The 16 Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2023 (Most Profitable)

Today, I’ll review the 16 best products to sell on Amazon in 2023.

Selling on Amazon’s marketplace can be extremely profitable, but only if you pick the best products to sell… 

The best-selling products on Amazon have year-round demand, low shipping costs, and minimal competition from big brands…

But… how do you find the best products to sell?

What are the top-selling items on Amazon, and what are the best-selling categories?

What are the best-selling categories?

Let’s find out in this review of the 16 best products to sell on Amazon in 2023!

16 Best Products to Sell on Amazon

For each of these best products to sell on Amazon, I’ll review important data like reviews, search volume, profit margin, competitors, and more. This should help you decide what to sell for your Amazon business. Let’s get started…

1. Blue Light Glasses

best amazon products blue light glasses

Blue Light Glasses are a special type of eyeglasses that filter blue light. Amazon’s top seller for this product has more than 100,000 reviews with great customer feedback.

Many electronic devices and screens like phones and laptops emit blue light. Overexposure to harmful blue light from these devices can cause harm to the eyes. This is especially concerning with how much time we spend looking at screens now.

There is high demand for this product, as shown in Google Trends data below. I recommend staying away from seasonal products, and it’s clear that this is NOT seasonal…

blue light glasses google trends

As such, there is a medical reason for selling blue light glasses. These eyeglasses block harmful blue lights from getting through the eyes. In essence, the glasses prevent the blue light from damaging the eyes. All in all, the value proposition of this product is health, particularly for the eyes.

On the Amazon marketplace, the selling price of blue light glasses is about $12, which is already “on sale” at that price. The cost to source this product is only about $3. That means you can have high profit margins (with the right branding). This makes blue light glasses one of the top-selling products on Amazon.

2. Pet Hair Removers

best amazon products pet hair remover

Pet Hair Removers are one of the top-selling products on Amazon. The model or type you want to sell is the one that also looks like a lint remover for carpets.

Based on my product research, the pet remover with the most sales on Amazon is reusable, not disposable. These hair removers have 23,000 to 132,000 reviews, with varying customer feedback.

The trend for pet hair removers on Google is a bit erratic, but it’s still one of the top-selling items on Amazon.

google trends pet hair remover

The beauty of selling items in the pet supplies category is that they are small and lightweight. If you drop ship this product on Amazon, your only worry is the shipping speed.

The cost to source something similar is $6. On Amazon, the product price range is $15 to $30. For a product like this, you will not likely spend more than $5 on shipping.

Pet hair removers and pet supplies are some of the best products to sell on Amazon because of the high demand and low shipping costs. Pet owners (including myself) are always willing to spend tons of money on their furry friends when shopping online.

3. Face Masks

best amazon products face masks

The monthly sales of face masks are decreasing as more and more people get vaccinated, and COVID is almost over. Looking at the Google Trends data, it’s clear that face masks are no longer trending products.

google trends face masks

So, why is it on our list? It is on our list because there is a niche for it. There will be people who want to protect themselves.

The profit margins for this product are quite small… Most Amazon sellers are selling products of this kind for $11.99 per 100 pieces; you can source them from suppliers at $6.71 for 100 pieces. If you’re using the Amazon FBA model, storage fees will be low because they are small and lightweight.

In the future, face masks will not have as much demand as they used to. However, you can still make some serious money online by selling a specific type of face mask—a decorative one.

Here are some examples:

amazon face masks

As you can see from the product listings, the two products in this row have more than a thousand reviews. While many of these are not for viral protection, people will still buy them for fashion.

You’ll have to get creative with designs to sell this on Amazon successfully. You can also look at the best-selling products on Etsy to get product ideas.

4. Yoga Mats

best amazon products yoga mats

Yoga mats are popular for people who do yoga and those who exercise. The trend on Google may not always be high, but there is a demand for this product in the health niche.

You must do your product research carefully when selling items in this product category. The most important thing to research is the material the mat is made from. There are many yoga mats, and Amazon shoppers primarily want one resistant to sweat.

yoga mat trends

The product price range of yoga mats on the Amazon marketplace is between $19 and $30. The beauty of this product is that there is no definite average to what you can sell it for. The higher the quality, the more you can charge for selling items like this.

