The 8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe (2023)

Today, I’ll review the 8 best dropshipping suppliers in Europe for 2023.

Using a reliable European supplier with an EU warehouse can unlock massive profits for your dropshipping store.

The best European dropshipping suppliers will provide benefits like high-quality products, wholesale costs to maximize profits, rapid delivery with low shipping fees, and automated order processing.

But… how do you find European dropshipping suppliers for your online store?

Should you start a dropshipping business in Europe?

What is the #1 best dropshipping supplier in Europe?

Let’s find out in this review of the 8 best dropshipping suppliers in Europe!

Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe: The Basics

european dropshipping suppliers

Before we go over the best European dropshipping suppliers, let’s start with the basics.

For savvy e-commerce entrepreneurs, dropshipping offers a convenient way to stock their virtual shelves without ever handling the products.

You simply need to partner with a dropshipping supplier who will manufacture and ship goods directly to customers on your behalf. With suppliers around the globe available for partnerships, you can easily access local markets far beyond your own – giving them more options than ever before!

If you’re looking to launch a profitable dropshipping store in the EU market, you need to start by working with local dropshipping suppliers in Europe.

Not only will this help you keep costs low, but it also means quick delivery times and cheaper shipping for customers—a significant win compared to sourcing from overseas suppliers like AliExpress.

European dropshippers can be great, but how do you find the right one for your dropshipping business? Let’s take a look…

Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe: What to Look For

The best dropshipping suppliers in Europe can make or break your business, so ensuring yours has the right features and services is critical. To ensure success in this arena, you should look for suppliers with the following traits.

European Warehouses

eu warehouses

European customers expect quick and cost-effective shipping, which is easily achievable through EU dropshipping warehouses. The closer the warehouse is to your customers, the faster and cheaper the shipping.

Fast Shipping Times

fast shipping to germany

Today’s competitive market means that fast shipping is a necessity, and the performance of your European dropshipping supplier is critical in helping you win customers over. Finding a reliable dropshipping company that can deliver orders promptly within one week or less will be crucial for maintaining excellent customer relations and protecting your store’s reputation. Failure to meet this benchmark could devastate your dropshipping store and European suppliers.

Low Shipping Costs

low shipping costs to france

European dropshipping stores must strike the perfect balance between speedy shipments and costs. Ultimately, profits are essential – so it’s vital to consider your margins when selecting European suppliers, so you do not overspend on transportation costs. With mindful budgeting and planning, European sellers can have their products delivered effectively without compromising financial gain!

Huge Selection of Products

dropshipping product catalog

If you want a successful dropshipping store, it’s essential to find a European dropshipping supplier with an impressive product selection and one that provides competitively-priced goods and services. A thorough review of all the available options is essential for avoiding financial losses from high costs. It’s also important to decide whether you want to sell low-ticket or high-ticket dropshipping products.

Automated Order Fulfillment

dropshipping order fulfillment

As your dropshipping store scales, stellar customer service should go hand-in-hand with reliable order fulfillment. Optimize scalability and simplify ordering by connecting with top European dropshipping suppliers that provide automated solutions for an efficient delivery experience. Otherwise, you might spend all day manually fulfilling orders…

5 Best European Dropshipping Suppliers (General)

It’s time to review the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe that are General. These distinguished dropshipping providers house various products from multiple categories and niches. Let’s get started…

1. Spocket Review

spocket dropshipping review

Spocket gives entrepreneurs and online sellers access to the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe and the United States.

Using European suppliers close to your customers, you can deliver the best dropshipping products in 1-3 days, sometimes with free shipping too!

Spocket has the top dropshipping suppliers in the following countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, and Ireland.

You can sell items from numerous product categories like home & garden, jewelry, pet supplies, cosmetics, clothing, fitness, tech accessories, toys, and more.

spocket product search

Spocket Pros

  • Exclusive Discounts: Spocket’s team carefully curates every dropshipping supplier to ensure they offer an exclusive discount from 30-40% on their products – providing dropshippers with great deals.

  • Fast Delivery to Europe: European customers can now enjoy fast, reliable delivery on a vast selection of dropshipping products with 1-3 day shipping options.

  • Massive Product Catalog: Spocket offers a vast selection of products sourced from European dropshipping suppliers so you can get what your customers need faster than ever.

  • Other Suppliers: Instead of using a separate dropshipping company, you can also use Spocket to sell in the US and Canada!

Spocket Cons

  • Non-Automated Fulfillment: While the process isn’t automated, manual fulfillment is easy – just set aside time each day to check for new orders.

