Booster Theme Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a Booster Theme review.

One of the most critical aspects of a successful Shopify store is the theme.

Your results will differ drastically when using a slow, empty Shopify theme instead of a fast, feature-rich theme…

Enter Booster Theme.

The Booster Theme is an ultra-fast, highly-customizable Shopify theme used by 45,000+ e-commerce businesses and dropshipping stores.

But… is Booster Theme actually worth it?

Is Booster Theme the #1 best Shopify theme for dropshipping stores?

Let’s find out in this Shopify Booster theme review!

What is Shopify Booster Theme?

Booster Theme review intro

The Booster theme is a customizable online store template that gives e-commerce and dropshipping business owners a blueprint of how their store should be. 

Booster Theme aims to be an all-in-one premium theme that provides beautiful designs and robust functionalities guaranteed to help its users scale their online businesses.

Since its release, the Booster Theme has helped 45,000+ online product store owners to make more sales by increasing their website conversion rates by 57.3%.

A successful dropshipping store can convert a high percentage of visitors into buyers. While the website’s look and feel may be one factor that prompts a visitor to make a purchase, it doesn’t end there. You want not only an aesthetic website but also one that is responsive and flexible for users to interact with.

Booster Theme has a wide range of customizable features, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools, Google Analytics Integration, a sleek interface, dedicated support teams, and other attributes that have proven helpful to online business owners.

It also aims to produce one-product stores that are highly responsive on many different devices. 

It’s also important to note that Booster is not a Shopify theme but a third-party theme that can be used for your Shopify store.

This means that you’d probably not find it on Shopify’s theme store, where business owners can find a plethora of paid and free themes for their e-commerce stores. 

Let’s continue this Booster Theme review by going over the installation process step-by-step.

How To Install Booster Theme on a Shopify Store

How To Install Booster Theme on Shopify
  1. Visit the Booster Theme Website and click “Try Booster Now” or “Boost My Sales Now.”

  2. You’ll be taken to a registration tab. Add your name, email, and Credit/Debit Card details. 

  3. After doing this, you’ll receive a login link in your email. 

  4. Click on the link to access the Booster Theme User Panel and then the license box. Proceed to add the URL of your Shopify store.

  5. Install the Booster Central app, choose your child theme and start selling on your new dropshipping store!

Booster Theme Speed

Booster Theme Speed

One of the most significant advantages of the Booster Theme is its speed…

Every aspect of this Shopify theme is optimized for speed and performance, so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Booster Theme has automatic image optimization, so you can have the correct Shopify image sizes without slowing down your dropshipping store.

They also have optimized interaction where they use CSS instead of separate Java scripts. They also use modular Javascript, so your store only loads what is needed.

All these things make Booster Theme the fastest Shopify theme on the market.

Booster Theme Presets

Booster Theme Presets

Another advantage of the Booster Theme is its Preset Stores.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can install one of Booster’s demo preset stores in just one click (similar to buying prebuilt Shopify stores).

booster theme presets

Of course, you can make further changes to the theme settings, but this will save you tons of time. Each of these preset stores is fully customized and has multiple Shopify pages.

Booster Theme offers 27 presets, most of which are niche-related. They also have two different presets for One-Product Stores.

This is incredibly valuable, considering how most successful dropshipping businesses use one-product Shopify stores.

Booster Theme Features

Let’s continue this Booster Theme review by taking a looking at all the features it has… Booster Theme distinguishes itself from the other premium Shopify themes with its all-in-one features. According to their website, these features can save you $5,136 yearly as you don’t need to install third-party Shopify apps. Here are these features…


booster theme lookbook

Like Instagram Shopping, the LookBook feature of Booster Theme allows you to incorporate shoppable high-resolution images containing the product for sale.

The photo will carry a tag in the form of a small white dot, signifying that the product in question is for sale. A visitor to your store can click on the photo or white dot to see the item’s price and purchase directly. 

