Fullstaq Marketer Review: Legit or Scam?

Today, I’ll do a Fullstaq Marketer review to see if it’s legit or a scam.

Fullstaq Marketer is a series of affiliate marketing courses and a successor to AWOL Academy.

Founder Keala Kanae claims they are the world’s greatest internet marketing training.

But… can you really make money online with Fullstaq Marketer’s courses?

Is Fullstaq Marketer legit? Or is it a scam?

Let’s find out in this Fullstaq Marketer review!

What is Fullstaq Marketer?

fullstaq marketer review

Fullstaq Marketer is an online course that teaches the skills to earn money online through affiliate marketing. It is aimed towards complete beginners starting affiliate marketing from scratch to amateur affiliate marketers looking for ways to scale up their online business.

It was founded in 2019 by Keala Kanae after he cut ties with his AWOL Academy partner Kameron George.

The predecessor of Fullstaq Marketer, AWOL Academy, was taken to the heights because of Kanae’s exceptional marketing skills but then fell to the ground because of the unachievable expectations he set.

Fullstaq Marketer is basically the revised version of AWOL Academy, launched by Kaela Kanae, who claims it to be the “World’s Greatest Internet Marketing Training.”

Kanae said in his video that “AWOL is dead” and is retargeting affiliate marketing beginners towards his newly launched course.

In short, Fullstaq Marketer provides a detailed training course on affiliate marketing and guides people about the secrets of the online business world.

Who is Keala Kanae?

fullstaq marketer founder keala kanae

Keala Kanae is an entrepreneur who has tried his skills at many businesses and has been a successful digital marketer and salesman.

He was born in Las Vegas and worked in real estate, mortgages, and even the hotel business for several years. Then he got into freelancing, digital marketing, and YouTube.

Although his personal YouTube account has a great reach, the Fullstaq Marketer only has 1.56K subscribers. In 2016, he set up AWOL Academy with his friend but ultimately failed.

So, to turn his failure into success, he launched Fullstaq Marketer after three years.

Fullstaq Marketer Review: Courses & Content

fullstaq marketer course

Fullstaq Marketer program offers 5 courses, 4 on the website for everyone and 1 exclusively for marketers who want to learn directly from Keala Kanae. These are,

Fullstaq Accelerator

This course has 4 modules; Fullstaq 101 for essentials of digital marketing, Fullstaq Onboarding to connect with people in similar businesses, Fullstaq Edge to learn advanced pathways to success, and Funnel Labs to set up your online business.

Traffic Labs

This upcoming course teaches about getting traffic to your website through social media, like Facebook ads.

Conversion Labs

Conversions Labs is a training program to convert your audience into buyers using mind games to attract and convince them. However, it has not been released officially yet.

Master Labs

Master Labs are all about mindset hacks, wealth strategies, and becoming a CEO. But it is not up on the Fullstaq website yet.

Fullstaq Elite

Fullstaq Elite is for elite marketers who want to have Kanae as their direct mentor and build their online business from the ground up.

How Much Does Fullstaq Marketer Cost?

fullstaq marketer cost

The basic subscription fee for the course of Fullstaq Marketer is $997, and an upgrade is available for $1997. Its 2.5-day business launch challenge is for $39, and Fullstaq Accelerator is for $99. 

Moreover, there is an additional fee for tools, software, and hidden charges. Also, let us not forget the cost of upsells, which can be $10,000+. So, Fullstaq Marketer costs anywhere from $99 to several thousand dollars.

Fullstaq Marketer Student Reviews

fullstaq marketer student reviews

Following are the reviews of Fullstaq Marketer, but I am not sure if these reviews are reliable, as they are on their own website.

“The whole experience was interesting! The entire Fullstaq team was very professional and patient! I wish they would have been upfront about the product we were going to be selling, I don’t think I would’ve done the Challenge.”

Date of Experience: Feb 03, 2023

“Keala no doubt is a motivational speaker. He was able to hold the audience. I learned some new things about the affiliate marketing business. My concern is the upsell. The $15000 sticker price is way pricey and surprising to me and some of the attendees. One participant commented in the chat “I will have to sell my big rig” and the other one jokingly asked if “anyone will buy her 20-year-old Mercedes C240.” Although the disclaimer was boldly declared, I think that should’ve been made upfront.”