Spocket Integrations

spocket integrations

Spocket seamlessly pairs with top-tier eCommerce platforms like Shopify and AliExpress and up-and-coming sites such as Squarespace, Wix, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

Spocket Pricing

spocket pricing

Spocket’s pricing is straightforward. They have a free plan for entrepreneurs that want to browse Spocket’s catalog products and use their software to dropship on AliExpress.

Spocket’s paid plans grant access to their best dropshipping suppliers, branded invoicing, 24/7 chat support, supplier communication, and image search.

Here are Spocket’s three paid plans:

  • Spocket Starter: $29.99/month + 14-day free trial

  • Spocket Pro: $49.99/month + 14-day free trial

  • Spocket Empire: $99.99/month + 14-day free trial

After considering everything, it’s clear that Spocket is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe. For more info, you can read my full Spocket review.

2. BigBuy Review

bigbuy review

BigBuy is an all-in-one e-commerce company with proprietary technology, an extensive catalog of products, logistics services, and e-commerce operations.

They specialize as a wholesale supplier but also offer dropshipping services for all types of products and categories.

Also, because they are a strictly European dropshipping supplier, they support 24 languages!

bigbuy products

BigBuy Pros

  • Wholesale Prices: Because they are a full-service company and distribute their own stock, BigBuy can offer wholesale prices for single units, which is necessary for a dropshipping store.

  • Customized Packaging: Their dropshipping program includes packaging with your name and company image so your clients can identify their orders with your e-commerce store.

  • Fast Deliveries Across Europe: They offer economical delivery prices to all European countries by using shipping companies like UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, GLS, Seur DPD, Correos, Dachser, and more.

  • Winning Products: BigBuy has thousands of winning products you usually see on AliExpress and other Shopify dropshipping stores.

BigBuy Cons

  • Pricing: BigBuy’s pricing is a bit on the expensive side. It lacks a free trial and also requires an activation fee of $90.

Big Buy Integrations

big buy integrations

Big Buy supports 200+ online sales channels, marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms. These include Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Wix, and Magento. You can also use Big Buy if you use Amazon, AliExpress, Google Shopping, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

Big Buy Pricing

big buy pricing

BigBuy’s pricing is a bit complicated because of its many services. You’ll need to subscribe to the E-commerce Pack for their dropshipping service.

This plan costs $69/month and requires a registration fee of $90. You can also save 25% by paying yearly instead of monthly.

After considering everything, it’s clear that Big Buy is one of the best dropshipping wholesalers and suppliers in Europe.

3. CJDropshipping Review

cjdropshipping review

CJDropshipping is another dropshipping supplier with warehouses in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

They also have the best dropshipping suppliers in countries outside of Europe, like the USA, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Using CJDropshipping, you can deliver products to your customers in as little as 1-3 days (if you use a local warehouse). If one of their EU warehouses doesn’t have the product you want to dropship, you can submit a sourcing request.

cjdropshipping poland warehouse

CJ Dropshipping Pros

  • Product Sourcing Requests: Can’t find a dropshipping supplier that has your product? With just one request, CJ Dropshipping will source your product and store it in the warehouse of your choice.

  • Numerous Warehouses: CJDropshipping can offer fast shipping worldwide for any Dropshipping business by using their local warehouses.

  • Other Features: CJ Dropshipping offers print-on-demand services, custom video ads and pictures, quality inspection, and custom packaging.

CJ Dropshipping Cons

  • Limited EU Products: CJ Dropshipping has a lot of products in their US and China warehouses, but their catalog of products for Europe warehouses is small (this can be solved by submitting sourcing requests).

CJ Dropshipping Integrations

CJ Dropshipping Integrations

CJ Dropshipping supports leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento. They also support online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Lazada, Shopee, and even TikTok!

CJ Dropshipping Pricing

CJdropshipping Pricing

CJ Dropshipping doesn’t require a monthly plan, unlike other European dropshipping suppliers. However, if you’d like additional features like discounts, VIP products, courses, and recommended products, you’ll have to subscribe to CJ Prime.

Here is the pricing for CJ Prime:

  • Free: $0/month (basic features for all CJ users)

  • CJDropshipping Plus: $15.99/month

  • CJDropshipping Prime: $19.99/month

  • CJDropshipping Advanced: $59.99/month

Overall, CJ Dropshipping is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe. For more info, read my comparison of CJDropshipping vs. AliExpress.

4. Syncee Review

syncee review dropshipping suppliers

Syncee is the leading global connection platform for retailers, dropshippers, and manufacturers.

With 5 million products and 12,000+ trusted brands, they offer a unique opportunity to source goods directly from the best dropshipping and wholesale suppliers.

