BandsOffAds Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a BandsOffAds review.

One of the first steps when dropshipping is to find winning products. After that, you’ll need original video ads to use on Facebook ads or TikTok ads.

Creating a video ad yourself can be a painstaking process… never mind making one so good that it goes viral…

Or you could get a company like BandsOffAds to create video ads for you!

But… do they really create VIRAL video ads?

Is BandsOffAds worth it?

Let’s find out in this BandsOffAds review!

What is BandsOffAds?

what is bandsoffads review

BandsOffAds describes itself as the “go-to place for direct response video ads”.

They have a dedicated team of professional video editors will the sole intent of making viral video ads.

They do all the dirty work for you, including searching for video clips, writing a script, and editing it for a premium video ad.

Let’s continue this BandsOffAds review by looking deeper into how their service works.

How Does BandsOffAds Work?

how does bandsoffads work

The very first step is finding a dropshipping product to sell.

Once you’ve done your product research and found a winning product…

  1. Select your video ad package

  2. Answer the questionnaire for your video requirements

  3. High-quality video delivered in 1-3 business days!

If you’re unsatisfied with your video ad, you can ask their video editor for a free revision within 72 hours.

Let’s take a look at what their brief questionnaire is like…

BandsOffAds Questionnaire

The main point of this brief questionnaire is to let their dedicated team know the details of your dropshipping product and online store.

BandsOffAds review questionnaire

You’ll need to provide the brand name for your product (ex: PosturePro™).

You also need to provide a link(s) that describe your product. These can be your own Shopify store, a competitor’s online store, or an AliExpress link.

Product benefits are optional. If you don’t have specific benefits, you’d like to include, their team of professional copywriters will write and create their own.

Video links and competitor ads are also optional. You can include the link if you’ve found a competitor’s video ad using a spy tool.

BandsOffAds short questionnaire for video ads

If you’ve chosen a TikTok ad, you need to decide which Text to speech option you’d like.

I recommend picking whichever one matches your target demographic.

Once you submit the short questionnaire, their specialized team members will work immediately on your video ad to ensure fast delivery.

Let’s take a look at some of their ad examples.

BandsOffAds Review: Examples

BandsOffAds have TONS of winning video ad examples on their website…

They also create video ads for multiple platforms (different sizes/styles of videos).

BandsOffAds review premium video ad examples

They originally started with classic, square video ads for Facebook advertising.

Looking at them, I can tell they probably performed well on Facebook ads

But if you’re curious, you can search for them on Facebook using an ad spy tool.

We’ll take a look at some of their viral examples soon…

bandsoffads vertical video ads

These vertical video ads are also super high quality.

Just from this screenshot, you can see these video ads will grab the user’s attention.

This service is perfect if you’re advertising on platforms that have Stories like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube.

BandsOffAds UGC video ads

User-generated content is becoming increasingly popular, probably because it can perform incredibly well…

UGC videos do best on platforms like TikTok, where being organic is very important.

BandsOffAds have created some great UGC videos, but they can be expensive and have a much longer delivery time.

BandsOffAds review tiktok video ads

Creating TikTok video ads is their newest service.

With the recent rise in popularity of TikTok ads, I’m sure this service has been in high demand.

TikTok ads can be even harder to create for yourself because they need to look 100% organic… So working with someone like BandsOffAds is quite helpful here.

BandsOffAds Review: Viral Examples

BandsOffAds viral examples

Not sure if their video ads will perform well in advertising…?

Here are some viral video ads they’ve created in the past!

They showcase 3 viral video ads, each with about 2 million views.

I’m sure there are plenty more of those as well.

BandsOffAds Reviews

Bandsoffads reviews video ads

There are multiple thousands of glowing BandsOffAds reviews from customers…

E-commerce stores have left over 4,500 BandsOffAds reviews!

Even more important…

They have tons of great reviews from other extremely successful E-commerce entrepreneurs!

BandsOffAds Ambassadors

bandsoffads reviews ambassadors

MANY other very successful E-commerce store owners have used BandsOffAds before…

BandsOffAds has a huge list of successful ambassadors including:

Biaheza, Leo Cousineau, Jordan Welch, Justin Woll, Nazerati, Tan Choudhury, Ecom Wizard, Rafael Cintron, John Zamora, Financial Wolf, Nathan Nazareth, Ecom Baxter, Joe Staiberr, Mark Studer, Sagar Miller, Dom Morace, Yengub, Soulja, and more…

This clearly shows that BandsOffAds creates some of the highest quality video ads.

BandsOffAds Pricing

BandsOffAds has multiple packages and services. Let’s take a look at BandsOffAds pricing.

Video Ads

Bandsoffads pricing video ads


  • 1x Video Ad

  • 1x Thumbnail

  • 1x Ad copy


  • 3x Different Video Variations for 1 Product

  • 3x Different Thumbnails for 1 Product

  • 1x Ad copy


  • 1x Video Ad & Story Ad

  • 1x Thumbnail

  • 1x Ad copy

They also include a thumbnail and ad copy as a bonus for each.

