EcomHunt Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing an EcomHunt review.

As you probably already know, finding winning products is crucial for a dropshipping store.

EcomHunt claims to have multiple product research tools to help you find winning products for your eCommerce store.

But… is EcomHunt the best product research tool?

Is EcomHunt worth it?

What’s the best EcomHunt alternative?

Let’s find out in this EcomHunt review!

What is EcomHunt?

ecomhunt review

EcomHunt’s primary product research tool is a curation of the best trending products.

For each of these winning products, EcomHunt provides the stores selling them, Facebook ads they’re using, profit margin, recommended selling price, and much more.

They also have a free version, which is uncommon with product research tools.

Besides providing best-selling products, EcomHunt has tools to find Facebook ads and analyze a Shopify store.

They also have other valuable resources like courses, e-books, and more.

Let’s continue this EcomHunt review by taking a look at their features.

EcomHunt Review: Features

EcomHunt Classic

ecomhunt review classic

This is EcomHunt’s original product research tool, where you can browse through 4,000+ winning products.

It has some basic filters like Category, Offer Type, and Date added.

You can also sort by Orders, but I find the best way to use this product research tool is by sorting by Newest and browsing page by page.

Once you’ve found a winning product that looks promising, you can take a look at its details.

ecomhunt classic product research tool

For each winning product, EcomHunt provides images and a product description.

I’d guess they grab these resources from AliExpress and other Shopify stores.

They also provide analytics for the past 24 hours and links to find this product on AliExpress and Spocket.

saturation inspector number of stores selling

One of the most helpful metrics they have is the Saturation Inspector.

This shows you how many stores are selling this winning product and if it’s saturated or not.

It would help if you were looking for products that have multiple stores selling them, but not too many.

They also make it easy to spy on each eCommerce store to see what other products they are selling.

ecomhunt facebook ads

You can also see the profit margin and estimated CPA (which is way off). They have some basic analytics for AliExpress, like the number of orders and reviews.

For the Facebook ad, they have Engagement data plus the link to the original Facebook ad. They also have suggestions for targeting Facebook ads.

They also provide a YouTube link for the video ad because many Facebook ads get deleted.

They also provide links to the eCommerce store selling this winning product, AliExpress listing, and Alibaba listing.

instagram influencers

They also provide some suggestions for which Influencers to use.

I don’t know how they pick these, but this section isn’t that helpful…

If Influencer Marketing is a large part of your dropshipping business, use a tool like Minea instead.

Let’s continue this EcomHunt review by looking at some of their other product research tools.

EcomHunt Live

ecomhunt review live

EcomHunt live is a collection of the hottest, most trending products on the market.

It lets you see the full 30 days of engagement history on each product and in what country the product trends the most.

If you subscribe to one of their higher plans, like EcomHunt Pro, you can see the Top 80 trending products.

You can see the latest best-selling products and test some of them on your own dropshipping store.

ecomhunt live

For each of these trending products, they provide analytics on the AliExpress listing, like daily orders, customer score, and top countries.

They also have Buyers Interest Over Time and Top Countries by Interest.

These analytics are not overly impressive, especially when you compare them to Sell The Trend.

EcomHunt Lucky

ecomhunt review lucky

EcomHunt Lucky is an excellent way to narrow your search for a winning product.

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of products on their product research tool, you can come here to get ONE product.

Set your filters and click Get Lucky to spin (Pro members get unlimited spins).

They also provide some basic analytics on each winning product.

EcomHunt Tracker

ecomhunt review tracker

With this tool, you can track the number of orders for multiple AliExpress listings over time.

This is a great way to find winning products that are starting to trend.

It also makes it easy to see dying products to stay away from them.

They also have a Shopify and Facebook ads tracking feature coming soon.

EcomHunt Adam

ecomhunt review adam

EcomHunt Adam is your “AliExpress Product Research Virtual Assistant.”

This product research tool is an artificial intelligence that finds hot and trending products FOR YOU.

Each of these winning products has a graph of orders over time.

This makes it easy to find products just starting to become winners.

If you find a product that looks promising, you can add it to Tracker to keep an eye on it.

EcomHunt Alerts

ecomhunt alerts

Because dropshipping is so prevalent in 2023, it’s essential to act quickly.

The EcomHunt alerts center allows you to set up email alerts that trigger based on specific metrics.