The LookBook is arguably one of the best sales features of the Booster theme. It makes purchases easier and gives the dropshipping store a modern and attractive feel. 

The good part is that you can showcase these photos in a grid or list form, depending on your preference or niche. However, The Grid product layout is the more popular option as it allows visitors to focus on one item at a time. 

Full Mobile Optimization 

booster theme full mobile optimization

Many people today access e-commerce stores from their mobile devices, hence the need to ensure that your store is fully optimized for mobile usage. 

Booster ensures you don’t have to worry about mobile accessibility by offering complete mobile optimization with their stores.

So this means that if a visitor logs on to your page using a smartphone, they’d see a page that fits their screen with the images and icons in their proper position within the screen’s perimeters. 

As you probably already know, the easier it is for your customer to navigate your online store, the higher the chances they make a purchase. 

The mobile optimization feature also comes in handy when using Instagram shoutouts or dropshipping ads on mobile. You don’t have to worry that your banners are inappropriate for mobile screens, as they will take the shape and size of your audience’s device without overlapping.

Currency Converter

booster theme currency converter

Unlike some free themes on Shopify, the Booster Theme has a built-in currency converter that guarantees flexible shopping for customers worldwide.

Let’s say the best dropshipping products in your Shopify store are only displayed in US dollars; customers in the UK or the European Union may find it confusing.

However, with the built-in currency converter, you can display the appropriate price for non-US visitors without installing a third-party app. You can increase your sales without spending extra money.

Booster Theme is also fully integrated with popular payment platforms like Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

With these dynamic checkout options, customers can easily make payments for their products no matter where they are in the world.

Mega Menu

booster theme mega menu

The mega menu tool is one feature that makes Booster’s stores easy to navigate.

It is a menu header that displays products or products category at the top part of your page. Potential customers on your dropshipping store can find their desired product categories at one glance. 

Every successful e-commerce store runs on easy navigation, and the Mega menu option is an excellent place to start. Since this feature is already available on the Booster theme, you save $14 monthly.

Promotion Timer 

booster theme countdown timer

The promotion timer is also known as a countdown timer. It is a feature that stirs up a sense of urgency in the customer and eventually prompts them to purchase.

It comes in handy during limited offers, discounts, Black Friday Sales, and other promo offers. The countdown timer can always be reset or deactivated at any time. You can also add a countdown timer to your cart page.

You can also add a sense of scarcity by adding a “Stock Left” bar to your product page. As you might expect, this will show how many products are left.

Sales Notifications

booster theme sales notifications

Sales notification is a powerful Booster theme feature showing real-time pop-up sales messages.

Like the countdown timer, this feature also has an unbelievable psychological effect on visitors and can persuade them to purchase by creating a sense of urgency. 

The sales pop-up is also a clever way to improve the credibility of your online product store by showing that other people trust you enough to buy your products.

Since the sales notification is already preinstalled on the Booster theme, you save $9 monthly. And, like with all of their built-in apps, your store will continue to load quickly.

Blog Cards

booster theme blog cards

Blogging is an excellent way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. They build trust and credibility and drive your store’s traffic via SEO.

More than featuring blogs on your e-commerce store, you’d want to display them in such a way that catches your audience’s attention, and that’s where blog cards come in.

The blog card feature allows you to display your blogs in a list or grid. Your store visitors can scroll through each blog card and click on the topic that catches their attention.

Facebook Messaging Chat

booster theme facebook messenger chat

Booster Theme allows you to offer your customers top-notch customer support through the Facebook messaging chat button.

Just like the regular website chat button but this time with an app your customers already use in texting their friends.

The Messaging chat allows your customers to make complaints, ask for help, or easily customize orders.

You can activate or deactivate the Messenger Chat via theme settings.

Free Plus Shipping

booster theme free plus shipping

Free plus shipping is a popular marketing tactic that dropshippers use.

It allows store owners to offer a product for free on the product page and have them pay for shipping on the checkout page.

