Drop Point Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a Drop Point Review.

Finding winning products is pivotal when it comes to a dropshipping business.

Drop Point’s site is one of the MANY tools that helps with finding winning products.

And they appear to be the cheapest product research tool…

But can you actually find winning products with Drop Point?

Is Drop Point worth it?

Let’s find out in this Drop Point review!

What Is Drop Point?

drop point review

Drop Point claims to have a database of over 5 million Facebook ads.

They also have a product research tool and a tool that provides the best dropshipping products.

However, Drop Point’s site isn’t exactly the most professional website…

It has tons of broken English and the low price point is a huge red flag for many.

Drop Point provides access to their dropshipping tools on the free plan, but it’s very limited.

Let’s start this Drop Point review by looking at its features.

Drop Point Features


Drop Point site winning ali products

This feature aims to provide the latest trending products.

They say it’s hand-picked like some other dropshipping tools, but I don’t believe this.

Drop Point also says it’s based on daily orders… but they don’t provide any data!

They simply provide a link to the store and Facebook/Instagram page.

Also, there are tons of products here that are NOT dropshipping products.

Let’s use some of the filters and try to find winning products.

Drop Point site search feature

This research tool has a search function that is similar to Sort by Category.

You can sort by Newest/Oldest, but there is no Sort by Orders option for some reason.

If your dropshipping business only sells low/high ticket products, you can adjust the price range.

You can also limit products to a certain period (2021, 2020, etc.).

Drop Point site search winning ali products

I tried to look for the best winning products from 2021 and this is what I got (above).

There is a 0% chance these are some of the best winning products lol.

Even without that 2021 filter, the products featured here are lame af.

Overall, I find this dropshipping tool quite useless.

drop point review live advertisement filter

This research tool is pretty much an ad spy tool for Facebook ads.

In the above picture, I was able to find some viral ecom ads by setting the button type to Shop Now, post type to Video, language to English, and sorting by Shears.

Yes, that’s actually how they spelled Shares.

I understand English is probably not the founders’ first language…

But this could have been easily proofread/fixed by someone on Fiverr for $10.

Drop Point site winning facebook ads

Let’s say I wanted to find winning ads from the past month or so.

This is what I got…

I found a halfway decent dropshipping product, surrounded by 4 scam ads (selling a $10,000 surfboard for $40).

They also have a search option to show only Dropshipping ads, perfect!

Drop Point site search dropshipping ads

This is what I got.

Again, 3 more scam ads with ads from KFC and Oreo…

They also lack any data on ads from before 2023.

Another huge disappointment.


Drop Point site winning ads

This tool appears to be a hybrid of the previous 2 tools.

It has a bit more sorting and filtering options, but nothing too advanced.

There are some decent dropshipping products and ads if you look hard enough.

Surprisingly, they also have some TikTok ads here and there.

They also provide some “analytics” on each product…

Drop Point review dropshipping product details

We’re given some data on this product like selling price, product cost, and margin.

They also assign a Saturation Value of 85% to this product which is almost certainly arbitrary/fake.

Drop Point supplies some basic targeting suggestions for Facebook, along with the original ad.

They also have the video ad available for download.

Drop Point review winning advertisement details

Drop Point also provides links for a few Shopify competitors that are selling this product, as well as some AliExpress suppliers.

They also provide some images/gifs that they grabbed from another e-commerce store.

Overall, these resources are nothing special and would be very easy to find on your own.

Drop Point Pricing

DropPoint review price

Drop Point pricing is ridiculously cheap at only $5 per month.

And if you pay by the year, you can save a whole $10!

Their paid plan is simple. As long as you subscribe and keep paying, you retain access.

If you cancel, you lose access.

Drop Point Alternatives

At this point, you probably understand why there are so many negative reviews for Drop Point… Multiple Drop Point alternatives exist, including AdSpy, Minea, and PowerAdSpy. Here are the best Facebook ads spy tools if you want more options.

If you look at Drop Point like it’s a product research tool, some alternatives are BandsBox, Peeksta, EcomHunt, AliShark, Adserea, Sell The Trend, and Dropship Rabbit. Here are the 18 best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options.

If you need a free product research tool, you can use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center.

Drop Point Review: FAQ

Is the Drop Point site legit?

Yes. Despite the broken English and sketchy design, the Drop Point site is legit and safe to use. They process payments using Stripe and Google Pay which are extremely trustworthy.

Does Drop Point offer refunds?

Yes. Surprisingly, they have a 24-hour refund policy.

How do you cancel a Drop Point paid plan?

If you go to the Drop Point dashboard, there is a Cancel Subscription button you can press. You will lose access once you cancel your paid plan.

Does Drop Point have winning ads for Facebook and TikTok?

Pretty much. There are TikTok ads here and there, but it’s almost all data on winning Facebook ads. If you want to spy on TikTok ads, you’ll have to use a TikTok ad spy tool.

Drop Point Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

Droppoint review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Drop Point is NOT a scam, but it’s only slightly useful.

Overall, you get exactly what you pay for…

A cheap $5 tool.

You won’t waste a lot money on this… but you WILL waste an even more important resource:


FINAL VERDICT: I do NOT recommend Drop Point.

From my 5+ years of experience, it’s 100% worth it to invest a little bit extra…

You will get MUCH better results in FAR less time if you use these tools instead.

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