox.

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