The 19 Best Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples in 2023

Today, I’ll be reviewing the 19 best Shopify dropshipping store examples in 2023.

When running a dropshipping business, you MUST have a high-converting online store.

One way to create a profitable store is by learning from the best dropshipping stores…

But… how do you find successful dropshipping stores?

Why are these dropshipping stores so successful?

Let’s find out in this review of the 19 best Shopify dropshipping store examples in 2023!

Best Shopify Dropshipping Stores: The Basics

what is a dropshipping store

Before we go over the best Shopify dropshipping store examples, let’s start with the basics.

A dropshipping store is an online store that sells products without stocking inventory. When a customer orders, the store owner contacts the dropshipping supplier, who then ships the product directly to the customer.

Online entrepreneurs looking to start a business with low overhead costs often use dropshipping stores instead of an enterprise ecommerce platform. Because they don’t have to purchase inventory upfront, dropshippers can start their online business with very little capital.

Setting up a Shopify store is also relatively easy and inexpensive… especially if you set up a one-product store.

Additionally, dropshippers only pay for the products they sell, so there is no risk of being stuck with unsold inventory. While dropshipping can be a successful business model, it’s important to remember that it comes with some challenges.

Because you don’t control the inventory, you may experience stock issues and shipping delays. This is why building a solid relationship with your dropshipping supplier is essential.

Why Look At Successful Dropshipping Store Examples?

why look at dropshipping store examples

Before starting any online business, you must research and understand the industry you’re entering. For those looking to start a dropshipping business, one of the best ways to learn is by looking at successful dropshipping store examples.

By studying these businesses, you can understand the best dropshipping products, what kind of messaging and branding works well, and what pricing and marketing strategies are most effective.

Of course, it’s also essential to take what you learn from these examples and make it your own – after all, the goal is to create a successful online store, not simply copy someone else’s.

But by looking at the best dropshipping store examples, you can get a head start on building your own successful business.

19 Best Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples

Now that we’ve gone over the dropshipping business model and why it’s essential to learn from successful dropshipping stores, let’s go over some examples. For each online store, I’ll talk about their store design, winning products, how they get potential customers and more. Alright, let’s go over the 19 most successful dropshipping stores in 2023.

1. Uproot Clean

dropshipping store examples uproot cleaner

Uproot Clean is an e-commerce business that sells pet hair removal products, with its target audience being pet owners.

Their main product is the Uproot Cleaner Pro, which has an astounding 16,000+ reviews.

The entire store design looks very professional throughout, and they look like a big-name brand.

Uproot Clean’s unique selling point is you can “remove pet hair & lint with ease.”

 dropshipping store uproot cleaner

These products are common, so they’re able to stand out from competing dropshipping stores by having professional images and product descriptions.

Uproot Clean drives traffic to their online store by posting videos on social media like TikTok and Instagram.

They offer free shipping on orders over $39 to incentive customers to spend more.

2. Galaxy Lamps

galaxy lamps dropshipping store examples

Galaxy Lamps is a niche dropshipping store example… They sell three main products: Galaxy Projector 2.0, Galaxy Lamp, and Moon Lamp.

Their Shopify store design is dark and has a galaxy theme to it. Because this product is more visual, they have tons of high-quality images on their product pages.

This store’s unique selling point is the product will “Transform any room into your own planetarium.”

galaxy lamps dropshipping store

Galaxy Lamps started as a basic dropshipping business, but they have made several improvements to reach the next level.

They offer 2-day shipping to the US, which means they likely hold inventory and ship directly from local suppliers instead of using the traditional dropshipping model.

They even have their own custom smartphone app, which helps separate them from competing dropshipping stores.

3. Lux Skin Co

lux skin co dropshipping store examples

Lux Skin Co is another Shopify dropshipping store that does a fantastic job with branding.

Their main dropshipping products are the laser hair removal handset and LED facial mask, but they sell many other related items for cross-selling.

Each product can be found on AliExpress, but they customized the product by adding their logo and custom packaging.

Their unique selling point is “The world’s BEST selling IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset at the LOWEST price!”

lux skin co dropshipping store

Because they sell skin care products, their store design focuses on reviews from happy customers.

Of course, their product pages have high-quality before and after images along with lengthy product descriptions describing how the product works.

Their largest social media account is on Instagram, with 150,000+ followers. I’d also guess they use Instagram shoutouts to attract customers.

4. StretchyBar

stretchybar dropshipping store examples

StretchyBar is an excellent dropshipping store that only sells one product, a stretching device.

They have multiple offers on their product pages: free shipping, buy one get one 50% off and buy two get one free.

Also, after adding the item to the cart, they try to upsell a more expensive upgraded version.