One of my favorites is filtering by products with a significant spike in daily orders. This a clear sign that a product is starting to become a winner.

You can set up alerts with multiple filters on EcomHunt Classic, Adam, Tracker, and Live.

This is a great way to gain a competitive advantage over other dropshipping stores.

EcomHunt Chrome Extension

ecomhunt chrome extension

The EcomHunt chrome extension has over 10,000 users.

To use it, you must sign into your EcomHunt account (a free account is okay).

The primary use for this tool is by using it to find Facebook ads, which is similar to the ad hunter extension.

You can use it to filter out your home feed to show only Facebook ads or only viral Facebook Ads.

shopify store inspector

Another way to use the EcomHunt chrome extension is as a Shopify store inspector.

You can see best sellers, new products, apps used, Shopify theme, and Facebook ads from any Shopify store!

You can also use it on AliExpress to see growth and sales for winning products.

Every Facebook ad, online store, and AliExpress product can be added to EcomHunt Tracker for easy tracking.

Overall, the EcomHunt chrome extension is helpful as a product research tool.

EcomHunt Courses

ecomhunt review courses

EcomHunt also has other resources for a dropshipping business, like e-books and courses.

Free members cannot access these courses.

Their courses cover topics such as the basics of a dropshipping store to creating high-converting Facebook ads.

You’ll have to pay $199 to access EcomHunt Masterclass or subscribe to a plan to access their other courses.

Ecomhunt Winners Club

ecomhunt winners club

The EcomHunt winners club celebrates your hard work and personal achievements with your dropshipping store.

To become a part of the EcomHunt winners club, you must have at least $5k in sales on your dropshipping store using one of their winning products.

Members of the EcomHunt winners club receive a free Ecomhunt t-shirt for their success and a place on their Winners Wall.

EcomHunt Facebook Group

ecomhunt community

There is a vast EcomHunt community on Facebook.

The EcomHunt Facebook group has over 80,000 members and appears to be very active.

You can join this group if you have an EcomHunt account (a free account is okay too).

Connecting with like-minded individuals is always helpful, so it’s nice to see such a large group of dropshippers.

EcomHunt Pricing

ecomhunt pricing plans

EcomHunt pricing is pretty straightforward. They have four plans: Free, Basic, Pro, and Suite. If you pay every year, you can save up to 45%. One thing to note is you must pay with a PayPal account as they do NOT support credit card payments for some reason.