It’s basically the opposite of high-ticket dropshipping (when you sell items that cost hundreds).

Separate from free + shipping, Booster Theme also includes a Free Shipping Bar that states how much a customer need to order before they qualify for free shipping.

Predictive Search

booster theme predictive search

The Booster theme has a predictive feature that makes it easier for visitors to find their favorite products.

It can also make suggestions of similar products that they might also need. According to Booster, this predictive search feature can save up to $19 per month.

Trust Badges

booster theme trust badges

Booster Theme also lets you add trust badges to your product page. You can add trust badges that say display when orders ship, your shipping costs, a money-back guarantee, and a warranty.

A separate feature lets you add how many people watch the product. This adds yet another layer of urgency and scarcity.

You can also add when your products will be delivered. However, you should only use this feature when you offer 1-3 days shipping with suppliers like Spocket or Sellvia.

Frequently Bought Together

booster theme frequently bought together

Most times, your potential customers may visit your store seeking inspiration on what to buy, and with the “frequently bought together” or product upsell feature, you can offer subtle advice on the products they should shop for.

This feature is quite common for fashion stores but can also be used by dropshipping stores in other profitable niches.

Copycat Stopper

Booster Theme offers content protection features and prevents people from stealing product descriptions, blog content, or even product images.

The plagiarism or copycat stopper automatically protects your store from all right-click actions when activated.  

GDPR Cookie Bar 

booster theme gdpr cookie bar

The GDPR cookie bar allows your users, especially those from the European Union countries, to give their explicit consent for cookies to be used.

The customizable features of the Booster theme are almost endless. In addition to the ones listed above, the Booster Theme also offers other features like: 

  • Customized Checkout/ “thank you” page

  • Geotag to customize your content to suit the geographical region of the visitor 

  • Loox review integration 

  • Email list 

  • Visitor counter etc. 

What Makes Shopify Booster Theme Different?

booster theme review

By now, you must have realized that the Booster Theme is quite distinct from any paid or free Shopify theme you’ve encountered. Here is how the features listed in this Booster Theme review above help you create a successful Shopify store.

  • Booster Theme offers its users aesthetics and high-converting marketing tools to help them turn visitors into customers. It comes with 40+ preinstalled Shopify apps such as a countdown timer, sales notifications, Facebook messenger, currency converter, and more. These built-in marketing tools will save you $5136/year!

  • Booster Theme is a Shopify theme that is optimized for speed. Instead of installing a dozen Shopify apps that slow down your dropshipping store, Booster has these built directly into the theme.

  • Data has shown that 72% of Shopify store traffic is from mobile devices, so your store must be well-optimized for mobile. The Booster Theme already has built-in features that make its online store responsive irrespective of the device used.

  • Just like other Shopify themes, Booster requires no coding. Nevertheless, it provides a wide range of custom features that can be easily activated or deactivated by heading to theme settings.

Booster Theme Pricing

Booster theme price

As of the time of writing this Booster Theme review, Booster Theme pricing includes two different subscription packages: yearly and lifetime licenses.

Each is the same when you compare features so you can choose either of the two Booster Theme pricing plans depending on your needs. Let’s take a look at each Booster Theme pricing plan.

Yearly License

In this package, you’d be required to pay $249 yearly to enjoy the following features: 

  • Unlimited features and customizations. 

  • Already integrated Shopify apps worth $5136 per year. 

  • Free updates. 

  • Unlimited visitors. 

  • Full mobile optimization 

  • Speed optimization and image auto optimizer. 

  • Continuous tech support looks as if your subscription is active. 

Lifetime License 

Just as the name implies, you will only get to pay a one-time fee of $399 to gain access to the Booster theme features for life. Some of the features of this subscription package are: 

  • Continuous free updates. 

  • Unlimited visitors 

  • Full mobile and speed optimization. 

