The 8 Best Print on Demand Canada Companies (2023)

Today, I’ll review the 8 best print on demand companies in Canada for 2023.

To have a successful print on demand business in Canada, you MUST partner with the right companies and providers.

The best Canadian print on demand companies will have local fulfillment centers so you can minimize shipping costs/times and maximize profits for your store.

But… which company has the best print on demand products?

Which print on demand providers should you use for your online store?

Let’s find out in this review of the 8 best print on demand companies in Canada for 2023!

8 Best Print on Demand Canada Companies

I’ll review key features, pros & cons, integrations, and pricing for each of the best print on demand companies. This should help you decide which provider you should use for your e-commerce store. Let’s get started…

1. Printful Review

printful review

When people talk about print on demand companies, it is impossible not to mention Printful. It is the largest and most reliable print on demand company right now, and it offers a ton of print on demand products.

They not only give you access to printable t-shirts but also sell a myriad of items like tote bags, phone cases, custom print t-shirts, wall art, and so much more.

Printful has a fulfillment center in Toronto, Canada, so you can offer fast shipping (5-8 business days) to your Canadian customers.

Printful Features

  • Multiple Fulfillment Centers – As a massive print on demand company, Printful operates in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, Japan, Latvia, and many more; these centers will print and ship the items based on your customer’s location.

  • Different Print Methods – You can choose from several printing methods, like screen printing, DTG, digital printing, DTF, and embroidery. 

  • Design Maker – You don’t need Photoshop or Adobe to design your items… Printful has a tool where you upload the design and place it appropriately on the shirt or mug. You can also customize the color, position, and font.

  • Mock-Up Generator – This will generate a high-resolution image of a model wearing your print on demand t-shirts and other clothing. Use this mock-up as a marketing image to show people how your products look in real life.

  • Huge Product Catalog – You are not limited to selling t-shirts; they also provide blank items for hats, home décor, necklaces, earrings, phone cases, mousepads, and much more.

printful warehouses

Printful Pros

  • 400+ print on demand products to choose from

  • You can change your selling region to Canada to make browsing their website easier

  • Several warehouses and fulfillment centers worldwide including Toronto, Canada

  • Shipping times of 5-8 business days

  • Ability to order in bulk and get same-day fulfillment

  • Lots of integration options for eCommerce platforms

Printful Cons

Printful Integrations

printful integrations

Printful has 20+ eCommerce platforms that you can integrate it with, and some examples are below: 

  • Shopify

  • Etsy

  • WooCommerce

  • BigCommerce

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Magento

You can also integrate Printful with Amazon, eBay, or TikTok to use their print on demand services.

Printful Pricing

printful pricing
  • Free – $0/month; you can launch your print on demand business with Printful and integrate with more than 20 eCommerce platforms.

  • Plus – $9/month; on top of all that is in the free account, you now have access to the custom mock-up maker and background removal tool.

  • Pro – $49/month; you can access clip art images, premium images, and carrier-based shipping.

After considering everything, it’s clear Printful is one of the best Canadian print on demand companies to use in 2023.

2. Printify Review


Printify comes close to Printful when we talk about print on demand companies… It’s also 100% free to use, and that free account gives you access to 750+ products.

Unlike Printful, Printify doesn’t create the print on demand products themselves. Instead, they are a global network of 90+ print on demand providers.

They have 3 Canadian print providers: Print Geek, Duplium, and Big Oven Tees.

Print Geek has a fulfillment center in Ontario, Canada. They have an 8.0 rating on Printify, an average production time of less than 1 day, and 2-5 days shipping.

Duplium also has a fulfillment center in Ontario, Canada, with a 9.2 rating. Their production time is less than 1 day, and they offer shipping in 1-7 business days.

Big Oven Tees has fulfillment centers in the US and Ontario, Canada. They have a 9.0 rating, but their production time is much longer, at ~7 business days. However, they do offer shipping in 1-7 business days.

Printify Features

  • Fast Production & Shipping – This depends on the print provider you choose… But if you use Print Geek (Canada based), you can get your print on demand products created in less than 1 day and shipped in 2-5 days!

  • Extensive Product Catalog – You can choose from more than 750+ products like tote bags, t-shirts, and phone cases. Depending on the print provider, there are multiple printing options like digital printing, DTG, and screen printing.

  • Mock-Up Generator – The mock-up generator and design tool are included for free with Printify. After designing, a model will wear that product, and you can use that mock-up in your marketing campaign.

