Hustlers University Review: Harsh Truth Revealed

Today, I’ll do a Hustlers University review for 2023.

Hustlers University is a course and online community of 200,000+ individuals looking to make money online.

Founder Andrew Tate claims that the training can help anyone reach financial freedom, even WITHOUT money or experience…

But… is Hustlers University legit? Or is it a scam?

Is Hustlers University worth it?

Can you really make money online by following Andrew Tate?

Let’s find out in this Hustlers University review!

What is Hustlers University?

hustlers university review

Hustlers University is an online academy aiming to teach students high-income earning skills. It’s gaining popularity due to its numerous student success stories and its founder Andrew Tate’s ability to generate viral marketing.

With 200,000+ students worldwide, the academy focuses on teaching various money-making skills, including basic affiliate marketing training, digital marketing, SEO, eCommerce, and cryptocurrency trading.

They aim to help people start making money online as quickly as possible. It was founded in 2021 and is the successor to one of Tate’s previous products, The War Room. He promises to teach anyone how to generate passive income through online businesses.

Andrew Tate’s business model is straightforward: attract students, encourage them to join the affiliate program and promote Hustlers University, and pay a 50% commission for each sale, resulting in frequent student success stories that boost sales. This made many people think Hustlers University was a pyramid scheme.

hustlers university

Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University is registered as an LLC with thousands of monthly customers. It’s also important to note that on November 14th, 2022, Tate officially rebranded Hustlers University to The Real World.

The online courses offered by Hustlers University are designed to show people how to make money online. They cover many topics, including basic affiliate marketing training, generating passive income, and various business ideas to earn money.

The courses also provide in-depth analysis of various business areas, including long-term investing, stocks, options plays, cryptocurrency analysis, DeFi, E-commerce, Copywriting, Freelancing, Content Creation, Health & Fitness, Financial Planning, Business management, and more.

Hustlers University can be compared to programs created by other “gurus” like Tai Lopez. It’s a community-based program where Tate and several “War Room soldiers” teach people how to make money online.

Let’s continue this Hustlers University review by looking further into who Andrew Tate is…

Who is Andrew Tate?

hustlers university founder andrew tate

Emory Andrew Tate III is a controversial figure who has made a name for himself as a kickboxer, entrepreneur, influencer, and media personality.

Born in America, Tate moved to the UK with his family in his teens, following in the footsteps of his father, a renowned American chess master and kickboxer. Tate went on to win four world championships in kickboxing before retiring and diving into entrepreneurship and influencer marketing.

Tate claims that he never made any money from kickboxing. Instead, his fortune stems from running a profitable webcam business model with his brother Tristan Tate, casinos, and investments in cryptocurrency.

However, there are debates about the authenticity of his claims… Until there is more proof, it is difficult to determine whether Tate is genuinely an expert investor. Nonetheless, Andrew Tate’s net worth is still an estimated $200 million.

andrew tate hustlers university promo

Tate’s webcam business has evidence to support its profitability, but his teachings on making money online do not seem to relate to his past life experiences. It seems like he made his fortune by selling online courses and investing in crypto rather than through what he teaches at Hustlers University.

Before gaining popularity through social media algorithms, Andrew Tate tried to attain fame through MMA and reality TV shows. When those efforts didn’t pan out, he used social media to showcase his wealth and lifestyle, targeting young, impressionable men with identity issues.

Despite his success, Andrew Tate is constantly in the news due to his controversial statements. Many believe that this is part of Andrew Tate’s business model. He stirs controversy to gain attention and then gets people to join Hustlers University.

andrew tate hustlers university professors

Andrew Tate faced a ban from several social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, in August of 2022. However, his Twitter account was reinstated on November 19th, following the takeover by Elon Musk and his stance on freedom of speech.

Tate’s ban from social media companies was due to the alleged misogynistic and harmful rhetoric toward women in his content. This led to calls from various organizations to remove his content, claiming that it posed a danger to young men and boys due to its influence.

Let’s continue this review by looking at what Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University offers…

Hustlers University Review: Campuses

andrew tate hustlers university programs

Hustlers University is a platform that offers online business programs to help people create wealth. Each campus is dedicated to a specific subject and features video lessons to guide you.