You can source these products for less than $15. Most of them ship for free, so if you sell them for $30 on Amazon, you have a profit margin of ~50%.

cost of goods yoga mats

To get more sales with yoga mats, you can do private label selling. In this model, you ask the supplier to brand these mats and design them with your own designs. However, you can only do private labels if you buy the products in bulk. To minimize risk, I recommend doing this once you get significant monthly sales on your Amazon store.

5. Water Bottles

best amazon products water bottles

Another one of the best products to sell on Amazon is water bottles. The thing with Amazon is that you cannot sell cookie-cutter water bottles, or your products will drown in a sea of choices.

After doing some keyword research, it seems that the water bottle with the most reviews is the IRON FLASK, with 117,451 reviews.

You will need a supplier who can design something similar, which you can find in two ways:

  • Private-label selling

  • Print-on-demand

Selling private-label products can be costly since you have to order in bulk. The manufacturer will produce your products with your specifications, including packaging.

print on demand water bottles

With print-on-demand dropshipping (POD), you design one item on a POD platform, like Printful or Printify. Then, you only order one thing at a time when a customer orders from you. 

After designing a water bottle from Printify, here is the mock-up:

print on demand water bottles

As you can see, you can design water bottles and make them unique. If you do print-on-demand, my suggestion is you focus on a niche. Create many designs that fall within that niche.

For example, if you want to concentrate on Nordic mythology, all your designs must have something to do with Nordic mythology. If you want quotes, design water bottles with quotes only—do not mix and match designs in different niches, as it will not create a brand for which you will be known. 

6. Security Cameras

best amazon products security cameras

Security cameras are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity… There are so many brands of security cameras there now, and many have apps. They have been one of the best-selling categories in recent years.

On Amazon, the Blink brand is the best seller. It has more than 160,000 reviews, and the rating is 4.5 stars.

Take a look at this trend from Google:

security cameras search interest

You will see that the interest score, or rating, does not go below 75. This score is high, and we can say that it has a consistent demand.

Amazon shoppers buy security cameras for the following reasons:

  • They work outdoors

  • They have a 2-year battery life

  • They are weather-resistant

Despite the price tag being $100+, Amazon sellers get tons of sales. If you want to sell something like it, you can get the products for a price between $22 and $69.

cost of goods for security cameras

If you sell security cameras on Amazon, I recommend focusing on the benefits to the user, such as:

  • Easy installation

  • Battery life

  • Image quality

  • App access on mobile devices 

The good news is that you will also find several other sellers who offer these items for free. Because of the high price tag, security cameras are some of the most profitable products to sell on Amazon.

7. Pet Toys

best amazon products pet toys

Pet toys are another one of the top-selling products from the pet supplies category. Overall, this category’s best-selling products are usually toys for dogs and cats. As you can see below, the best-selling products are for dogs.

In addition, the profit for product categories like pet toys is pretty low. Few pet owners would spend more than $10 for a toy that their pet will probably destroy quickly.

However, they can be excellent products to sell on amazon for new sellers because of low competition from big brands.

Here is the trend on Google:

pet toys search interest

As you can see, there is a spike during the end of the year and during summer. Amazon shoppers give each other gifts and buy stuff for their pets during the holidays.  

When you sell on Amazon, you must look for unique products, not just ordinary stuffed or squeaky toys.

Some toys in this product category cost less than $5. You cannot sell it for more than $10, as you would be hard-pressed convincing a pet owner to buy it.

8. Headphones

best amazon products headphones

Headphones are different from earphones. Headphones are big ones that wrap over the head. On Amazon, the top-selling items for this product category are from Sony or Beats. 

The Sony on this image costs only $9. The Beats brand is worth $88. These two bestsellers are known brands, so you will find it hard to compete against them.

There are several target demographics for headphones—gamers and audiophiles are just a few. In Google, we can see that there is always a reasonable demand for it, and the end of the year is when headphones begin to spike.

headphones google search interest

Depending on your target market, you can sell cheap or expensive headphones. Right now, I will tell you to avoid cheap headphones. They do not work well, and your customers would be so unhappy.

Instead, a better idea is to sell headphones as private-label products.

cost of headphones

You can contact these suppliers and manufacturers and ask them to brand them under your name. If you do this and ensure excellent packaging, you can sell these headphones for a premium price.