  • Experts Program – This program allows you to hire experts to help you grow your business. They have experts in design, marketing, Shopify, etc.

printify print providers in canada

Printify Pros

  • Multiple print providers in Canada

  • Fast production and Canadian shipping

  • Mock-up generator comes with the free plan

  • 24/7 support for users

  • Massive catalog of print on demand products

  • 20% discounts with Printify Premium

Printify Cons

  • Minimal branding options

  • No warehousing & same-day fulfillment services

Printify Integrations

printify integrations

You can integrate Printify with the following:

  • Shopify (try it for $1/month link)

  • Etsy

  • WooCommerce

  • eBay

  • BigCommerce

  • Wix

  • PrestaShop

If you do not use any of these, you can get the API from Printify and work with a computer programmer to integrate your website. 

Printify Pricing

printify pricing
  • Free – $0/month; this is the plan you want if you are starting a POD business. It gives you all the tools you need to operate your online store and start testing custom apparel printing. Of course, you’ll need to pay for the product and shipping costs.

  • Premium – $24.99/month; you can integrate your Printify account with ten stores, plus get a 20% discount on many products.

  • Enterprise – Custom pricing; with this plan, you can integrate your Printify account with unlimited stores.

Because of their Canadian print providers, Printify is one of the best print on demand companies. For more info, you can read my full comparison of Printify vs. Printful.

3. Gelato Review


Gelato is another leading print on demand company. Like Printify, they operate as a global network of 100+ print providers.

They have fulfillment centers in 33 countries around the world, including Canada. Because of this local facility, they offer shipping in 2-3 business days! On average, production times are 1-7 business days.

Gelato Features

  • Diverse Product Catalog – Gelato offers numerous products like t-shirts, calendars, phone cases, mugs, cards, wallpapers, and more.

  • Fast Shipping – Since they have production facilities in 33 countries, the fulfillment partner that will print and ship your print on demand products is the one closest to your customer.

  • Mobile App – There is a Gelato mobile app you can use to process orders while away from your desk.

  • Migration Tool – If you are already using a different print provider, like Printful or Printify, you can migrate your print on demand products to Gelato.

  • Shipping Discounts – You can save on shipping costs if you upgrade your account; enjoy as much as a 30% discount on shipping.

  • Numerous Integrations – Integrate Gelato with several known online marketplaces and e-commerce store platforms.

gelato t-shirt delivery to canada

Gelato Pros

  • Ultra-fast shipping in 2-3 business days

  • Fast production times of 1-7 business days

  • Hundreds of product types to choose from

  • Production locations in 33 countries

  • Integrate Gelato with several platforms

  • Order routing is done automatically (unlike Printify)

Gelato Cons

  • Upgrade is needed to access high-quality images for art prints

  • Shipping costs are on the more expensive side

Gelato Integrations

Gelato Integrations

You can integrate Gelato with the following platforms:

  • Etsy

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • BigCommerce

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

They also have an API for a website that does not operate on the previously mentioned systems.

Gelato Pricing

gelato pricing
  • Free – No subscription fees; access high-quality products and print on demand providers from 33 countries to start your print on demand business.

  • Gelato Plus – $14.99/month; you get 30% off on standard shipping, and you will have access to millions of stock images. Comes with a 30-day free trial.

  • Gelato Plus Gold – $99/month; you can now access new products before other sellers do. You will also have access to live shipping rates.

After taking everything into account, it’s clear that Gelato is one of the best print on demand suppliers if you have Canadian customers.

4. Sellfy Review

sellfy review

Sellfy is a print on demand company that is changing the landscape of print-on-demand suppliers.

They have a proprietary e-commerce platform, meaning you don’t need to use a third-party solution like Shopify.

Sellfy isn’t very transparent about where their fulfillment centers are located… However, they state that production takes 2-7 business days, and standard shipping takes 6-10 business days.

Sellfy Features

  • Many Product Types – With Sellfy, you can sell custom products like t-shirts, phone cases, and many other items. If you want to sell videos, you can use the system to charge site visitors before they can watch the video uploaded to your Sellfy website.

  • E-commerce Platform – You no longer have to pay for another tool like Shopify or BigCommerce; Sellfy is a store builder complete with everything you need from an e-commerce store.

  • Marketing – Sellfy has tools that will help you increase your conversion rates, such as discount codes, email marketing, upselling, and tracking pixels that you can use on Twitter and Facebook.

sellfy shipping

Sellfy Pros

  • Numerous custom products in their catalog

  • Sell digital products and subscriptions

  • Fully customizable e-commerce platform

  • Built-in marketing features

  • Supports different payment processors

Sellfy Cons

  • Slow delivery times. Combining production and shipping times, it can take 8-17 business days for your Canadian customers to get their order.