Hustlers University Campus #1: E-Commerce

The Ecommerce Campus is one of the online business programs available at Hustlers University. This course teaches students how to sell products online through the dropshipping business model.

Trainers guide students through starting an online business, including finding winning products, creating a store, and generating traffic to the site.

This course is ideal for those who want to learn how to start an online business from scratch and streamline the process to achieve success.

The E-com Campus consists mainly of text lessons, with a few videos in slideshow format. While it may not have as many videos as other courses, the lessons provide practical advice about making money online with eCommerce.

This subject is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the success of Sophie Howard and Ecom Babes.

They also provide training on launching and growing an online business with the Amazon marketplace and the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.

The video-based course has supplementary text lessons reinforcing key concepts and strategies.

In this course, you’ll learn how to source profitable products to sell on Amazon, optimize your listings to drive more sales and scale your Amazon FBA business over time.

Experienced Amazon sellers and e-commerce experts teach the lessons, and you’ll also get access to helpful tools and resources that can help you take your business to the next level.

Hustlers University Campus #2: Copywriting

The Copywriting Campus is the most popular of the Hustlers University programs. All lessons are in video format; some include supplementary materials such as online tools and PDF files. The Copywriting Campus is designed to provide comprehensive training in copywriting.

Lessons learned through the Copywriting Campus can be applied to other business models such as eCommerce, dropshipping, and Amazon FBA.

Hustlers University Campus #3: Crypto

The Crypto Campus offers an in-depth look at cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Experienced crypto traders and investors teach the lessons, and they cover everything from the basics of crypto trading to more advanced strategies for maximizing your profits.

The course is video-based, with plenty of demonstrations and hands-on exercises to help you get a feel for the markets and understand how to make trades that generate profits.

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader or starting out, you’ll find value in the Crypto Campus. However, it’s recommended that you start with the other business models first to start making passive income online.

Hustlers University Campus #4: Fitness

Fitness is one of the newer campuses in Hustlers University. This is where Tate teaches you how to stay in shape and have a healthy body and mind.

Hustlers University Campus #5: Business

This campus’ name is a bit generic, as there is no such skill as “business.” But it seems like Andrew Tate has his professors teach things like accounting and finances here.

Hustlers University Campus #6: UGC

In this campus, the professors will show you how to create valuable digital assets like YouTube channels and blogs.

Hustlers University Campus #7: Stocks

The Stocks Campus is for those interested in investing in the stock market. The course covers the basics of options trading, which some people consider a more productive form of stock trading than traditional buying and selling stocks.

On this campus, you’ll learn how to trade options, understand the different types of options contracts, and develop strategies for maximizing your profits.

Experienced options traders teach the lessons, and they cover everything from the basics of options trading to more advanced strategies for maximizing your returns. The Stocks Campus is meant more for students already making money online with the other online courses in Hustlers University.

Hustlers University Campus #8: Freelancing

The Freelance Campus at Hustlers University provides training for individuals interested in starting a freelancing career on sites such as Fiverr or Upwork.

The course offers lessons in text and video format, with well-structured information that is easy to navigate.

Hustlers University Campus #9: A.I. Skills

The AI campus provides lessons on how to use Artificial Intelligence to maximize profits fro your business.

How Does Hustlers University Work?

hustlers university high-income skills

To start with Hustlers University, students must choose one of the four available categories, each with different levels of expertise and investment. The categories are

  • Cash Poor & Time Poor

  • Cash Poor & Time Rich

  • Cash Rich & Time Poor

  • Cash Rich & Time Rich

Each category offers different benefits and requirements, depending on the student’s time and financial situation. The ultimate goal is to help students transition to the final category, where they have the time and money to invest in their businesses.

The content is organized in a somewhat structured manner, consisting of both text and video lessons. A dedicated resource channel is also available for members to access all the information they need about the courses.

The online course is run on private Discord servers, each campus’s dedicated server.

hustlers university steps

However, using Discord as the platform for delivering the courses can pose some challenges. For example, the servers can sometimes appear disorganized, making it difficult to determine who the tutor is or who is running the course.