They have European suppliers in basically every country, so you can get fast and affordable shipping (as long as you use a local warehouse).

syncee products

Syncee Pros

  • Thousands of Products: Syncee has high-quality products in every category that you can dropship to European countries.

  • Suppliers All Across Europe: Syncee’s platform has dropshipping suppliers from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

  • Automated Fulfillment: Syncee automatically sends orders to your dropshipping supplier and keeps them synced 24/7. They also make sure to update the inventory count regularly.

Syncee Cons

  • Limited Marketplace Search Features: With only a few filters and no sorting feature, navigating Syncee’s marketplace for products with the quickest shipping times can be pretty challenging.

Syncee Integrations

syncee integrations

Syncee integrates with all online store providers, including Shopify (most popular), WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

Once you connect your dropshipping website to Syncee, your orders automatically get sent to the dropshipping supplier. Once they ship your item, your tracking number will be automatically imported to your online store.

Syncee Pricing

syncee pricing

Syncee’s pricing is very similar to other platforms. They have a free plan that lets you browse their database to see if they have your dropshipping product. You can also place orders using an Alibaba supplier, but NOT with their European dropshippers.

If you want to use Syncee’s European suppliers, you’ll have to subscribe to one of their paid plans. Here is much each plan costs:

  • Syncee Basic: $29/month + 14-day free trial

  • Syncee Pro: $49/month + 14-day free trial

  • Syncee Business: $99/month + 14-day free trial

After doing this review, it’s clear that Syncee is a great European supplier for dropshipping stores.

5. SaleHoo Review

salehoo review

SaleHoo is the ultimate supplier directory, offering over 8,000 carefully vetted wholesale & dropship suppliers ready to fulfill your orders. They also have 2.5+ million dropshipping products that you can sell online.

SaleHoo stands out from competitors with its stringent selection process guaranteeing only the best quality of vendors for all customers.

SaleHoo also has its dropshipping program called SaleHoo Dropship, where you can quickly fulfill orders on your Shopify store from AliExpress suppliers.

salehoo products

SaleHoo Pros

  • Reliable Supplier Directory: SaleHoo is your gateway to an extensive network of highly-vetted European dropshipping suppliers. With over 8,000 partners and a stringent evaluation process, you can trust that each option offers quality products at wholesale prices.

  • 2.5+ Million Products: With SaleHoo, you get instant access to an incredible selection of over 2.5 million products tailored for dropshipping success!

  • Market Research Lab: SaleHoo has a product research tool called Market Research Lab. Like other tools, it has tons of data and analytics to help you find the best-selling products.

SaleHoo Cons

  • Separate Products: Their dropshipping program SaleHoo Dropship doesn’t let you use reliable suppliers you’ve found using SaleHoo Directory. You’ll have to use one or the other, not both.

SaleHoo Integrations

Because SaleHoo is a directory, it will depend on the dropship or wholesale supplier you choose to work with. Its dropshipping service, SaleHoo Dropship, only allows for integrations with Shopify and AliExpress.

SaleHoo Pricing

salehoo pricing

Pricing for SaleHoo Directory is very straightforward. It costs $67 for one year of access or $127 for lifetime access. Due to the nature of the product, neither plan offers a free trial.

As for SaleHoo Dropship, it costs $27/month.

Because of its extensive supplier directory, SaleHoo is one of the best places to find reliable European suppliers for your dropshipping business.

3 Best European Dropshipping Suppliers (Print on Demand)

These are the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe if you’re interested in selling print-on-demand products like clothing, mugs, phone cases, and more. Let’s get started…

1. Printful Review

Printful Review

Printful is a print-on-demand supplier that provides dropshipping services like order fulfillment, packing, and shipping. They have warehouses worldwide, including ones in Barcelona (Spain), Riga (Latvia), and Birmingham (UK).

Printful’s primary offering is its print-on-demand dropshipping service, where they only create your product when your store gets an order.

This is great for beginners and stores doing minimal volume, but it takes 2-5 business days plus another few days for shipping…

For sellers doing higher volumes, Printful also offers warehousing and fulfillment services where you can order your best-selling POD products ahead of time and store them in Printful’s warehouses.

You can then get same-day order fulfillment to deliver your customers’ products faster than your competitors.

printful product selection

Printful Pros

  • 400+ Products: Printful offers many customizable products like clothing, personalized jewelry, phone cases, blankets, wall art, water bottles, and more.

  • Global Suppliers: Along with having European warehouses, Printful also has warehouses in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Brazil.