Their unique selling point is that you can stretch at home or on the go.

stretchybar dropshipping store

StretchyBar’s leading social media account is TikTok, where they had a viral video ad that got 50+ million views in less than a month…

They use this to their advantage by adding urgency to their product descriptions. They say, “due to increased social media attention, they will be out of stock very soon.”

Their shipping times are 7-14 business days, so they dropship exclusively from overseas.

5. Eternal Clear

eternal clear dropshipping store examples

Eternal Clear is another e-commerce business with a beautiful store design.

They sell products that help people get clear skin, and their most successful product is the High-Frequency Therapy Wand.

Their unique selling point is “for the first time ever, medical-grade skin therapy is now available at home.”

eternal clear dropshipping store

Because they sell items that focus on skincare, their product pages include tons of proof of actual results.

They provide before and after images, testimonials, and product reviews.

To stand out from other dropshipping stores that sell the same products, they offer free shipping to the US in 2-3 days.

6. OneCompress

onecompress dropshipping store examples

OneCompress is a niche dropshipping store that sells products that help with joint pain.

Their main product is pain-relieving bamboo gloves, and their target audience is definitely on the older side.

Their unique selling point is “the easiest, most effective, and most comfortable relief, prevention, and recovery solution you will ever own.”

onecompress dropshipping store

To help increase average order value, they include discount codes for buying in bulk. They also have a free ebook as a bonus to entice customers.

They have lengthy product descriptions to tell visitors why their products are more effective than others.

OneCompress offers free shipping worldwide, but it takes 7-15 business days to arrive.

7. RosaLight

rosalight dropshipping store examples

RosaLight is a Shopify dropshipping store that sells one product, a medical-grade LED Light Therapy Mask.

Instead of going broad, their target audience is people who deal with rosacea.

They sell this product for $225, an example of a high-ticket dropshipping product.

rosalight dropshipping store

Because this product is so expensive, their store design focuses on explaining it thoroughly.

Their product pages have a ton of information on features, benefits, questions, instructions, and more.

And like other successful dropshipping stores, they include results, testimonials, and reviews.

8. PortaCharge

portacharge dropshipping store examples

PortaCharge is an example of a dropshipping store that white labeled their product.

They took a generic winning product from AliExpress and added their logo to it to look more professional and branded. PortaCharge also has custom packaging.

Their unique selling point is that “it’s the last charger you’ll ever buy,” and they guarantee it.

portacharge dropshipping store

PortaCharge’s online store also has an About Us section where they talk about their business. It says it was founded in Ohio, USA, and created because they wanted a convenient way to charge on the go.

Whether that’s true, I don’t know… But it definitely makes them seem more legit and successful.

PortaCharge’s dropshipping site has other Shopify pages dedicated to a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty, Tips, Reviews, and a Discount Code.

9. TurboTorp

turbotorp dropshipping store examples

TurboTorp is a dropshipping business that sells at-home fitness equipment like Electric Muscle Stimulators, Massage Guns, and Resistance Bands.

Like the previous store, they’ve added their logo to this generic dropshipping product to make them seem more legit.

They also include a free ebook to help increase perceived value and numerous bundles to increase average order value.

turbotorp dropshipping store

TurboTorp’s main selling point is that its products can replace other exercises while still getting great results.

Their product descriptions are quite short, but they use a lot of images to explain how their product works.

Like similar products, they include many before and after images and reviews.

TurboTorp offers free shipping, but it takes 8-15 business days, which means they’re using a dropshipping supplier from overseas.

10. TrueHarness

trueharness dropshipping store examples

TrueHarness is a fantastic Shopify dropshipping store that sells customized dog harnesses.

The harness is an excellent product because it keeps the dog safe, happier, and better behaved, but they make it even better by customizing it.

They try to trigger negative emotions with copywriting, like “stop the rough choke-like pulling” and “ensure your dog never gets lost.”

true harness dropshipping store

TrueHarness’s store explains its product’s numerous features and benefits and uses gifs to show its easy use.

This is a great business idea because their happy customers send pictures of their dog wearing the product, which TrueHarness then posts on social media for promotion.

They also have ~5,000 reviews and ~100,000 orders they can use for more social proof.

11. EZ Lights

ez lights dropshipping store examples

EZLights is a dropshipping store that sells items in the LED niche. These items include galaxy projectors, LED strips, and sunset lamps which they sell in bundles.

Because of the nature of these products, their site is primarily images rather than text.

These products do exceptionally well on visual social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

ez lights dropshipping store

One unique thing this store does is use brand ambassadors to increase authority.

These ambassadors have a social media following where they promote EZLights and get a commission if they refer a customer.

Their product descriptions state, “Orders are packaged and shipped out by our hardworking fulfillment team in New York.” I don’t know whether this is true, but it makes them seem more legit.