There are also extra add-ons like 3 Gifs or Voiceover for $10 each.

TikTok & Vertical Ads

bandsoffads pricing tiktok ads


  • 3x Different Video Variations

  • TikTok Text-To-Speech Voiceover


  • 3x Different Video Variations for Facebook and Instagram Stories

Thumbnails Packages

bandsoffads pricing thumbnail package


  • 5x Different Thumbnails for Any Five Different Products


  • 3x Different Thumbnails for Any Three Different Products

Bulk Deals

bandsoffads pricing bulk discount

BandsOffAds offers a discount if you buy video ads in bulk.

You can either buy 3 video ads, 5 video ads or 10 video ads.

And as you might have guessed…

The more video ads you buy, the cheaper it gets per video ad.

BandsOffAds Alternatives

There are multiple BandsOffAds alternatives that create video ads. Some of these include Winning Ads Media, Adsmate, Peeksta Videos, EcomVids, Billo, and LaunchVids. I’ll review the closest BandsOffAds alternative, Viral Ecom Adz.

BandsOffAds vs Viral Ecom Adz

bandsoffads vs viral ecom adz

Viral Ecom Adz is a competing service that also creates dropshipping video ads.

At first glance, I wouldn’t say I like their branding

I know it’s not a lot, but having a purposely misspelled name and a bizarre font isn’t a great look. ESPECIALLY for a company that is supposed to excel at marketing…

As for their video ads, Viral Ecom Adz offers some of the same services as BandsOffAds and has similar pricing.

They certainly have fewer reviews and success stories than BandsOffAds, and their video ads aren’t nearly as high quality

Overall, I recommend BandsOffAds over Viral Ecom Adz.

BandsOffAds Promo Code

Use the BandsOffAds promo code MAX for 10% off your entire order!

BandsOffAds Review: FAQ

Is BandsOffAds legit?

Yes. BandsOffAds is legit and safe to use.

How much is BandsOffAds?

Because they have multiple packages, BandsOffAds pricing varies. Most of their packages are about $50-$60.

Do you have a BandsOffAds promo code?

Yes you can use the BandsOffAds promo code MAX to get a 10% discount.

How long does it take to get a BandsOffAds video delivered?

It takes between 1-3 business days to get a video delivered. You can get a fast delivery if your dropshipping product is more popular. If your dropshipping product is more obscure or you don’t provide many details, their video editors will have a more challenging time, and you probably won’t get a fast delivery.

Who is Sharif Mohsin (BandsOffAds Founder)?

Sharif Mohsin is a successful dropshipping entrepreneur and YouTuber. He is the founder of BandsOffAds and BandsBox, and he also has a dropshipping course: Full Dropshipping Accelerated Program.

Is BandsOffAds only for dropshipping products?

No. While BandsOffAds is more tailored for dropshipping products, they are great for any E-commerce business that needs high-quality video ads.

Where does BandsOffAds get the video clips from?

Most of the clips they use for their video ads are taken from YouTube, Facebook, AliExpress, Alibaba, Vimeo, and other sites. This strategy has some risk, but it’s minimal and well worth it. Plus, it’s 50 to 100 times cheaper than getting authentic content…

What is BandsOffAds’s refund policy?

If you cancel within 30 minutes, you can get a full refund (their refund window is so tiny because their video editors start editing immediately). Once your video ad is completed and delivered, there are no refunds. But they DO offer free revision(s)…

How long do revisions take with BandsOffAds?

The time for revisions will vary depending on how busy they are or how complicated your video requirements are. If you get BandsBox, you can get revisions in 24 hours, a delivery time of 24 hours, and 20% off all BandsOffAds orders.

BandsOffAds Review: Pros & Cons

BandsOffAds Pros

  • High-Quality Videos: Their video editors are very experienced and excellent at marketing. This results in thousands of high-quality video ads.
  • Excellent Track Record: They have created multiple successful ads, as demonstrated in their viral examples section.
  • Bulk Discount: You can buy high-quality video ads in bulk to help you rapidly test products. Their pricing is very reasonable but gets even cheaper when you buy in bulk.

BandsOffAds Cons

  • Lacking UGC: UGC ads can be very profitable, especially on TikTok. Unfortunately, their UGC package has been unavailable for purchase for a while.

BandsOffAds Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

bandsoffads review conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

When it comes to succeeding with paid advertising… having the best dropshipping video ads is CRUCIAL.

This is why outsourcing it to a professional makes sense.

But is BandsOffAds the right company for the job?

After careful consideration… Absolutely.

Their video ads gave a clear history of performing well. Plus, their pricing is also very reasonable.

If your video ad goes viral, you’ll have an astronomical ROI.

FINAL VERDICT: I HIGHLY recommend BandsOffAds.

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