However, you will also need to invest a good chunk of money since you need to do private-label in bulk. As such, I wouldn’t recommend this for new sellers on Amazon.

9. Dog Harness

best amazon products dog harnesses

A dog harness is another great product that has consistent demand. When you take a look at Google Trends, this is what you will see:

dog harness search interest

On Amazon, the best-selling products in this category sell for only $15. Those above the $20 price tag are for big dogs.

If you want to start an online business focused on pet supplies like dog harnesses, I suggest starting with one class or sub-niche. There are many harnesses, so you may want to concentrate on a few, particularly for a specific dog breed.

As you can see from the screenshot below, you can either buy something for less than $10 or get something above the $20 range. 

dog harness cost

What I suggest is to focus on one type for now. For example, sell only a dog harness for a German Shepherd. This way, you can target that demographic. You can move on to other classes, sizes, shapes, and types.

Dog harnesses are also one of the best dropshipping products because they can be customized with the pet’s name and phone number. However, you’ll need to start your own online store to use this strategy.

10. Massagers

best amazon products massagers

The massagers I’m talking about are the ones that provide pain relief… As you can see, the foot massager that costs $70 is the top seller among all the best-selling products in this category. Why? People get tired from work, and their feet need a massage.

Massagers become trending items in December, most likely because there are high-demand products for Christmas gifts.

massagers search trend

The next best-seller is the neck massager, which has 2,880 reviews. There is relatively low competition in this product category. In the screenshot below, a similar product costs $34 and comes with a free shipping offer.

foot massagers cost

The heating foot massager is one you can sell to compete on Amazon. As you can see, the price of a similar product on Amazon is $70.

You can barely make a profit if you attempt to sell gun massagers. Most massage guns cost at least $57 to source because of the high shipping costs. On Amazon, they are sold for only $38. You have no fighting chances against these sellers—unless you go to China and strike a deal with the manufacturers.

11. Makeup & Beauty Products

best amazon products makeup

The beauty products industry is enormous, and success depends mainly on how you want to serve a specific demographic. On Google, it is unsurprising that the search interest for “makeup” never went below the score of 50. Anything related to beauty or personal care is among the best-selling products on Amazon.

makeup search interest

If you do product research on Amazon, you will realize that different products dominate this market. These items are all in the beauty niche but belong to different product categories.

The False Eyelash Mascara sells for $4.99 and has a total review of 330,546. The rating is 4.5 stars. As for the cost of goods, you can see that the price is almost close to the selling price on Amazon.

cost beauty products

Since these prices are so close, your profit margin will be quite low. However, because you can get way more monthly sales than other items, they’re still worth selling. 

On wholesale sites, beauty products like these cost around a dollar. If you order many of them, they can become profitable products on Amazon through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

bulk discount beauty products

12. Resistance Bands

best amazon products resistance bands

Resistance bands are one of the top-selling items on Amazon, but it’s essential to know that you should not sell fake resistance bands.

Online shoppers who buy this item want to improve their health. As such, you must sell high-quality products that allow people to exercise rigorously.

Fitness is one of the most profitable product categories because people are willing to spend ANY amount of money to lose weight…

resistance bands search interest

Resistance bands have consistent demand and interest, as seen from the Google Trend chart above. The price range is in the low 20s, but it depends on how many are included in the set.

If you do some product research, you’ll see that most suppliers sell them in a set. In the screenshot below, the resistance band costs $16.99 for a set of 11…

On Amazon, the seller’s price is $14.99 per piece! This means that the seller is most likely making huge profits for their Amazon seller account.

cost of goods resistance bands

13. Print on Demand Merch

Print-on-demand (POD) is one of my favorite products to sell on a dropshipping store. With POD, there is practically no limit to the product ideas you can implement.

The best thing to sell on Amazon is a personalized shirt. As you can see from the screenshot below, these shirts have more than 2,000 reviews with high ratings.

best amazon products print on demand

POD is a simple business model. You only need product ideas and then turn these ideas into a design. To make it happen, you need to use the best print on demand companies like Printify or Printful.

You will design your items and mock-ups on these stores, and then you will integrate the system with Amazon. Once a customer orders, you order it from your supplier, and then the supplier will take care of the rest.

