CopyGenius Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a CopyGenius review.

Creating high-converting ad copy and beautifully written product descriptions can be tough… especially if you’re new to e-commerce or copywriting.

CopyGenius utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically write ad copy and product descriptions!

But… is CopyGenius the best AI copywriting tool for E-commerce?

Is CopyGenius worth it?

Let’s find out in this CopyGenius review!

What is CopyGenius?

copygenius review

CopyGenius describes itself as “your personal AI E-commerce copywriter.”

While there are multiple AI copywriting services, CopyGenius’s primary target audience is E-commerce store owners.

They have artificial intelligence trained to automate important tasks such as writing optimized product descriptions, high-converting ad copy, blog outlines, and more!

CopyGenius has 31 templates to choose from and supports 100+ languages.

Let’s continue this CopyGenius review by looking at how it works.

How Does CopyGenius Work?

how does copygenius work step 1

Using CopyGenius is relatively easy…

STEP 1: Pick from one of their templates (31 total and growing).

These templates include E-commerce, Ads, Emails, and others that I’ll review later.

Let’s start with the Product Name Generator.

how does copygenius work step 2

STEP 2: Enter basic details about your winning product (or whatever your template asks for).

This is to give their artificial intelligence an idea about your product.

There are also some Advanced Settings where you can choose a Tone and an Output Language.

You’ll also want to choose how many outputs you want (1 to 5).

The more outputs you choose, the higher the likelihood you’ll get a helpful result.

how does copygenius work step 3

STEP 3: Wait a couple of seconds and get results!

In this case, I was given 15 results to choose from. Some of them aren’t great, but that doesn’t matter because I only need one.

Two names I like that they created for me were Headache Hat and Headache Helper.

I can add this to my Shopify store and keep going; it’s that easy!

If you don’t like the results, you can change your input, and artificial intelligence will create something different.

CopyGenius has tons of other templates, so let’s look at them.

CopyGenius Templates


copygenius ecommerce tempates

I can’t test all of these, but let’s start with seeing if this can create beautifully written product descriptions…

I’ll add some quick features of my winning product, choose the length and how many different product descriptions I want.

Let’s see what their AI comes up with…

writing product descriptions

I’m pretty impressed with this product description.

It’s not the BEST version that could be created, tut it could still help you increase sales…

And most importantly, it took me barely any time or effort to create this and add it to my store!

copygenius product review

Another cool thing you can do with this tool is you can create authentic reviews from scratch.

Product reviews are crucial for increasing any e-commerce store’s conversion rate.

Getting reviews can be challenging, especially getting positive ones!

This template makes it a breeze…


copygenius ads templates

Alright, how about ad copy for Facebook?

Ad copy and headlines are essential for Facebook ads (not as important as the video, but still important).

From my experience, the headline is even more critical than the supporting ad copy…

Again, I’ll input the name and key features for my winning product to see what AI can come up with.

copygenius facebook headline

I was not that impressed with what the AI created for this…

You must make a bold claim in your headline to stand out on Facebook or even TikTok ads.

What the artificial intelligence created was decent, but it needs to be better to get sales.

In this situation, I’ll take what they gave me and turn it into a real bold claim like:

Get Instant Headache Relief 100% Naturally!

Or something similar…


copygenius website templates

An About Us page on your Shopify store is a great way to show your store is legit and safe to buy from.

But creating one yourself can be challenging and is something I struggle with too.

For this template, I need to input the name of my winning product and Category/Niche.

about us template

Again, another awesome result from their artificial intelligence.

This About Us paragraph will instantly make your store look more trustworthy and impressive.

And it only took a few seconds for it to be generated!


copygenius writing templates

Aside from E-commerce, CopyGenius has a bunch of templates for longer-form writing like blog outlines.

Although, some of these templates can also be used for E-commerce as well!

Let’s say I want to add a section to my Product description where I talk about the dangers of regularly using pain relievers.

This would trigger some fear in the reader and make them want to go the natural route via my Headache Hat.

idea to paragraph

I chose the “Idea to Paragraph” template and added “Dangers of constant pain reliever use” as an input.

This paragraph would have taken me a significant amount of time to research and write…

Not only that, but this would drastically increase sales as well!

If I change that last paragraph to a Call to Action to buy the Headache Hat, it will convert like crazy.

copygenius suggest improvements

Another awesome template they have is the Suggest Improvements template.

Want to improve your content but not sure what to change?

Input the text you want to improve along with your Goal, and the AI will give you ways to improve it.

This is another unique feature that I like and could be used for any business.


copygenius email templates

Email marketing is still a primary way to get customers, E-commerce or not.

And what’s the most important part? Email subject lines.

It doesn’t matter what’s inside the email if your subject line doesn’t capture the recipient’s attention and get them to open it.

catchy email subject

The results the artificial intelligence gave me were alright, but you’ll need something much catchier in 2023…

Unrelated to CopyGenius, I like to subscribe to every newsletter I see (using a throwaway email).

I’ll occasionally go through and save the best headlines that capture my attention.

I can then use them as inspiration for my email subject lines!

I recommend using this method, no matter what industry you’re in.


socials templates

The most helpful template from this section is YouTube Video Title.