They also offer free shipping on all US orders above $40 to incentive customers to buy more items.

12. PawSafe

pawsafe dropshipping store examples

PawSafe is a dropshipping business that sells car seatbelts for dogs. Like TrueHarness’s store, they use negative emotions to help sell their product.

PawSafe also sells many other related dropshipping products in the dog niche. Some of these even have custom packaging with their logo on it.

They also have a registered trademark for the PawSafe name, making them look more legit.

pawsafe dropshipping store

PawSafe states on its online store that they have 200,000+ customers, which makes them look more trustworthy.

They try to seem more relatable by including text like “As pet owners ourselves, the team at PawSafe® continually strives to bring to market products that lead to happier, healthier lives for both pets and their parents.”

PawSafe’s leading social media account is Instagram, which posts pictures of happy customers.

13. EcoWaterSpa

ecowaterspa dropshipping store examples

EcoWaterSpa is a dropshipping store that sells a water-saving, mineral-cleansing shower head called Shower Envy.

While this product has numerous benefits, the main selling point is to “Get The Spa Experience In The Comfort Of Your Home.”

To increase conversion rates, they use scarcity by saying there are only 13 shower heads available…

And they also use urgency by saying you can get free refills if you order in the next 15 minutes.

ecowaterspa dropshipping store

Another thing this online store does is use bulk discounts to increase order value.

They also have a bunch of testimonials and a Q&A section on their checkout page.

EcoWaterSpa also includes an upsell for Priority Insured Shipping + Express Tracking for only $12.47.

14. Bleame

bleame dropshipping store examples

Bleame is a Shopify dropshipping store that only sells one product, a Crystal Hair Eraser.

This product is quite popular in other dropshipping stores, but Bleame stands out because of its branding.

Bleame can also charge more because they’ve focused so much on excellent store design. Their entire site is centered around one color, purple.

bleame dropshipping store

They have tons of original, high-quality images and also show proof of results.

Another important thing they do is offer free shipping from Nevada, USA, in 2-5 days.

This undoubtedly makes their customers happier and helps Bleame stand out from competing dropshipping stores.

15. Toys4Them

toys4them dropshipping store examples

Toys4Them is a dropshipping business that sells toys that have gone viral on social media.

They use TikTok to promote these products because their target audience is much younger.

toys4them dropshipping store

While their online store is pretty good, they rely heavily on TikTok to get traffic.

Many of their videos have gone viral, resulting in many customers visiting their store.

16. Cattasaurus

cattasaurus dropshipping store examples

Cattasaurus is a dropshipping business that mainly sells the Peekaboo Cat Cave.

They guarantee that it will satisfy your cat’s interest, or you’ll get a refund.

cattasaurus dropshipping store

Cattasaurus is advertising on Facebook and show tons of positive comments from their posts.

They also have a 30-day risk-free trial because one main worry for customers is that their cat might not like the product.

Cattasaurus also includes an About Us section where they say “Created out of love for furry friends, our mission at Cattasaurus is to offer products that improve the quality of your pets everyday life.”

17. Halipax

halipax dropshipping store examples

Halipax is a dropshipping store that mainly sells the Hypertrax which is a multi-functional cervical traction device.

Because this a high-ticket product (costs $240), they have a Buy Now, Pay Later option.

This makes buying the product much less daunting because it’s only $59.99 x 4.

halipax dropshipping store

Again, because this dropshipping product is so expensive, there is an extremely length description.

They have multiple videos showing off the product and also have gifs to show how the product works.

They include numerous images and text about features, benefits, and specifications. And, of course, they have tons of positive reviews and testimonials.

18. Ultabody

ultabody dropshipping store examples

UltaBody is a dropshipping store that specializes in pain-relieving products. Their main product is the Chiro board.

This product has been sold by many dropshipping stores before, but it can stand out from the crowd with high-quality images, professional branding, and excellent store design.

ultabody dropshipping store

UltaBody’s primary traffic source comes from its TikTok account, which has over 600,000 followers.

It’s unclear if they run paid ads, but they have multiple viral videos that resulted in thousands of orders.

19. Solset

solset dropshipping store examples

Solset is a dropshipping store mainly selling one product, The Sunset Lamp.

This product has cool lighting effects but also provides numerous health benefits…

solset dropshipping store

Like the previous store, Solset focuses heavily on driving traffic to its online store with TikTok.

They’ve had numerous videos go viral with many millions of views.

How to Find Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Learning from dropshipping stores can be valuable, but you must find them first… Instead of searching directly for an online store, you should work backward. First, search for winning products and viral ads, then look for the dropshipping store selling them. Here are some ways to find winning products and successful dropshipping stores…

Product Research Tools

product research tool

Product research tools are one of the most efficient ways to find winning products for a dropshipping business. For almost all of these tools, they provide the dropshipping stores selling them.

