How To Get Faster Shipping On AliExpress (Easiest Methods)

Today, I’ll review how to get faster shipping on AliExpress.

AliExpress is a heavily-used supplier for dropshipping stores because of how cheap the products are, but it comes at a huge cost: shipping time.

Having fast shipping times is becoming essential for a dropshipping business in 2023…

So… which AliExpress shipping method has the shortest shipping time?

Should you use AliExpress Standard Shipping or AliExpress Premium Shipping?

Are there any alternatives to using AliExpress suppliers?

Let’s find out in this guide on how to get faster shipping on AliExpress!

Why Get Faster Shipping on AliExpress?

fast shipping dropshipping store

Fast shipping times can have several benefits for your online store. These benefits include:

  • Customers love fast shipping, so you’ll get more word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews

  • Lower chance of customers canceling an order or filing a chargeback while it’s in transit

  • Higher conversion rates because you can promote your fast shipping times on your online store

  • Increased chances of bulk orders

  • Easier order tracking and fewer supply chain issues

  • Fewer complaints and customer support emails with faster shipping

Does Shipping Time Affect Customer Satisfaction?

customer satisfaction

Yes, without a doubt, faster shipping results in better customer satisfaction. Delivery time is something that a dropshipping business should always prioritize. A faster shipping method incentivizes more customers who might require a product urgently.

Also, many consumers are just impatient and want their items right away. Because of Amazon Prime, most consumers (at least in the US) are used to and expect shipping times of 2 days.

A delayed shipment with long shipping times increases the chances of customers canceling the order midway. That counts for losses in transit and keeps the inventory from making a profit, which could prove very costly if you’re selling high-ticket products… No online store wants this, but how do you avoid this when shipping on AliExpress?

Factors That Affect Delivery Times

The delivery process for any order can depend on various factors. Some of the essential ones include as follows.

  • Shipping Method: The estimated delivery time may vary depending on the form of transport. Ships are one of the slowest shipping methods, but they also provide the most economical transport service. You can use shipping methods by air, though it may not reach you in time if there are no transport hubs near the delivery location. Road transport from neighboring towns is also subject to toll times and traffic. Some shipping options on AliExpress include AliExpress Standard Shipping and AliExpress Premium Shipping.

  • Distance to Destination: The more efficient the postal service, the shorter the shipping time. Still, it doesn’t change the distance between the buyer and seller. Being further apart brings several variables into account, like changes in weather, trade traffic, and geopolitical issues. If you can’t get a ship through the Suez canal, this will cost logistics companies billions of dollars and extend shipping times by multiple days or weeks.

  • Time of Year: Throughout the year, several events can affect the shipping time for your order. You might notice the time of holidays close to the Chinese New Year or Christmas lengthens the delivery time. Fast shipping times are sure to wind down in countries with limited postal services.

The AliExpress platform allows buyers worldwide to access products from small and medium-sized companies based in Southeast Asia. However, the destinations vary greatly, with regions from the US, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and Australia creating the majority of the customer base.

AliExpress Shipping Methods

AliExpress primarily offers two different shipping methods for its customers…

AliExpress Standard Shipping

aliexpress standard shipping

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a free shipping method from AliExpress. You can utilize it for any product available in stock, but it can take anywhere from 15 to 45 business days for an international order. This makes it challenging to get fast shipping with AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Although, you can reduce it through a few tricks that you’ll learn later in this guide. You can use the AliExpress Standard Shipping method if you’re buying an everyday item for yourself and don’t care about shipping times, but NOT if you’re running an online store…

AliExpress Premium Shipping

aliexpress premium shipping

AliExpress Premium Shipping is the second shipping method. If you’re willing to pay a small surcharge, AliExpress can reduce the delivery time by up to five times, depending on your order and destination…

For international packages, the AliExpress Premium Shipping method can get your order to your doorstep between 7 to 15 days past the packing date. For AliExpress suppliers located within your country, you can get even faster shipping (within 48 hours).

6 Ways to Get Faster Shipping On AliExpress

Now that you know about the options for AliExpress standard shipping, you know that there are no official methods to get faster shipping without spending extra cash. However, you can use your time for a few techniques to get fast shipping for your dropshipping store. Here are a few ways to get a quicker AliExpress shipping time without spending a single cent.

1. Look for VIP Listings

aliexpress suppliers vip listings

The first way to get faster shipping on AliExpress is by looking for VIP Links.

AliExpress dropshipping is a modern trend that allows for cheaper order fulfillment. The website is a massive supporter of the movement, with several entrepreneurs using AliExpress suppliers for their dropshipping business.

A VIP Link is a product listing explicitly created for one dropshipper to use. After getting orders from their dropshipping store, they will fulfill them by buying from this VIP Link.

It would be best if you looked for VIP Links with thousands of orders because this means that the supplier is most likely trustworthy and reliable.

You can then send a message to the supplier to see if they can offer fast shipping on AliExpress. It’s best to reach out to multiple suppliers as the quality will vary drastically.

2. Find Local Suppliers

local suppliers

The second way to get faster shipping is by finding local AliExpress suppliers.

As mentioned earlier, the distance between the buyer and the seller can massively impact shipping times. So, reducing that as much as possible is best to get fast shipping.

AliExpress allows you to choose a local supplier, although it always shows you the most economical option available.

