The 30 Best Products to Sell Online in 2023 (Top Sellers)

Today, I’ll review the 30 best products to sell online in 2023.

Starting an online store can be extremely profitable IF you find the right products to sell…

The best products to sell online will have a passionate target audience, high demand, and great profit margins.

But… what are some trending products right now?

Which products should YOUR eCommerce business start selling?

How do you find trending products online?

Let’s find out in this review of the 30 best products to sell online in 2023!

Best Trending Products to Sell Online

The best-trending products to sell online are items beginning to rise sharply in demand. This demand might not last long, so it’s essential to be one of the first to sell these products on your eCommerce store. When trying to find trending products online, I recommend only looking at the past 12 months, as trends normally start declining after that. Let’s get started…

1. Temporary Tattoos

trending temporary tattoos

You can apply temporary tattoos with water or a special liquid to transfer the ink to the skin. Most of these are affordable, but then you need to be careful about allergies and the effects of the chemicals on the skin.

From Google Trends, we can see that these tattoos have the most demand in December. In January, the trend began to pick up again. 

google trends temporary tattoos

There are many variations of this product. Make sure you tell the customers in your eCommerce store how to use these tattoos properly. You also must ensure that you only get your inventory from the BEST suppliers

2. Bookends

trending bookends

Bookends are things you put on a bookshelf to prevent books from falling. While this might seem kind of trivial, it’s still a great trending product to sell for online stores.

The potential customers for bookends are, of course, bookworms. Your target audience will come from people who have libraries. They cannot find the bookend they want in physical stores, so they do online shopping. There are many types of bookends that you can sell.

Demand for this product is picking up in January based on Google Trends data. 

google trends bookends

I advise you to sell as many bookends as possible when selling products online. There is no telling what kind of bookends a buyer would want. Set several product categories in your online store.

Here are some examples:

  • Neon

  • Clear plastic

  • Classic

  • Wood

  • Stylish

  • Premium

You will need a dropshipping tool to import these items to your store. If you source the products from AliExpress, you will do well using tools like CJDropshipping or Spocket.

3. Power Banks

trending power banks

Power banks are quite costly, but they are still one of the best-trending products to sell online. However, that does not mean you cannot find affordable versions… One option is buying them in bulk and branding them as your own. When you sell online, make it look like they come from a top-tier electronics company.

Looking at the Google Trends data below, there is a consistent demand for power banks worldwide. The trend dropped in January but is again picking up.

google trends power banks

By May, we can see a rise in the demand for power banks. The trend started to pick up sometime in the summer. Why? It is likely because many people are going on vacation and need power banks to take with them while traveling. This makes power banks excellent products to sell for any eCommerce business.

4. Car Phone Holder

trending car phone holders

A car phone holder is necessary for people who drive, giving it a huge market. These products are also inexpensive to source, with tons of unique variants.

According to the Google Trends data, we can see a slight dip in online shopping in September. However, it picked up during the Holidays and in May. 

google trends car phone holders

As you can see, trending items like this one evolve. There was a period when car phone holders were nothing more than phone holders. 

Today, there are car phone holders that have chargers. Some of them are magnetic, and some require a kind of strong tape.

When you sell online, make sure you also sell some accessories, like 3M metal mounting and adhesives. Some people may not need car phone holders because they already have one, but they need new adhesives.

5. WiFi Repeater

trending wifi repeaters

Who doesn’t want high-speed access to the Internet everywhere in the house? While this is possible, it is costly with traditional methods. Internet service providers ask for too much money just so a person can have house-wide internet coverage. 

Trending products like this one have consistency. The interest is always above the score of 75. There are slight dips in demand, but it will pick up again in January. 

google trends wifi repeater

 An electronics e-commerce business may be more challenging than general stores. Why? Because consumers will ask you a ton of questions about the products before they buy.

Prices are quite reasonable for this product on AliExpress. However, some brands are too expensive. My advice is that you stick to affordable products when selling online. You want functional products, but still affordable so you can have consistently high profit margins.

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online

Dropshipping is an excellent way to start selling online with your eCommerce business. However, like any online business, only certain products do well with the dropshipping business model. Let’s take a look at the best dropshipping products to sell online…

6. Electronics

dropshipping phone stands

Only sell mobile devices if you have a legitimate and high-quality dropship source. Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops require a special kind of skill to dropship. You need to focus on electronic accessories when selling products online in the electronics niche.