Another option is to use Amazon Merch on Demand, but this service is still quite new and unproven.

14. Digital Products

When you sell on Amazon, do not underestimate the power of digital products. An example of a digital product is an eBook. The great thing about digital products is there are zero shipping costs.

Looking at this trend, you can see a demand for the “eBook” search term.

search interest for ebooks

The big problem is that you cannot sell eBooks whose copyright you do not own. You can sell eBooks that you write or that a ghostwriter writes.

An eBook is not the only digital item you can sell. Below are some more examples:

  • Digital art

  • Music that you made

  • Software programs

  • Digital courses

The biggest challenge with selling digital items is ownership. You should never sell digital items on Amazon that you do not own. If you do, and Amazon finds out, they will close your Amazon seller account. You can also sell digital products on Etsy.

Recent and historical sales of eBooks are phenomenal, especially in a time like this when there is a clamor for environmental changes.

While the Amazon marketplace is a good place to sell digital products, there are even better platforms to sell digital products.

15. Charging Stations

best amazon products charging stations

Charging stations are also called charging docks. A charging station is one of the best product categories in the electronics niche.

On Amazon, charging stations are some of the best-selling products in the electronic niche. Most of the things that you will find here are wireless charging stations. The price is at least $20.

The demand for this product has been consistent, as seen in the Google Trend chart below.

charging station search interest

There are charging stations in AliExpress that cost $26 each, but you’ll need to find products that cost less than $15 to maximize your profits.

16. Air Purifiers

best amazon products air purifiers

The air purifier is the last in our list of the most profitable product categories. Air purifiers come in many forms/sizes and different qualities/types. Because of that, the price varies drastically.

Some offer HEPA-compliant purifiers. If you sell these items, I would also recommend that you only do it if you have at least a little expertise in air filtration. Customers will ask you many questions about this product—you must be able to answer.

cost of goods air purifier

The screenshot above shows the many variants to pick from. As you can see, there are those that you can buy for as little as $8, and then there are others that sell for at least $140.

Since the standards for these air purifiers vary, choosing a variant with a price range that your target customers can afford is the best. 

How to Find The Top-Selling Products on Amazon

amazon best sellers

A good way to do product research for your Amazon business is by looking at the best-selling products. To find the best sellers on Amazon, you must go to the best sellers list on the site.

You must click on each category to see the Best Sellers Rank for each product. For example, if you click on beauty and personal care, you will see this #1, #2, #3, etc.

amazon best sellers in beauty and personal care

Amazon will show you the Best Sellers Rank for each category and sub-category. This is a decent way to research products, but there is too much competition for many of these products.

As a beginner, you should look for products with low competition that are just starting to become trending items with increased sales velocity.

To find these products, you can use product research tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10. These two are the best Amazon seller tools to help with keyword research and product research.

Best Selling Products on Amazon: FAQ

Which product sells most on Amazon?

The top-selling products on Amazon appeal to a buyer’s emotions. You must sell items that provide immediate benefits at an affordable price range. Do not sell expensive products, as these will prompt a buyer to look for the same thing from your competition.

What is Amazon’s most profitable product?

There is no answer to this. There are millions of products on Amazon, and there is no way one can know for sure which product is the most profitable. After all, profit depends on your capital cost and your retail price. My guess for the most profitable products are items created by Amazon themselves, like Amazon Fire TV stick and Echo. But obviously, we can’t sell those…

What is the best product to sell on Amazon 2023?

This is a tough question, but a great product to sell in 2023 is print-on-demand (POD) items. With POD,  you are selling unique things that no one else is selling.

Who is the #1 best Amazon seller?

The number 1 seller on Amazon changes all the time. If you want to view the most current number 1 seller, you can visit this site that tracks online shopping trends.

Conclusion: Should You Sell on Amazon?

best items to sell on amazon 2023

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that a lot of money can be made with an eCommerce business. 

While selling on Amazon can be profitable, there is too much competition from large brands (even Amazon themselves with Amazon Basics). 

It also has high startup costs and can take a while to start making profits…

If you want to make more money in a shorter period, I highly recommend dropshipping with your own online store instead.

Dropshipping requires significantly less startup capital, and you can build your own brand without major competition.

max aukshunas dropshipping course