However, it can be hard to filter out genuine local suppliers, as many can list product origin in the USA, even though they were manufactured in China. So, it helps to read a few user reviews for the suppliers and verify their identity through online research.

Some tools that you can use to find local AliExpress suppliers with faster shipping are the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, Sell The Trend, and AliShark.

3. Test Multiple Suppliers

test multiple aliexpress suppliers

The third way to get faster shipping on AliExpress is to test multiple suppliers. Different suppliers will use different shipping couriers and thus will have different shipping times.

Most of the time, AliExpress suppliers use third-party delivery services separate from AliExpress. You can examine such alternatives under the ‘Shipping Methods’ section before you confirm your order.

It shows you the standard shipping options at the top, but scroll down, and you can spot more conventional shipping options with faster shipping, like DHL and EMS.

The right AliExpress shipping method can also help reduce your delivery surcharge. Often, AliExpress charges you plenty on delivery, even though the MRP of the product is low.

Moreover, the best shipping method offered by another shipping service like UPS, FedEx, or USPS can be much more reliable than AliExpress. You can get a clearer idea of delivery time and display it on your Shopify store.

4. Check Out User Reviews for the Suppliers

aliexpress reviews

The fourth way to get faster shipping on AliExpress is to read reviews.

Fake or low-quality suppliers are a significant concern for e-commerce platforms like AliExpress. Many suppliers will try to get your business by promising cheap and fast shipping…

However, if a supplier informs you that the delivery time is less than one week, there is a possibility that it won’t arrive until more than two weeks have passed. Another common tactic with AliExpress scams is giving a fake tracking number where your package never arrives.

An effective way to check for genuine AliExpress suppliers with fast shipping is to check for verified user reviews. They can also tell you about the product’s quality and customer service experience.

5. Message Suppliers Before Ordering

message aliexpress suppliers

The fifth way to get faster shipping is to message the supplier beforehand.

Reliable AliExpress suppliers desire to keep their customers as satisfied as possible with their purchases, especially if they are dropshipping suppliers. Thus, if you message them directly with simple requests, they’ll be more than happy to accommodate.

You can explain to them that you’re running a dropshipping business so that they’ll use a faster shipping method. A proven tactic to work is that you can tempt them for future order guarantees if they make a tight deadline and use a fast shipping method.

You can use the same communication channel to get a tracking number, check for order updates, and modify specific parameters.

6. Use an AliExpress Alternative

use an aliexpress alternatives

The final way to get faster shipping is is not using AliExpress at all…

Because it’s based in China, AliExpress will have slow shipping times even with “fast” shipping methods.

You can always check out AliExpress alternatives with other dropshipping suppliers for your needs. Not only will you get access to the best dropshipping products, but you can also get different shipping methods with faster shipping.

The best AliExpress alternatives are suppliers and platforms that cater to anyone with a dropshipping store. These suppliers include Zendrop, Spocket, Sellvia, CJDropshipping, and more.

Tracking Your Orders From AliExpress

aliexpress tracking

When you place your order on AliExpress, there are a couple of methods you can use to track it. However, depending on your chosen shipping method, you might not be provided a tracking number.

For instance, AliExpress Standard Shipping sometimes does not include tracking numbers. Let’s look at the two methods you can use to track your orders on AliExpress.

1. Using the AliExpress App/Website

aliexpress tracking

The most straightforward way to track your order is to use the official website or app. You can conveniently access it using a computer or smartphone. Log into your account and go to the ‘Orders‘ section. It will display the status of all current and former orders.

A short notification next to the order shows the status of your package and when you can expect the delivery. When you click on it, you can observe its approximate location, so you know whether it’s on schedule.

2. Using a Tracking Service

aftership tracking

You can also use your order’s tracking information through several third-party websites like AfterShip to determine the status of your package.

If you choose a delivery service as an AliExpress alternative, you can use the tracking number on the official website to determine its precise location. Keep in mind that not all services have the same accuracy. Therefore, it is best to contact the seller directly.

AliExpress Shipping Methods: FAQ

What are some shipping companies that are used by AliExpress sellers?

Some shipping options used by AliExpress suppliers include China Post Air Parcel, ePacket, YunExpress, Yanwen, and more.

Will I always get tracking information when ordering on AliExpress?

No. If you select the Seller’s shipping method instead of AliExpress Standard Shipping or AliExpress Premium Shipping, you might not get a number to track your order.

How can I get my products to my customers as fast as possible?

Delivery times depend on the distance between the customer and the fulfillment center, so you need to shorten this as much as possible. Many of the most successful dropshipping stores operate fulfillment centers in California, USA, because that’s where most of their customers are.

What countries do AliExpress suppliers ship from?

The majority of suppliers ship directly from China. If you want warehouses in other countries, here are the best dropshipping suppliers in Canada and the best dropshipping suppliers in the UK.

Conclusion: What’s the Best Shipping Method on AliExpress?

aliexpress faster shipping

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear how important your supplier is…

AliExpress is great for sourcing cheap products for your dropshipping store, but shipping times are a huge problem.

Because everything is coming from China, shipping can only get so fast…

You can use AliExpress Premium Shipping to get faster shipping, but it’s too expensive and won’t leave any room for profit…

That’s why it’s best to use dropshipping suppliers like Zendrop or CJDropshipping, instead of AliExpress.

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