Here are some ideas:

  • Earphones

  • Headsets

  • Phone cases

  • Phone stands

In addition, I suggest you stay away from selling batteries. Shipping companies charge more money for potentially hazardous shipping items.

However, if you find dropshipping suppliers who know how to ship dangerous goods like lithium batteries, you should not have a problem. 

7. Fashion

Fashion is anything related to how a person looks. It is a huge niche, and your online sales will either boom or bust. Why? Because everybody is selling fashion items.

Here are some examples:

  • Women’s Clothing

  • Men’s Clothing

  • Kid’s Clothing

  • Shoes

  • Jackets

  • Pants

Everybody sells the same thing in dropshipping and eCommerce. I advise you to dig deep into a niche rather than targeting a huge market. For example, focus on a theme if you want to sell fashion items.

dropshipping fashion products

As you may have observed, they are all gothic. In this case, you must build an online business where your niche is either gothic or wolf.

Here are some product categories:

  • Phone stands and phone cases

  • Rings

  • Amulets

  • Necklaces

  • T-shirts

  • Pillows

The list is never-ending. The thing is that all the designs are about a wolf. In this regard, your target audience is people with an affinity with wolves. You are more likely to sell niche products than by building a generic online store in the fashion niche.

You can also stand out from other online stores by creating your own clothing and fashion accessories through print on demand companies.

8. Toys & Hobby

For toys and hobbies, I suggest that you find affordable items. Parents do not want to spend a fortune on toys, knowing their children will quickly outgrow them.

Here are some ideas for toys you can sell online:

  • Plushies

  • Woodblock

  • Train sets

Like I always say, it would help if you drilled down on a profitable niche. The same thing applies to a hobby store. 

For example, I do not recommend that you sell many types of gadgets by the time you build your own online store. Instead, focus on one niche product, like drones. Finding a reliable dropshipping supplier is essential because drones are so expensive.

dropshipping drones

When your target audience is older, selling drones rather than cheaper toys is much better. For a drone store, you are targeting drone enthusiasts only—as such, you are more likely to get online sales than if you sold all sorts of products. Consumers will also pay hundreds for drones, which makes it one of the best products to sell online.

9. Furniture

Although you can sell high-ticket dropshipping products in the furniture niche, I must say that your main challenge for this is bulkiness. Add to that the shipping costs, and you might have some problems ahead…

What I recommend, especially if you are a beginner in setting up online stores, is to sell small furniture products.

Here are some examples:

  • Detachable cabinets made of pipes and cloth

  • Mini chairs

  • Gaming chairs

  • Foldable Laptop stands 

  • Folding tables

dropshipping furniture

These products are more affordable, so you do not have to front a large amount of money when you start to get online sales. Since the shipping costs are lower, you will also have the time you need to learn more about running online stores as you go along.

From here, you can graduate to bigger furniture, such as computer chairs, lamp stands, sofa sets, dining tables, and so much more.

10. Beauty & Health Care

Healthcare and beauty products always have high demand, but there is so much variety that it may be challenging to think of a niche. Just like the other product types that I recommend you dropship, it is not a good idea to sell everything on your online store…

Here are some product ideas to get you started:

  • Make-up kits

  • Lipstick

  • Mascara

  • Sponges and make-up accessories

  • Food supplements

  • Body-building foods and supplements

dropshipping makeup

For beauty products, you will not have a hard time sourcing and shipping them. However, you will face challenges selling supplements and health products because of government regulations.

To sell food supplements, you must look for a local supplier who can provide private-label services for your brand. Since the supplier is local, they will not have issues shipping to the country of destination as it is the same location.

Best Print-on-Demand Products to Sell Online

Now, let’s move on to the best products to sell online in the print on demand niche. You can source these blank products from leading print on demand companies like Printify and Printful.

11. Phone Accessories

pod phone accessories

Accessories like phone cases are some of the best-selling products online. Almost everybody has a phone, and it makes sense to offer something unique. 

There are several types of phone cases, and you must also pay attention to the different phone models. Pretty much all of them have low shipping costs, which means more profits for your eCommerce store.

Most of the time, suppliers only sell print-on-demand phone cases for iPhones and Samsung phones. It is a good practice to order one with a print so you can see the item yourself.