  • Image auto optimized 

  • Booster apps worth $5136 per year 

  • Unlimited customization features 

  • Tech support for one year 

The difference between the yearly and lifetime subscriptions is that the latter offers continuous tech support as long as your payment plan is active. On the other hand, the second one only offers 1-year of tech support. So before choosing one, ensure that you weigh your needs adequately. 

Booster Theme Review: Pros & Cons

The Booster Theme has many theme settings, making it a favorite amongst e-commerce business owners and dropshippers. However, like everything, it has pros and cons. Let’s take a look…

Booster Theme Pros

Complete Control Over Store Appearance and Experience 

Booster Theme doesn’t just allow you to customize the look of your dropshipping store but also the overall user experience, which makes it quite different from traditional online product stores. You can choose how your products are arranged, their response upon clicking, and other extra features.

Ultra-Fast Loading Time

Booster Theme stores are distinguished by sleekness, user-friendliness, fast loading time, and dynamic design. Its demo store achieved an almost perfect speed score of 94 when tested on Google PageSpeed Insight.

Wide Range of Conversion Optimized Marketing Tools 

Booster theme is integrated with over 40 different conversion-optimized marketing tools to elevate your business. So unlike the traditional store themes, you don’t have to install third-party apps to carry out these functions. 

Cost Effective 

Compared to a premium Shopify theme, Booster offers more cost-effective features for business owners. The subscription plan may seem a little expensive for new store owners, but in the long run, it saves up to $5000.

Booster Theme Cons

Somewhat Complicated Installation 

Booster Theme is a third-party theme for Shopify stores; its installation process may come off complicated to someone with beginner dropshipping business owners. So if you are a fan of downloading free themes on Shopify, Booster Theme may not be for you.

Does Not Support Live Chart 

Although they offer 24/7 access to their support team, this conversation is carried out live. Their average response rate is 1-2 business days. 

Shopify Booster Theme Review: FAQ

Can I use my Booster Theme license For More Than One Store? 

No. Booster themes only offer one store and domain name per license. However, using the license management panel, you can transfer your license to a different store URL. 

Is Booster on the Shopify Theme Store? 

No. Booster is a third-party theme that can be used by Shopify stores, hence, it is not on Shopify’s theme store

Does Booster Theme have a refund policy? 

Yes. According to the Booster Theme website, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like your store’s theme settings, you can contact their support team for a full refund. After getting your money back, your license becomes invalid. 

Can I get the Booster Theme for free? 

No, the Booster Theme does not have a free version. However, you can find some of its earliest versions free, like the Booster Theme V.1.0. You should know that Booster Theme is now at V6.0, so V.1.0 will have inferior features. Some other free themes include the Brooklyn Theme and Debut Theme.

Is there more than one Booster Theme for my Shopify store?

There is only one Booster Theme available for Shopify stores. However, you’d find that the Shopify Theme Store has a paid theme called the “Boost theme.” A Booster theme is also available on ThemeForest, and a Booster plugin for WooCommerce. It’s important to know that none of these themes are the same as the actual Booster theme. 

How fast is Booster Theme? 

The Booster team claims to have spent up to $77k on speed optimization. When tested on Google PageSpeed Insight, the Booster Theme has a 97 rating. This makes Booster theme one of the fastest Shopify themes online.

What other features does Booster Theme have?

Booster Theme also removes Powered by Shopify from your footer. You can also easily integrate the best product review apps for Shopify.

Booster Theme Review: Conclusion – #1 Best Shopify Theme?

Booster Theme Review Conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Booster Theme can easily be called the best Shopify theme as it offers users an unfair advantage over competitors.

It goes beyond providing beautiful templates for your dropshipping store; it also gives you all the tools needed to scale your business.

From its ultra-fast load times and preset stores, to 40+ built-in marketing tools, this premium Shopify theme has it all.

The Booster theme is perfect for anyone with a dropshipping business looking to skyrocket their conversion rate.

FINAL VERDICT: I HIGHLY recommend Booster Theme.

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