However, it’s important to remember that not all these stores should be spied on… Some of these stores got lucky or only had success for a short period.

Some of the best product research tools, such as Sell The Trend, Adserea, and Ecom Hunt, offer free trials to test their software. You can read about the best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options for finding successful dropshipping stores.

Spy Tools

spy tools

Finding viral dropshipping ads is another way to find Shopify dropshipping store examples. This is because advertising on Facebook and TikTok ads is a very common marketing strategy for a dropshipping business.

Like the previous strategy, you should look for a viral ad on a tool like Minea and see what store is selling it. It is easier to see if this dropshipper knows what they’re doing because you can see how long the ad has been running…

If an ad has been running for over a year, then it’s probably an excellent dropshipping store to spy on. You can read about the best ad spy tools if you want more ways to spy on social media ads.

Best Practices for Shopify Dropshipping Stores

After going over the 20 best dropshipping store examples, it’s clear that they all share similar qualities. It would be best if you implemented these things into your own dropshipping business to maximize your chances of success.

Unique Selling Point

best practices dropshipping store examples #1

Many times it’s the actual product that provides the unique selling point. If the winning product isn’t impressive enough, you’ll have to step up your marketing game. Often you’ll see successful dropshipping stores provide a “bold claim” about their product.

You must also have an enticing offer to get visitors to buy on the spot. Some examples of offers are free shipping on orders over $50, buy one get one free, and 50% off today only.

Almost all of these Shopify dropshipping store examples have an irresistible offer. Otherwise, people would buy the product from a site they know very well, like Amazon.

Many Reviews

best practices dropshipping store examples #2

Unless the product is sold by trusted and well-known brands like Apple or Nike, most visitors will look at reviews. This is especially the case with a dropshipping store that people are seeing for the first time.

You can build trust and authority with potential customers by showcasing many positive reviews. The good news is that the best product review apps make it incredibly easy to collect and display reviews on a Shopify dropshipping store.

Quick Load Times

best practices dropshipping store examples #3

For any business model, having a website that loads fast is essential. But this is especially true for an online store… Users will leave if your Shopify store doesn’t load quickly enough.

This is where picking the right theme and optimization comes in. You must use the correct Shopify image sizes and formats.

You also must be careful when installing apps because they will slow down your store. This is why it’s best to use a theme with built-in apps optimized for speed, like the Booster theme.

Build a Brand

best practices dropshipping store examples #4

While it’s possible to succeed with a general dropshipping store, your success will be short-lived. Building a brand is the only way to make a moat and fend off competitors.

Because dropshipping is such a popular business idea, you will have many competitors once they see your online store’s success.

Some of the best eCommerce businesses you see today started with the dropshipping model but slowly transitioned into traditional eCommerce businesses.

A great way to find the best eCommerce brands is using a DTC intelligence tool like Trend Rocket.

Offer Fast Shipping

best practices dropshipping store examples #5

Continuing with the idea of building a brand, your online store must offer fast shipping. Gone are the days of getting away with 2-3 week shipping from China…

Consumers are now used to and expecting 2-day shipping thanks to Amazon, so Shopify dropshipping stores must adapt. There is simply no way to build a loyal customer base if they wait weeks for their order.

Your costs will increase somewhat, but you’ll be able to beat out competing Shopify stores in the long run.

Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples: FAQ

What is the best software to build a dropshipping site?

The best software to build a dropshipping site is easily Shopify. Configuring and designing a Shopify store is easy, even for first-time e-commerce businesses. If it’s still too daunting, buy a prebuilt Shopify store from a site like DropshipForSale.

What are some suppliers I can use for my dropshipping store?

Having a reliable and efficient dropshipping supplier is crucial. That’s why you should use some of the best suppliers like Zendrop, Sellvia, CJDropshipping, or Spocket. AliExpress is a decent choice to start dropshipping, but the supply chain is too unpredictable to scale your dropshipping business.

How can you tell if a store is dropshipping or not?

It’s a good sign that a store is dropshipping if they are selling products that can be found on a marketplace like AliExpress. You can also see what shipping times they offer. It’s important to note that many stores start with the dropshipping model and transition to holding inventory because the global supply chain is unreliable and unpredictable. By doing this, e-commerce businesses can provide better quality products and faster shipping times.

Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples: Conclusion

dropshipping store examples conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that a lot of money can be made…

But running a successful dropshipping store can be challenging, especially in 2023…

That’s why learning from what is currently working well and making money is essential.

After looking at some of these dropshipping success stories, you should have a better idea of what to include on your own store.

Please bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you need inspiration or ideas!

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