12. Earbuds & Cases

pod airpods cases

Another one of the best products to sell online is cases for AirPods. You can’t legally sell AirPods or ripoffs of AirPods, you can certainly sell cases.

Since you can style them, you might also have similar designs to the phone cases you made. The good news about these products is that they are affordable. In Printify, for example, a unit costs only about $11.

The $11 price tag does not include shipping, so you can expect to sell this for around $30. Depending on your target market, shipping this item can be expensive.

13. Custom Clothing

best pod clothing

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of fashionable items that you can sell. The idea is to focus on a theme…

Looking at the catalog of clothing, you can see that there are several of them. What should you do? Here are two ideas.

1. Sell several clothing types with a specific niche/theme (ex: gothic designs).

2. Sell only one category, like swimwear, and then sell as many designs as you like.

Another option as an excellent eCommerce business model is to sell both men’s and women’s clothing, but with a theme. For example, you can sell yoga clothing only, and you can sell it to both men and women.

This way, you have a clear target audience and can give your online store a brand identity. It is hard enough to sell online, but it’s even more challenging if you don’t have a specific target audience. 

14. Plush Toys & Puzzles

best pod plush toys

There are only a few toys that you can sell with print-on-demand. Plushies are the most common ones, and so are puzzles.

The thing is that you cannot alter the toy itself. The only thing you can do is create a design for the toy’s clothing. In this example, we can see that we can only design the teddy bear’s shirt.

best pod plush toy

In addition, there is a limit to what parts of the shirt you can design. As we can see here, we cannot color the entire shirt at all.

Some of these toys are bulky, so shipping can be expensive. If you sell these items, I recommend offering free shipping. Bake the shipping cost into your retail price, and do not charge the customer for shipping. This is a great online shopping hack you can use regardless of what products you sell.

15. Mugs & Cups

best pod mugs

The last on our list of print-on-demand products is mugs and cups. Despite being highly common, this is still a profitable niche. What you want to do is target a specific personality or theme. It also makes sense to use quotes or messages.

There are many print-on-demand products to sell online, so you need to focus on a market segment. Do not attempt to sell many product types in the same store. For one, it is too tedious to upload designs.

Once you identify your best-selling product, you can order in bulk to reduce costs, decrease shipping times, and increase profits for your online store.

Best Products to Sell on Amazon

To find the best sellers on Amazon, I suggest you visit the site and look for the Best Sellers list or the Movers & Shakers list. Another way to find the best items to sell on Amazon is using the best research tools like Jungle Scout or Helium10.

16. Mascara

amazon best sellers in beauty and care

The Lash Princess in the middle of the screenshot is one of the best sellers in the beauty products niche. As you can see, it has a rating of 4.4 stars from 299,798 buyers. As you know, not all buyers on Amazon leave a review, which means that for 300K people, this must be a superior product.

This false eyelash is not the type that people put on their eyes. Instead, it is mascara. I think what makes it a best seller is that the product title says that it is gluten-free and cruelty-free. It means the product was made from a process that did not hurt animals, which is a great selling point in 2023.

17. Pimple Patches

amazon best selling pimple patch

Next on the list of best products to sell online are pimple patches. The screenshot shows the top-seller has 115,761 reviews and a rating of 4.4 stars.

Reading through the item, we can see it is an award-winning brand. It is also a product that is easy to use. The product description also says that it is free of the following: 

  • Propylene Glycol

  • Paraffin Free

  • Alcohol Paraben

  • Formaldehyde

The product is hypoallergenic, and it went through testing. Remember that selling things like this is not just the product you want to sell. What you want is to focus on a value proposition. You want your potential customers to know why your product is better than others. If you’re marketing is good, this can be one of the best products to sell on Amazon.

18. Card Games

amazon best sellers toys and games

For toys and games, we can see in the screenshot below that Pokémon cards are in demand. In particular, this product has 52,819 reviews with 4.4 stars. 

The only caveat when selling a toy like this is that it has a copyright. As such, it would be difficult to sell something like this without getting into legal trouble.

What you can do is find similar products. There are card games you can sell without worrying about copyright infringement.

19. Markers

amazon markers

The next bestseller from the same category of toys is dry-erase markers. The value proposition of markers like this is that they are safe for kids. It is free of odor, and it erases quickly. The product is ideal for children and adults, as it is a whiteboard marker. It is a top seller because it is useful and comes in assorted colors. 