  • You must use the Sellfy store builder; you cannot integrate it with others

Sellfy Integrations

Sellfy is a store builder, so you cannot integrate it with eCommerce platforms. Instead, you can combine it with other tools like:

  • Google Analytics

  • Webhooks

  • Facebook Live Chat

  • Patreon

  • Zapier

  • Twitter Ads

  • Facebook Ads

Sellfy Pricing

sellfy pricing
  • Starter – $29/month; you can have up to $10k sales per year and sell unlimited custom products.

  • Business – $79/month; you can sell up to $50k per year and remove the Sellfy branding. In addition, you use the cart abandonment feature to improve your conversion rate. 

  • Premium – $159/month; you can sell up to $200k per year, and you get priority support.

Sellfy does not offer a free plan, but they do offer a 14-day free trial… Even though their production and shipping times are long, Sellfy is still one of Canada’s leading print-on-demand companies.

5. Teehatch Review

teehatch review

Teehatch is a Canadian t-shirt dropshipper. They have two fulfillment centers: one in Vancouver, BC, and one in Toronto, ON.

Because these are both on the US border, you can also use Teehatch to deliver to US and Canadian customers.

Teehatch works similarly to the other print on demand companies… Create an account, choose a product, upload a design, and then post the mock-up on your print on demand store. Once a customer orders, Teehatch will print the item and then ship it to your customer.

Teehatch Features

  • Mostly Clothing – As you might expect, Teehatch offers clothing like t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, tank tops, caps, masks, and bags.

  • Two Print Methods – The company offers DTG printing and embroidery; these two printing methods have the same prices.

  • Large Print – The maximum size you can print for an adult shirt is 14 inches by 16 inches, which is huge compared to some other print on demand companies in Canada. You can also get print samples.

teehatch warehouses

Teehatch Pros

  • No minimum order requirement

  • Two fulfillment centers in Canada

  • Fast shipping to Canada (1-7 business days) and to the US (3-7 business days)

  • Integrates with Shopify

Teehatch Cons

  • Long production time (5-10 business days) + another 4 days if out of stock

  • Because they are ONLY located in Canada, international shipping times can be very long (5-50 business days!)

Teehatch Integrations

You can only integrate Teehatch with Shopify. However, they also have an API, which your web admin can use to integrate with your website.

Teehatch Pricing

Teehatch is free to use. They earn money from printing the goods that you buy and sell. The amount they charge for the base price already includes their profit.

Teehatch is a solid print on demand company, but I highly recommend using one of the other Canadian print on demand sites I discussed earlier…

6. Art of Where Review

art of where review

Like Teehatch and Print Geek, Art of Where is a Canadian-based print on demand company. They are a print provider and a marketplace rolled into one.

Their website allows you to create designs, upload them to their products, and then sell them in their marketplace. There are also custom branding options that you can incorporate into your design.

Art of Where offers multiple Canadian shipping options… You can use Canada Post Mail to deliver your item in 2-7 business days.

If you want faster shipping, you can use Canada Post Xpresspost or Canada Post Expedited Parcel to deliver your items in 1-2 business days.

Of course, this is after the product is created, which usually takes about 7 business days…

Art of Where Features

  • Marketplace – No need to create or build an online store because you can post your products in the Art of Where marketplace. Once a customer buys your item, the company will print and ship it.

  • Design Guidelines – They offer a tutorial on designing your products perfectly. With this guide, you can ensure that your designs are printable.

  • Product Types – Art of Where has many products like home décor, scarves, shirts, bags, wall art, etc. If you want, you can also order print samples at low prices.

  • Custom Labels – You can customize the package/label and even include a custom sticker.

  • Integrations – If you want to expand your print on demand business, you can integrate Art of Where with your external e-commerce store.

art of where marketplace

Art of Where Pros

  • No need to build a store if you do not want to

  • Integrates with other e-commerce platforms

  • Prices are affordable

  • Wholesalers get significant discounts

Art of Where Cons

  • Long production times (~7 business days)

  • Embroidery is not available

Art of Where Integrations

art of where integrations

You can integrate the Art of Where with the following:

  • Big Cartel

  • Etsy

  • BigCommerce

  • Shopify

  • Squarespace

  • WooCommerce 

Art of Where Pricing

The Art of Where is free to use (no monthly subscription fees). They make money from the sale of the products they print. For example, a product may have a base price of $34. From that $34, they already have a profit. As the dropshipper, you must sell the item higher than that.