  • Warehousing & Fulfillment: Printful offers same-day fulfillment if you order products ahead of time and store them in one of their warehouses. This will help you avoid long production times and get your products to customers faster.

Printful Cons

  • Slow Shipping: The fastest shipping to Europe that Printful offers are 4-7 business days (not including production time).

Printful Integrations

printful integrations

Printful integrates with major e-commerce solutions, including Shopify (most popular), WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Ecwid, BigCommerce, and more.

They also integrate with numerous online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Gumroad, and more.

Printful Pricing

Printful Pricing

Printful’s pricing is straightforward. With their free plan, you get everything you need to start selling, including their collection of products, e-commerce integrations, and basic tools.

With Printful Plus or Printful Pro, you can unlock additional features like premium images and exclusive clipart. Here’s how much each plan costs:

  • Printful Plus: $9/month + 14-day free trial

  • Printful Pro: $49/month + 14-day free trial

After considering everything, it’s clear that Printful is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe for print-on-demand dropshipping stores.

2. Printify Review

printify review

Printify is another leading print-on-demand company. Like Printful, they have a massive catalog of products (750+) and are trusted by 4+ million sellers worldwide.

Printify also has 65+ print providers and 90+ printing facilities in European countries, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

They also have locations outside Europe, including the US, Canada, Australia, and China.

Printify offers domestic express shipping in 2-3 business days, but production time will take an additional 2-6 business days.

If interested, you can read my complete comparison of Printify vs. Printful.

printify products

Printify Pros

  • Huge Product Catalog: Printify has 750+ print-on-demand products like clothing, baby accessories, pet accessories, phone cases, face masks, bags, hats, and more.

  • Global Network: While Printify has many European suppliers, you can expand your online business outside Europe using Printify’s international print providers and facilities.

  • Fast Shipping: Printify offers domestic express shipping in 2-3 business days.

Printify Cons

  • No Warehousing: Printify doesn’t offer warehousing and same-day fulfillment to help you avoid production times. This means your customers will have to wait even longer for their orders.

Printify Integrations

printify integrations

Printify integrates with large e-commerce solutions like Shopify (most popular), WooCommerce, Squarespace, BigCommerce, and more. They also integrate with online marketplaces like Walmart and Etsy.

Once you connect your store to Printify, your orders will automatically be produced, packed, and shipped.

Printify Pricing

printify pricing

Printify’s pricing is very similar to Printful. Their free plan gives you everything you need to start your print-on-demand business.

For dropshippers with growing sales who want more features like 20% discounts on all products, you can subscribe to Printify Premium. Here is how much their plans cost:

  • Printify Premium: $29/month

  • Printify Enterprise: Custom pricing

After considering everything, it’s clear that Printify is one of the best dropshipping companies in Europe for print-on-demand products.

3. Gelato Review

Gelato print on demand Review

Gelato is another print-on-demand dropshipping supplier that makes products in countries like Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Using a local European dropshipping supplier, you can deliver your print-on-demand products in only 1-3 business days!

Similar to Printful and Printify, Gelato offers hundreds of products you can customize and dropship in Europe.

gelato pod products

Gelato Pros

  • Ultra-Fast Shipping: As long as you use a local European dropshipping supplier, Gelato can deliver your products in 1-2 days (not including production time).

  • Global Distribution Network: Gelato can offer worldwide shipping with its 33 shipping partners and 100+ production locations.

Gelato Cons

  • Slower Production: On average, creating your product takes 1-6 business days.

Gelato Integrations

gelato integrations

You can connect your online business with Gelato in three ways: via an e-commerce platform like Shopify, using their API, or ordering manually in the Gelato portal.

Orders are automatically sent to Gelato’s print providers at midnight (local time) and printed the next morning. Once they’ve been produced and shipped, tracking numbers are automatically imported.

Gelato Pricing

Gelato pricing

Gelato’s pricing is very straightforward. Like the previous print-on-demand dropshipping companies, they have a free plan that lets you start selling immediately.

If you subscribe to one of Gelato’s paid plans, you get access to features like free shipping and exclusive discounts. Here is how much each plan costs:

  • Gelato Plus: $14.99/month + 30-day free trial

  • Gelato Plus Gold: $299/month

After taking everything into account, it’s clear that Gelato is one of the best European dropshipping suppliers for print-on-demand. For more info, you can read my full Gelato review.

Benefits of a Dropshipping Business in Europe

Massive Population

european union population

Dropshipping businesses in the European Union have an incredible advantage – over 447 million potential customers! This opens up access to a diverse range of cultures, ethnicities and products that can be sold through marketing campaigns. Because there are so many people, the GDP of European countries is also staggering. With this kind of scope available in the European market, entrepreneurs are sure to find success with their business ventures across the continent.