20. TV Wall Mounts

amazon tv wall

Finally, we will move on to furniture and home improvement. On Amazon, one of the best sellers is this TV wall mount. It has a rating of 4.5 with 29,527 reviews.

What makes this mount a best-seller is its variation. The seller provides variants for the following measurements:

  • 22 to 55 inches

  • 12 to 40 inches

  • 37 to 80 inches

  • 32 to 86 inches

The product also has several modes of articulation. It is up to the buyer to choose which variant fits their TV perfectly.

In addition to this, the product already includes the entire kit. The buyer no longer needs to buy screws. What makes the item a best-seller is it comes with a bubble level. It is a tool that people need to know if something is straight. 

There is also a disclaimer in the product description. The seller said that buyers must measure the back of their TVs to know if the fit is accurate.

Best Products to Sell on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that’s home to artistic products. So, while you can sell print-on-demand items on the platform, you are better off selling unique products that you made yourself.

However, Etsy does not have the same categorial bestseller list as Amazon. I had to do some real digging to find out what handmade products are in demand on the platform. Let’s take a look…

21. Resin Phone Cases

etsty best selling phone cases

There are thousands of phone cases on Etsy, but the ones that sell well are resin cases.  

These products are immaculate. They are so good-looking and affordable. As you can see, several products have thousands of reviews.

What makes resin a popular item is its hardness. Once the liquid resin dries, it is almost impossible to break. This makes them one of the best-selling products on Etsy.

22. Damascus Chef Knife Set

etsy most loved knives

Another product I found that has high demand on Etsy is the Damascus blade set. Damascus is a type of metal that is difficult to forge.

As you can see from this screenshot, these items have so many reviews, and most of them have a perfect rating. Damascus blades are unique because you will never find them in malls or stores.

Of course, these Damascus blades must be sharp. On top of the design, you need to ensure they are functional. Although people rarely use them as a daily piece, you still need to make sure they work—as sharp knives that a chef can use in the kitchen. 

23. Custom Neon and Metal Signs

etsy best selling signs

Custom neon and metal signs are in demand on Etsy because they give rooms and homes this personal vibe.

While these signs are difficult to make, they can give you a lot of profit. One thing that stands out is the neon sign. If you look at the prices, they are much more expensive than traditional metal ones.

etsy custom neonsigns

The price, of course, depends on the complexity of the product. The more letters there are, the higher the price will be.

When selling this kind of product, it makes sense that you have a template for a different style. The customer has to choose a style out of three. Then, there is a box where the customer can type the text and the neon color he wants.

24. Resin Artwork

etsy best selling resin artwork

Another best-seller on the Etsy platform is resin art. It is one of the unique decors that a person can make. Despite the difficulty level of this art, it is undoubtedly worth all the trouble.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the price ranges from $50 to more than $200. The amount of resin you use will decide your selling price.

Shipping resin products is also costly because they are heavy and bulky. I recommend selling resin art that is small and easy to pack and ship.

25. Personalized Pet Products

personalized pet products

The pet industry is enormous, and pet owners treat their pets as family. This makes personalized pet products one of the best products to sell online.

Thankfully, popular print on demand companies like Printify integrate seamlessly with Etsy. This makes it easy to create custom pet supplies and list them on your Etsy store.

What I suggest is that you sell personalized items. What it means is that you must allow the customer to send you a photo of their pet. Then, you would turn that photo into a product (similar to print on demand jewelry). For example, you can put the pet’s photo on the bowl or bed.

Best Products to Sell on eBay

eBay has changed drastically over the years… What once started as a bidding site for used items is now home to brand-new ones. Also, consumers seem to be more trustworthy of eBay sellers regarding niche-based items. Let’s get started with the best-selling products on eBay…

26. Automotive Parts & Accessories

ebay best sellers automotive parts

For the most part, what sells the most in this niche are:

  • Body, exterior & interior parts

  • Parts for motorcycles and scooters

  • Air fuel delivery systems

  • Engines

If I may say so, focus your attention on a deep niche. It has to be a specific field of specialization. For example, sell only motorcycle parts. This way, your online business is in an excellent position to answer customer questions about the items you sell.