7. Spreadshirt Review

spreadshirt review

Spreadshirt is a POD company that focuses primarily on t-shirt products but also offers hats, aprons, baby clothing, and mugs.

Spreadshirt has zero fulfillment centers in Canada but can still offer relatively fast shipping (3-10 business days) because of their US warehouses.

Spreadshirt Features

  • Lots of ProductsSpreadshirt offers many unique items like stuffed toys where you can personalize or customize the shirt of the toy teddy bear.

  • Business Products – There are t-shirts here for corporate clothing; as such, you can market your goods for big companies that need lots of clothes for their employees.

  • Print Type – They offer both print and embroidery products.

  • Bulk Discounts – You can enjoy up to 70% discounts if you order in bulk. 

spreadshirt products

Spreadshirt Pros

  • Multiple printing methods like embroidery

  • Lots of products to choose from

  • Free to use

  • Comes with a shop

  • Design experts can help you design shirts

Spreadshirt Cons

  • Confusing website

  • Very expensive to ship to Canada

  • Production times are unclear

Spreadshirt Pricing

Spreadshirt doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee. Instead, they earn money from your orders.

Spreadshirt is a decent print on demand company, but there are much better ones for your POD business.

8. Redbubble Review

redbubble review

Redbubble is slightly different from the previous print on demand companies we discussed. Redbubble combines a print provider and a marketplace (similar to TeePublic).

This is the way it works:

  • You design a product, like t-shirts or mugs (pick the product from Redbubble)

  • You post the product on the Redbubble marketplace (similar to Amazon)

  • Once a customer purchases your item, Redbubble will print it and ship it to the customer 

Redbubble ships from 3rd-party fulfillers in countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US. However, they need to be more transparent on shipping costs, production times, and delivery times…

Redbubble Features

  • Lots of Products – There are over 70 product types where you can put your art. Some examples are t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, clothing, wall art, home décor, and so much more. This makes Redbubble one of the best print on demand sites for artists.

  • Production – Redbubble will oversee sourcing the material and printing your design on your chosen product.

  • Fan Art Program – If you want, you can create artwork inspired by copyrighted materials. However, you must comply with Redbubble’s rules to prevent copyright infringement.

redbubble warehouses

Redbubble Pros

  • No need to build an online store

  • More marketplace visitors than other Redbubble alternatives

  • Lots of products like t-shirts to choose from

  • Your designs are protected with a watermark

  • 24/7 support

Redbubble Cons

  • No integration with Shopify

  • Shipping times and costs are unclear

Redbubble Pricing

Redbubble doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee to sell on their marketplace. Instead, they charge a service fee for shipping and manufacturing costs.

Redbubble is a decent choice because you can access their marketplace users and don’t need to advertise. However, if you’re serious about your Canadian print on demand business, I recommend using one of the other print on demand companies I mentioned earlier.

Best Print on Demand Canada: FAQ

What is the best quality print on demand site?

The most reliable and trustworthy print on demand site in Canada is Printful. It is the leading print provider in the world. They have suppliers and operations globally, plus warehouses and fulfillment centers in many regions, including Toronto, Canada. Because of its numerous locations, Printful is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Canada, the best dropshipping suppliers in the UK, best dropshipping suppliers in the USA, and the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe. They are also one of the best print on demand UK companies and the best print on demand Australia companies.

How to start a print on demand business in Canada?

To create a Canadian print on demand business, you must first choose a POD supplier from our list. Then, we strongly recommend that you integrate that system into a Shopify store.

You can start designing your t-shirts, tote bags, phone cases, etc. You can create your print on demand business in less than a day. If you are not a designer, you can always hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

Is Printful located in Canada?

Most print on demand companies are in the US. Printful’s official headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, the most important thing is the location of its fulfillment centers, which are in Canada and the rest of the world.

Can you make a living with print on demand?

Yes, you can. However, like any online business, you must make your dropshipping print on demand business stand out. You can do this by niching down, creating unique designs, selling high-quality products at low prices, and choosing the right eCommerce platform for your online store. 

Conclusion: #1 Best Print on Demand Company in Canada?

print on demand canada

After being in the e-commerce trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that a TON of money can be made with print on demand, especially in Canada…

However, if you want to have a successful print on demand business, it’s crucial that you only use the best of the best.

And after reviewing the 8 best print on demand companies in Canada, it’s clear that Printful is the #1 best print on demand company

But Printify and Gelato are a close #2 and #3, respectively.

Because many of these print on demand services offer free plans, I recommend trying multiple to find the best fit for your POD business.

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