Proximity to Major Markets

One of the main benefits of operating a dropshipping store in Europe is proximity to some of the world’s largest economies. This means that you will be able to reach customers in countries like France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK, all major markets for e-commerce. As more people shop online every year in these areas, it is becoming increasingly important for your business to reach them if you want to grow and succeed.

Fast Shipping Methods

Dropshipping in Europe isn’t just about the fact that the European market is huge… With fast and reliable shipping methods, e-commerce businesses can offer competitive delivery times for maximum customer satisfaction. This helps build strong relationships between dropshipping store owners and their customers while growing your brand reputation too! If strategic location is essential when considering dropshipping, Europe should undoubtedly be on your radar.

Dropshipping in Europe: FAQ

Is dropshipping legal in Europe?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the legality of dropshipping in Europe can vary depending on the country and specific laws that apply to your business. Some countries have strict regulations around selling products online, while others are more lenient and allow firms to operate freely.

Regardless of the legal landscape, it is essential for merchants who wish to engage in dropshipping in Europe to carefully research their local laws and regulations before setting up a shop. This ensures compliance with any applicable rules and helps protect your dropshipping business from potential legal repercussions if you are found to be operating illegally.

How do you start dropshipping in Europe?

The first step to starting a dropshipping business in Europe is researching the local laws and regulations that may apply to your business. This will help you determine which countries are best suited for your particular products or services and what steps you need to take to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations.

Once you have determined which countries are a good fit for your business, you can begin setting up your online store, sourcing products from reputable suppliers, and establishing relationships with customers across Europe. You may also want to consider partnering with an experienced dropshipping service provider who can help manage many of the logistical aspects of your business so that you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

What are the most popular dropshipping products in Europe?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the popularity of dropshipping products can vary drastically depending on region and market. Some of Europe’s most popular dropshipping products include electronics, clothing and accessories, home goods, and other consumer products. To optimize your store for products in a specific niche, you could use the best clothing dropshipping suppliers, the best pet product dropshipping suppliers, or the best dropshipping jewelry suppliers.

If you are looking to start a dropshipping store in Europe, one of the best ways to find success is by thoroughly researching your target markets with the best dropshipping product research tools or the best Facebook ads spy tools. This may involve experimenting with different product categories or using various marketing techniques to test which products resonate most with consumers. Additionally, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on trends and changes in consumer preferences so that you can adjust your product selection accordingly over time.

Is dropshipping in Europe profitable?

Dropshipping in Europe can be a very profitable venture, with many opportunities for growth and success. Several key factors determine the success or failure of a dropshipping store in Europe, including the quality of your product selection, pricing strategy, marketing efforts, and effective logistics and customer support. To successfully sell products online in Europe, it is essential to thoroughly understand these different aspects and how they impact your bottom line. When starting a dropshipping business in Europe, one important factor to consider is your product selection. You need to offer high-quality products that are well-suited for the European market and source them at wholesale prices. Also, you’ll need to carefully research the demand for these products in various European markets and look at other businesses’ competition and pricing strategies to maximize your success.

What are some other dropshipping suppliers NOT in Europe?

Zendrop and Sellvia are dropshipping suppliers in the United States, but they don’t have EU warehouses. While Spocket and CJDropshipping have European dropshipping suppliers, they also have Canadian dropshipping suppliers, US dropshipping suppliers, and UK dropshipping suppliers. You could also use AliExpress, but because it’s SO unreliable, I recommend using AliExpress alternatives instead.

What are the best ecommerce platforms for dropshipping in Europe?

2023 is a great year to start an e-commerce store, and Shopify offers the highest caliber of e-commerce software for entrepreneurs. By building a one-product store or buying a prebuilt Shopify store, launching your e-commerce business has never been easier.

Conclusion: What is the #1 Best Dropshipping Supplier in Europe?

dropshipping in Europe

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

For entrepreneurs looking to start dropshipping in Europe, there are several reliable, trustworthy, and efficient suppliers to choose from…

However, Spocket takes the top prize as the #1 best European dropshipping supplier. With Spocket, entrepreneurs gain access to many quality suppliers offering profitable products and speedy delivery.

While Spocket has the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe, BigBuy and CJDropshipping are a close #2 and #3, respectively.

For the best POD dropshipping supplier in Europe, Printful takes the cake here, with Printify being a close #2.

Most of these platforms offer free trials, so I recommend trying multiple to find the best fit!

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