Additionally, the platform may not be suitable for everyone, as some students may prefer more structured and organized courses.

Despite these challenges, Hustlers University continues to grow in popularity, thanks to its success stories and viral marketing.

The online course is a registered LLC with thousands of paying members and frequent student success stories. Whether a beginner or an intermediate, Hustlers University aims to offer a wealth of information and resources to help you earn money online.

Who is Hustlers University For?

Andrew Tate claims that Hustlers University is a one-size-fits-all platform. It’s an online community where everyone is on the same mission of acquiring an abundance of wealth.

How Much Does Hustlers University Cost?

Andrew Tate charges $50/month for Hustlers University. There is a strict no-refund policy and if you cancel and want to renew, it will cost you $150/month instead.

Hustlers University Review: Pricing

hustlers university pricing

Hustler’s University, an online education platform, charges a monthly fee of $49.99 plus taxes and fees where applicable. This can quickly add up to a significant amount, especially considering the course lasts a year.

At $50/month, you would be paying $600 per year, which could be put towards a more comprehensive and legitimate online training program to help you build a solid foundation for your online business.

While it may seem like a good deal, considering the price, the content provided may not be worth the cost. Most of the information available at Hustler’s University can be found free on the internet. While it may not be a scam, it’s not a high-level course either.

Moreover, according to Andrew Tate, the price of Hustler’s University is set to increase this year, which means the monthly fee could go up from $75 to $100 or more. This may make the course less accessible to students looking for a more affordable alternative to traditional education.

Hustlers University Review: Pros & Cons

Hustler’s University Pros

  • A Sense of Community: One of the biggest benefits of joining Hustler’s University is access to a supportive and motivated community of individuals with similar goals. You can connect with other students daily, collaborate on various projects, seek help or advice, and share your achievements.

  • No Hidden Costs: Unlike many other online programs, Hustler’s University courses do not come with additional charges, making it a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking to learn new skills.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The curriculum offered at Hustler’s University covers many subjects, providing students with vast knowledge in one place. Multiple online business models are taught through the E-Commerce, Freelancing, and Copywriting campuses.

  • Practical Training: The tutors at Hustler’s University are experienced practitioners, not just theorists, and this is reflected in the training format. The emphasis is on practical applications and demonstrations, providing students with hands-on experience.

Hustler’s University Cons

  • Free Alternatives Available: While Hustler’s University provides comprehensive training, some of the same information may be available online if you know where to look.

  • No Refund Policy: Hustler’s University offers no refunds once you have paid your monthly fee.

  • Disjointed Training: While most courses at Hustler’s University are well-structured, some training may feel disjointed, requiring students to complete quizzes after each lesson, which can feel repetitive.

  • Overwhelming Content: The amount of content provided in some courses can be overwhelming for individuals new to the subject matter, making it challenging to navigate and absorb the information.

  • Controversial Figure: Andrew Tate, the founder of Hustler’s University, has been involved in numerous controversies, and this has impacted the credibility of the program.

  • Inaccurate Messaging: While Andrew Tate strives to set realistic expectations, some of the messaging provided by Hustler’s University can be unrealistic and misleading, such as the claim that e-commerce is an easy way to make money online. This has led some to believe that Hustlers University is a get-rich-quick scheme.

  • Potential Price Hike: The monthly subscription fee for Hustler’s University is currently $49, but Andrew Tate has plans to increase the price to $149 in the future, which may not be feasible for some students.

Hustlers University 2.0 vs. The Real World

hustlers university vs the real world

Andrew Tate has rebranded Hustlers University 2.0 to The Real World. When I try to apply on the HU 2.0 website, I’m redirected to The Real World checkout process…

The Real World is hosted on independent servers, not on Discord like Hustler’s University. This change was made after Andrew Tate was banned from social media platforms, and he wanted to separate himself from mainstream media.

In The Real World, Andrew Tate teaches in the Financial Wizardry section of the course, which was not seen in Hustler’s University.