27. Clothing & Accessories

ebay best selling clothing

I don’t think there is much to discuss regarding clothing and fashion accessories. The ones that sell the most on eBay for this niche are the same as what you will find in other marketplaces.

Overall, we can say that women’s clothing and fashion accessories are still the top sellers in this category. In addition, handbags are quite popular.

28. Home & Garden

ebay best selling kitchen supplies

For home and garden, eBay stated in their best-seller list that these are the most in-demand items:

  • Fireplaces

  • Stoves

  • Heating Systems

  • Air Conditioning Systems

  • Outdoor power equipment

You can also dominate sub-categories, such as bedding, lamps, and rugs. It will also help if you concentrate on a specific type of product. If you sell rugs, sell rugs only. Do not mix your store with lamps and other home and kitchenware. 

Small kitchen appliances or utensils are your best bet. Leave the motorized ones to the manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers have online stores. As such, it would be wise not to compete with them. 

29. Collectibles

ebay best selling collectibles

On eBay, collectibles refer to items that are hard to find—these are limited edition items with a demand. It is a tad different from Etsy because collectibles on Etsy are hand-made products.

As you can see, most of these have something to do with sports memorabilia and card games. Just make sure that the cards and games are of value.

It is challenging to start with this niche because you must be an avid fan of one before selling. In addition, you must hoard limited-edition products to sell them at a higher value later on. 

You must also sell legit collectibles only. Do not bother selling fake ones. The consumer will report you, and eBay will shut down your store if you do this. 

30. Business & Industrial

ebay best sellers in business niche

The last on our list is the business sector, particularly the industrial one. Most of these have something to do with moldings and heavy equipment.

These are definitely NOT items that you can sell on a dropshipping store… To sell these products online, you must be an engineer or at least an expert in a specific field. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Motion controls

  • Medical and lab equipment

  • Dental supplies

  • Devices and instruments

  • Test measurements

  • Equipment for inspection

While this niche may sound “huge,” there are low-cost products that you can sell easily. For example, you can sell business packaging supplies, packing tapes, cartons and cardboard, bubble wrap, and many more. 

You can also buy personal protective equipment or PPE from Alibaba and sell it on eBay. Some examples are construction hats, gloves, safety goggles, silicone earplugs, and many more. 

How to Sell Products Online

There are several ways to sell products online, but my #1 recommendation is to sell products online through dropshipping. Nevertheless, allow me to provide you with the different options.

  • Online Marketplaces – you can sell your products in online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

  • Social Media – you will post your items on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other channels.

  • Dropshipping With Your Own Website – Create a Shopify store and operate your entire business from that site.

Of all these three, dropshipping is the method by which you can get the most flexibility. It’s not easy, but it allows for the most money in the shortest period of time. You can also start dropshipping with no money (or very little).

Should you decide to do dropshipping, there are other steps you must pursue. These are processes where you will drive traffic and sales.

Here are some of the most important things to know:

  • SEO – search engine optimization is the process of making your content appear in search engine results

  • Advertising – advertising comes in many forms and campaign types. You can pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-mille (PPM), etc. There are also many sites where you can advertise, like YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc.

  • Marketing – you can do SMS marketing, influencer marketing, and many other marketing activities. These tactics will help you drive reader and customer loyalty to your dropshipping brand.

Selling a product online is not as easy, but from my experience, you can succeed if you do things right.

Trending Products to Sell Online: FAQ

What are some other profitable items to sell online?

Besides the items I already went over, some other product categories are profitable: health and fitness products, wall art, video game accessories, and anything in the pet industry (ex: pet supplements and pet toys).

How do you find trending items to sell?

There are multiple ways to find trending products to sell online. Some methods include using Google Trends, software like product research tools, and browsing online marketplaces for top sellers.

Is selling products online profitable?

Yes, the eCommerce industry is massive and will continue to be extremely profitable for many years to come.

What is the best e-commerce platform for building an online store?

There are many solid e-commerce platforms, but the best is Shopify (it’s not even close).

Best Products to Sell Online: Conclusion

best selling products conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that you can make a TON of money with an online store…

However, like any online business, your eCommerce store will only be profitable if you pick the best products to sell.

I recommend you start selling products online with dropshipping because it has the lowest startup costs and the highest upside.

This will give you the best chance of succeeding when it comes to making money online. To get started with dropshipping, you can take my free course below…

max aukshunas dropshipping course