Is TeePublic Legit and Safe to Use in 2023?

Today, I’ll do a TeePublic review to see if it’s legit and safe to use.

TeePublic is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for independent artists to monetize their art.

Their site claims that artists have made tens of millions by selling their designs printed on merchandise…

But… is TeePublic legit?

Is TeePublic safe to use for t-shirt buyers and sellers?

Should you use TeePublic for your print-on-demand business?

Let’s find out in this TeePublic review!

Is TeePublic Legit?

teepublic legit

Is TeePublic legit? Long story short… Yes, TeePublic is legit and safe to use.

They’ve been operating since 2013 and are owned by the much larger, Australian-based marketplace Redbubble.

They have almost 300,000 reviews on Trust Pilot, and their website gets 10+ million visitors per month, meaning they are legit and not a scam.

Still not convinced? Let’s continue this TeePublic review by diving deeper into what they are…

What is TeePublic?

what is teepublic

TeePublic is a print on demand marketplace for independent artists to sell their original designs without dealing with customer service, inventory, or order fulfillment.

They have over 1.2 million designs sourced from artists and independent creators that can be printed on 100+ products.

Unlike the best print on demand companies, TeePublic is not a dropshipping supplier. Independent artists must sell their designs on the TeePublic marketplace instead of their own online store.

TeePublic also expresses a commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. They ensure that their printing partners embrace eco-friendly practices, such as biodegradable inking and non-toxic manufacturing.

It may sound like a dream come true at first glance, but is TeePublic legit for selling and buying merch like t-shirts? Let’s find out…

TeePublic Review: Features

teepublic products

You can use TeePublic to make and sell designs on various products (similar to print on demand companies like Printify). TeePublic gives clients a royalty for their work when customers buy the merchandise.

They provide numerous products that include:

  • T-shirts

  • Tank tops

  • Sweatshirts

  • Wall art mugs

  • Laptop sleeves

  • Tote bags

  • Tapestries

  • Phone cases

  • Computer cases

  • Stickers

  • Mugs

  • Pillows

  • Halter tops

  • Notebooks

Additionally, TeePublic uses 3PL companies to handle purchase fulfillment and delivery services.

You may make use of the following features when you use the platform:

  • Create a TeePublic online store

  • Set your prices and discounts for custom products

  • Profit from sales made via your store

  • Gain exclusive access to the artistic community that would help promote your brand

  • Rapid SEO indexing

  • Quick and easy uploads

  • Bulk uploads

  • Rapid manufacturing and shipping

However, since TeePublic is a stand-alone marketplace, you should know that it does not integrate with any eCommerce sites like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix.

Additionally, there are no marketplace connections to platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc. If you need a print on demand company that integrates with your e-commerce store, you should use a company like Printful or Printify.

TeePublic Review: Product Quality

teepublic product quality

Whether it’s a t-shirt or a tote bag, TeePublic always delivers. Custom printing on apparel, mugs, laptop cases, and more is possible through their collaboration with other printing and fulfillment services.

TeePublic guarantees high-quality designs and print on demand merchandise that withstands multiple washes. The criteria for quality that they have established by the production team are pretty high. Additionally, the Trustpilot rating for TeePublic is 4.3 stars out of 5.

They have a 4.4/5 star average across 154 ratings on Reseller Ratings. Customers rave about the quick shipment and reliable quality of the printed graphics on the shirts and other things.

Some of the few complaints made by actual consumers include production defects and long shipping times. According to reviews, TeePublic’s support staff responds to client complaints in a helpful, pleasing, and timely manner.

Let’s continue this TeePublic review to see what their pricing structure is like…

TeePublic Review: Pricing

teepublic pricing

Using TeePublic, including account creation, product uploads, and making sales, is completely free.

TeePublic has a transparent price structure. Their retail price and the amount of money creators may expect to make from selling them are predetermined.

TeePublic offers a discount on the design for 72 hours after the artist submits it. Following this period, the product remains on the site at standard pricing.

Creators on TeePublic may keep their rates cheap while still making a healthy profit. However, to keep things fair, sellers can not change the prices of their products.

Products have both a sale price and a regular price. Thus, their prices often fluctuate. For instance, women’s V-Neck T-shirts are regularly $5 but can sell for $3. The standard hoodie, which usually retails for $8, is currently on sale for $4.