EcomHunt FREE – $0/month

EcomHunt Classic

  • Hand Picked Products – 1 Month + 2 unlocks/day

  • Saturation

  • Related Products

  • Import to Store

EcomHunt Live

  • Products – 10

  • Trends Stats – 7 Days

  • AliExpress Stats – 7 Days

EcomHunt Lucky

  • Filters – 1

  • Spins – 1

  • AliExpress Stats – 1 Week

EcomHunt Adam

  • Products sales history graph – 7 Days

EcomHunt Tracker

  • Product Tracking – 5

EcomHunt BASIC – $29/month

EcomHunt Classic

  • Hand Picked Products – 2 Years

  • Saturation

  • Targeting

  • Related Products

  • AliExpress Reviews

  • Trending Badge

  • Import to Store

EcomHunt Live

  • Products – 50

  • Trends Stats – 30 Days

  • AliExpress Stats – 30 Days

EcomHunt Lucky

  • Filters – 2

  • Spins – 5

  • AliExpress Stats – 1 Month

EcomHunt Adam

  • Products sales history graph – 14 Days

EcomHunt Alerts

  • Alerts – 5

EcomHunt Tracker

  • Product Tracking – 10


  • EcomHunt University

EcomHunt PRO – $49/month

EcomHunt Classic

  • Hand Picked Products – Unlimited

  • Saturation

  • Targeting

  • Related Products

  • AliExpress Reviews

  • Trending Badge

  • Import to Store

  • 1-on-1 Expert Consultant

EcomHunt Live

  • Products – 80

  • Trends Stats – 3 Month

  • AliExpress Stats – 3 Month

EcomHunt Lucky

  • Filters – 3

  • Spins – Unlimited

  • AliExpress Stats – 3 Months

EcomHunt Adam

  • Products sales history graph – 30 Days

EcomHunt Alerts

  • Alerts – 10

EcomHunt Tracker

  • Product Tracking – 100


  • EcomHunt University

  • 3 Essential Tricks to Help You Land Your First Sales

  • Winning Product Case Study

EcomHunt SUITE – $69/month

EcomHunt Classic

  • Hand Picked Products – Unlimited

  • Saturation

  • Targeting

  • Related Products

  • AliExpress Reviews

  • Trending Badge

  • Import to Store

  • 1-on-1 Expert Consultant

EcomHunt Live

  • Products – 120

  • Trends Stats – Unlimited

  • AliExpress Stats – Unlimited

EcomHunt Lucky

  • Filters – Unlimited

  • Spins – Unlimited

  • AliExpress Stats – Unlimited

EcomHunt Adam

  • Products sales history graph – 60 Days

EcomHunt Alerts

  • Alerts – 50

EcomHunt Tracker

  • Product Tracking – 500


  • EcomHunt University

  • 3 Essential Tricks to Help You Land Your First Sales

  • Winning Product Case Study

  • EcomHunt Video Mastery

EcomHunt Alternatives

Many websites like EcomHunt include Niche Scraper, Winnerzilla, Pexda, Dropship Rabbit, AliShark, AdSpy, EcomProfitHub, Product Mafia, Sell The Trend, Dropship Spy, and Ecom Uplift. I’ll review the closest EcomHunt alternative, Niche Scraper. Here are the 18 best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options.

EcomHunt vs. Niche Scraper

ecomhunt vs. niche scraper

Niche Scraper is another well-established product research tool.

Niche Scraper has a free version where you can create a free account, similar to EcomHunt.

EcomHunt has numerous tools for finding winning products, whereas Niche Scraper only has a few product research tools.

It also appears that EcomHunt has more winning products as well.

The only area where Niche Scraper is better than EcomHunt is spy tools. Niche Scraper has a Facebook ads spy tool AND TikTok ads spy tool.

As far as pricing goes, Niche Scraper has one plan that is $50/month. This is the same price as EcomHunt Pro but provides less value, in my opinion.

Niche Scraper is a valuable product research tool, but in terms of EcomHunt vs. Niche Scraper, EcomHunt is the winner.

EcomHunt Review: FAQ

Is EcomHunt legit?

Yes. EcomHunt is legit and safe to use.

Is there an EcomHunt free trial?

Yes. There is a free version of EcomHunt where you can access winning products with very limited data.

How much is EcomHunt pricing?

There are 4 EcomHunt pricing plans: Free, EcomHunt Basic ($29/m), EcomHunt Pro ($49/m), and EcomHunt Suite ($69/m).

Do you have an EcomHunt coupon code?

No. I do not have an EcomHunt coupon code, but if you pay yearly, you can get up to a 45% discount! You can create a free account with my link.

How can I cancel my EcomHunt subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by messaging EcomHunt support.

Is there an EcomHunt group buy?

There might be, but I strongly recommend against an EcomHunt group buy as they are too sketchy.

Are there other websites like EcomHunt?

Yes. Other websites like EcomHunt include Niche Scraper, Pexda, and AliShark.

EcomHunt Review: Pros & Cons

EcomHunt Pros

  • Extensive Database: EcomHunt has been around for multiple years and has over 4,000+ winning products. Many of these are high quality and have been trending products at one point.

  • Multiple Research Methods: You can scroll through EcomHunt Classic, search for Facebook ads using their Chrome extension, or let their AI assistant Adam find products for you on AliExpress.

  • Product Tracking: Their tracker tool makes it easy to monitor potential winners and finds the fastest-growing products. You can also see all the stores selling each product.

  • Alerts: Instead of being glued to your screen daily, you can tell EcomHunt what metrics to look for. Once they find something, they’ll send you an email to let you know.

EcomHunt Cons

  • No TikTok ads: EcomHunt’s primary focus is on Facebook ads and lacks any data or resources for TikTok ads.

EcomHunt Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

ecomhunt review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

EcomHunt has numerous product research tools that can help you find winning products.

They make it easy to find Facebook ads and analyze your competitor’s Shopify store.

EcomHunt’s price is also reasonable compared to how much value their tools provide.

Overall, EcomHunt is an excellent product research tool for a dropshipping business.

FINAL VERDICT: I highly recommend EcomHunt.

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