Like an email subject line, the title of a YouTube video is crucial to getting views and going viral.

Let’s say I have an audience of dropshippers, and I’m making a video about CopyGenius; let’s see what the AI can come up with.

video title template


This thought-provoking title would make the reader curious and get them to click.

You could also use this for email subject lines as well!

This CopyGenius review wouldn’t be complete without talking about their Genius Editor Tool, so let’s move on to that.

Genius Editor Tool

genius editor tool

If their templates aren’t enough, you can use the Genius Editor Tool.

Their AI is built into this smart text editor to analyze your writing style and tone of voice to auto-write the following sentence or paragraph.

If you need something quick, you disable Autocomplete and input some details about what you need.

In the above image, I added “how to write product descriptions that get sales” and clicked Write For Me.

Then the artificial intelligence gave me the text below in a couple of seconds!

genius editor tool

If you need many more words, maybe for a blog or something, you can enable Autocomplete.

In the above picture, I wrote the words in bold myself.

Everything else is what the AI wrote for me in just a few seconds!

The Genius Editor Tool can help your writer’s block and skyrocket the number of words you write per minute.

CopyGenius Pricing

copygenius pricing

CopyGenius pricing is straightforward. The more words you want to write, the more you’ll have to pay. There are 4 tiers, starting with the Free Plan.

Free Plan – $0

  • 500 Word Trial

  • Unlimited Logins

  • 100+ Languages

Starter Plan – $19

  • 40,000 Monthly Word Limit

  • Unlimited Logins

  • 100+ Languages

  • Genius Editor Tool

  • Newest Features

Premium Plan – $39

  • 120,000 Monthly Word Limit

  • Unlimited Logins

  • 100+ Languages

  • Genius Editor Tool

  • Newest Features

Unlimited Plan – $79

  • UNLIMITED Monthly Word Limit

  • 1 User Seat

  • 100+ Languages

  • Genius Editor Tool

  • Newest Features

CopyGenius Alternatives

Multiple CopyGenius alternatives provide AI copywriting tools. However, many of these focus more on blogs or generic writing instead of e-commerce. Some of these include JasperAI, CopyAI, Writesonic, ClosersCopy, Copysmith, and more. I’ll review two of the most popular CopyGenius alternatives, CopyAI and JasperAI.

CopyGenius vs. CopyAI

copygenius vs copyai

CopyAI offers a much more extensive trial. They give you 7,000 words for free, whereas CopyGenius only offers 500 words.

CopyAI has 90+ Templates compared to CopyGenius’s 30+.

CopyAI only offers 25 languages compared to CopyGenius’s 100+.

Regarding price, CopyAI is more expensive than CopyGenius. Their pricing also scales with word count; their most expensive plan is $279/month (300,000 word limit).

Overall, it seems CopyAI has superior AI copywriting tools, but you will have to spend more money on them.

Try Copy AI here

CopyGenius vs. JasperAI

copygenius vs jasperai

JasperAI offers a 5-day free trial of their tools with a 10,000 word limit.

JasperAI has 60+ Templates compared to CopyGenius’s 30+.

They also have these other things called Recipes which are Templates on steroids. They act as pre-built workflows that contain a series of Jasper commands to help you create content using a repeatable process.

JasperAI has other cool features that CopyGenius does NOT have, such as automatically saving AI outputs.

Regarding price, JasperAI is more expensive than CopyGenius. Their pricing also scales with word count, with their most expensive plan costing $600/month (700,000 word limit).

Overall, it seems JasperAI has far superior AI copywriting tools, but you will have to spend more money on them.

Try Jasper AI here

CopyGenius Review: FAQ

Is CopyGenius legit?

Yes. CopyGenius is legit and safe to use.

Is there a CopyGenius free trial?

Yes. You are given 500 words on their Free Plan to test their artificial intelligence.

How much does CopyGenius cost?

CopyGenius’s pricing is pretty reasonable, with their most expensive plan being $79/month (unlimited writing.)

Is CopyGenius hard to use?

Not at all! It’s incredibly to use, even for people who are not technically savvy.

Is CopyGenius only for E-commerce?

No. While they have tons of templates for an e-commerce store, their AI can be used for any business needing writing.

CopyGenius Review: Pros & Cons

CopyGenius Pros

  • Cost: CopyGenius’s unlimited plan caps at $79/month, whereas other AI copywriting tools can cost $600+ for unlimited words.

  • Numerous Templates: They have tons of unique and genuinely valuable templates for E-commerce and other businesses such as YouTube, email, and blogs.

  • Genius Editor Tool: This tool unleashes the full potential of their AI. You can write anything much faster and efficiently with this tool.

CopyGenius Cons

  • Not Perfect: You’ll still have to manually make changes for longer form templates because the results aren’t perfect.

CopyGenius Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

copygenius review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

CopyGenius has very impressive AI that can automatically write pretty much anything…

They also have tons of templates that make using their software easy.

Their E-commerce templates are beneficial when creating your store or running ads.

On top of that, the Genius Editor Tool is like a text editor out of the future that allows you to write faster than ever before.

FINAL VERDICT: I HIGHLY recommend CopyGenius.

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