Additionally, it has a Telegram chat for students to receive support and stay updated with the program. Telegram provides an encrypted chat service where students can communicate freely and safely with instructors.

Is Hustlers University Legit or a Scam?

The legitimacy of Hustlers University is questionable; it’s not necessarily a scam, but not entirely trustworthy either. Andrew Tate, who claims to teach skills to make money online, lacks expertise in this area. The students who have achieved success only did so by promoting the course, not using the skills it taught.

Hustlers University Review: FAQ

Is Hustlers University a pyramid scheme?

Hustlers University is not a pyramid scheme. However, its structure resembles one as most successful students start making money online by promoting the course through its affiliate program.

How do I join Hustlers University?

To join Hustlers University, you can visit their official website and follow the instructions for signing up. Usually, this includes providing your personal information and paying the monthly fee. It’s always advisable to thoroughly research and evaluate a program before enrolling, especially considering the questionable legitimacy of Hustlers University.

Is Hustlers University worth it?

In my opinion, no. I do NOT recommend Hustlers University… For the same cost of $50 per month, there are more reputable sources that offer training from actual experts in eCommerce, dropshipping, Amazon, and marketing. Andrew Tate’s claims of success in these fields have also been called into question…

Do you have a Hustlers University discount code?

There is no discount offer or coupon available for Hustlers University.

Does Hustlers University have a money-back guarantee?

No, Hustlers University has a strict no-refund policy. This policy is explicitly stated and agreed upon during the sign-up process. To avoid any unexpected charges, it is recommended to cancel your subscription before it is automatically renewed. Once a payment has been processed, there is no possibility of a refund.

What’s the difference between Hustlers University 2.0 and 3.0?

Hustlers university 3.0 claims to be an upgrade of Hustlers University 2.0, it costs an additional $49.99 to upgrade.

How does Hustlers University 2.0 work?

To join Hustlers University, pay a monthly fee of $49.99 and sign up. Access to the Hustlers Community Discord server is granted by authorizing HU2 to access your Discord account. After joining the Discord server, you have to watch introductory videos and read the rules and regulations provided by the Discord bot.

How do I cancel Hustlers University 2.0?

Canceling your Hustlers University membership is easy and straightforward. Log in to the membership portal using your email and press the “Cancel Subscription” button. The 24/7 live chat support team can assist you if you require further assistance.

Are there other “Gurus” like Andrew Tate?

Yes, there are many. These include Jordan Welch, Hayden Bowles, Mike Vestil, Davie Fogarty, AC Hampton, Biaheza, Tan Choudhury, Sebastian Ghiorghiu, The Ecom King, Nathan Nazareth, Scott Hilse, Sebastian Esqueda, Sharif Mohsin, Austin Rabin, Igor Kheifets (E-Farming), Iman Gadzhi, Modern Millionaires, Jeff Lerner (The Millionaire Shortcut), Entre Blueprint (Jeff Lerner), Jeff Lerner, Kindle Publishing Income (Sophie Howard), Remote Integrator Academy, TheMMSaaS, Agency Navigator, Lunar Automation, Cameron Dunlap (The One-Day Flip), Cortney Fletcher, Publishing Life, Mikkelsen Twins, Fiction Profits Academy by Karla Marie, FPA Workshop, Leadific, Audiobook Impact Academy, Douglas James Training, Astroflipping, BNB Formula, Commission Hero, Fullstaq Marketer, Ascend Ecom, Legendary Marketer, Capital Syndicate, Leila Hormozi, Luke Belmar, Karla Marie, and Mikey Kass.

Hustlers University Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

hustlers university review conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that you can make a ton of money with an online business model…

But after doing this Hustlers University review, there’s obviously nothing special about this online course…

Andrew Tate is a successful and smart guy, but HU is mostly hype and shock marketing using buzzwords like “escape the matrix.”

It’s not a scam, but it’s definitely NOT worth buying

However, I do agree with Tate’s recommendation of starting dropshipping/e-commerce…

Dropshipping isn’t easy, but the potential reward is immense (as shown below), so it’s 100% worth it.

max aukshunas dropshipping course