Date of Experience: April 28, 2023

Is Fullstaq Marketer Legit or a Scam?

fullstaq marketer complaints

Run by a marketer, a pro marketer at that, Fullstaq Marketer guides you about Clickbank, google keyword planner, making ads, and selling products. Additionally, you can learn the basics, improve yourself, use high-selling points, and earn through the Fullstaq Marketer affiliate program.

However, the products you are more likely to sell here will be the Fullstaq Marketer course itself. Plus, this successful marketer might not be a successful coach looking at the failure of AWOL Academy as an example.

Also, its courses are expensive, and you must spend money on additional tools and apps to succeed. So, the investment in the course might be more than you will invest in digital marketing with no guarantee to earn it back.

So, while Fullstaq Marketer isn’t a scam, it’s not worth it.

Fullstaq Marketer Review: FAQ

Is Keala Kanae legit?

Although Keala Kanae has been published in several international magazines like Forbes, Huffington Post, and Yahoo Finance, his reputation as a digital marketing guru is not 100% reliable.

He has the knowledge, is skilled, and is a wise businessman. But I have not found evidence about the claims about his courses. Neither AWOL nor Fullstaq is worth their high price.

What is the Fullstaq Marketer refund policy?

If someone signs up for Fullstaq Marketer courses without doing his/her research beforehand and ending up regretting the choice, Fullstaq offers a full money-back guarantee. 

You can refund your course fee within 2-4 weeks after enrolling. However, to get benefitted from this policy, you need to have a call with a Fullstaq Marketer advisor who will try to solve your issues and convince you to stay with the program.

What is the Business Launch Challenge?

Fullstaq Marketer’s business launch challenge is for those who want to invest in the business but cannot find the kick-to-start. It teaches you how to start a business from scratch and carry it along the way.

Additionally, it provides all the help you need and even gives you tools if required at each step. For $39, you get your products ready, plus a sales funnel, ads, business coaching, and expert-level one-to-one training to ensure you take on the challenge with no trouble.

Can you still make money online with an affiliate marketing business in 2023?

Affiliate marketing can be a solid option for earning money online and progressively building your dream life. However, with the saturation of each business in 2023, affiliate marketing can be challenging. 

But if you are up for the challenges and keen to learn and earn, you can still make money with an affiliate marketing business this year and onwards. Moreover, there are numerous legit, affordable, and worthy online courses on affiliate marketing that you can try out before you decide to invest a hefty sum of money to join Fullstaq Marketer.

Are there other “Gurus” like Keala Kanae?

Yes, there are many. These include Jordan WelchHayden BowlesMike VestilDavie FogartyAC HamptonBiahezaTan ChoudhurySebastian Ghiorghiu, The Ecom King, Nathan Nazareth, Scott Hilse, Sebastian Esqueda, Sharif Mohsin, Austin Rabin, Cortney FletcherEcom BabesE-Farming by Igor KheifetsIman GadzhiThe Millionaire Shortcut by Jeff LernerAndrew TateThe Real World by Andrew TateHustlers UniversityTristan TateEntre Blueprint by Jeff LernerJeff LernerSophie HowardKindle Publishing Income by Sophie HowardAgency NavigatorRemote Integrator AcademyThe One-Day FlipLunar AutomationPublishing LifeMikkelsen Twins, Audiobook Impact AcademyFiction Profits Academy by Karla MarieFPA Workshop, Leadific, Douglas James, BNB Formula, Commission Hero, Astroflipping, Ascend Ecom, Legendary Marketer, Capital Syndicate, Leila Hormozi, Luke Belmar, Karla Marie, and Mikey Kass.

Fullstaq Marketer Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

fullstaq marketer review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that you can make a TON of money online…

But after doing this Fullstaq Marketer review, there’s nothing special about their courses.

Yeah, affiliate marketing is a legit business model, but it’s not even close to as easy, passive, or profitable as Keala Kanae claims.

If you want a chance to make significant money quickly, I highly recommend dropshipping physical products instead.

Running a dropshipping business isn’t easy, but the potential reward is immense (as seen below), so it’s 100% worth it.

max aukshunas dropshipping course