If you are featured during the first three days or if there is a sitewide sale, your price will be reduced at that time. The regular pricing is still in effect at all other times.

Let’s continue this TeePublic review by looking at their shipping times and costs.

TeePublic Review: Shipping

teepublic shipping

A TeePublic review would be incomplete without an overview of its shipping policies…

Similar to Gelato print on demand, orders are fulfilled by a network of third-party sellers in the Americas, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Its order-fulfillment partners are primarily located in the United States, in states like Arizona, Florida, California, New Jersey, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, and many more.

Some are in the European Union, specifically in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Indeed, some can even be found in the great lands of Canada and Australia.

They serve a broad international customer base and offer to ship to several locations. The time it takes to ship a product depends on the product and the destination. Local shipping times will vary, but expect anything from 4-10 business days.

Timeliness of U.S.-based overseas shipments:

  • Shipping to international destinations typically takes 15–25 business days.

  • 15–25 business days for International Plus shipments.

European distribution hubs can ship with the following:

  • Local Postal Service: No tracking.

  • DPD Express Courier: Complete shipment tracking

Note that delivery methods and times vary by country. TeePublic includes printing and processing time in all shipping time estimates.

They send orders from the fulfillment centers to your local post office and your doorsteps.

Customs and tax duties are not taken into account at checkout.

TeePublic Review: Customer Service

teepublic customer service

The customer support team has received rave reviews on many review sites. You can count on a prompt response to any questions or concerns and prompt assistance in resolving any concerns. Many reviews have singled them out for performing a fantastic job, praising their professionalism and politeness.

Several reviewers have mentioned how fast and painlessly the company’s replacement items are sent out. The goal of the customer service staff is to make the customer happy and secure the client’s continued patronage, even if the customer is at fault.

A small percentage of reviewers complained about poor service, although they never specified the nature of their complaint. A customer problem, not a service problem, is indicated when a consumer complains without offering details.

TeePublic Review: Pros & Cons

Two main benefits of using TeePublic include reaching a large audience of prospective clients and having an excellent platform to market and sell your goods. However, it has drawbacks, including relatively high charges and a lot of competition.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using TeePublic…

TeePublic Pros

  • A large audience of prospective clients is at your grasp.

  • The website provides a fantastic approach to market and selling your goods.

  • Discounts may be given to clients who buy numerous goods.

  • There are several product categories to choose from.

  • Provides a channel for supporting artists

  • All TeePublic clothing is vetted by The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

  • Provides a platform for artists to submit and sell their works

  • Good customer service team

  • International delivery to the majority of nations

TeePublic Cons

  • Fees may be pretty costly.

  • Low profit margins for sellers (less than 20%).

  • No print on demand jewelry.

  • It might be difficult to distinguish apart from the competition.

  • The website might be challenging to use.

  • Refunds only for defective products.

  • Some customer complaints over poor quality products.

TeePublic vs. Redbubble

teepublic vs redbubble

Redbubble is another marketplace and is one of the best print on demand sites for artists.

Teepublic is a better choice if you primarily want to sell tees. You are more likely to discover the ideal fit for your design since they provide a wider selection of t-shirt designs.

Compared to Redbubble, Teepublic offers somewhat cheaper basic pricing for t-shirts.

TeePublic review

  • Offers 1.2 million different designs of garments in addition to mugs, wall art, phone covers, stickers, totes, pins, and other items.

  • A t-shirt costs about $20.

  • Upholds ecologically beneficial and sustainable production practices.

  • Clients can get in touch with the artist directly for commissioned works.

  • Artists can NOT change the price of their products.

Redbubble Review

redbubble products
  • Each independent artist sets the price margin themselves.

  • Provides a vast selection of independent artists’ creations. This includes phone covers, furniture, stationery, masks, and other accessories.

  • Most tees cost between $20 and $30 to purchase.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods.

Pricing may vary depending on the item in question, but it’s fair to conclude that they fall within a reasonable range for t-shirt prices.

If you’re primarily searching for wearable products like pins, tote bags, and blouses, I think Teepublic is the best option.

RedBubble is an excellent choice to offer a larger range of goods like wall art and home décor items. You should easily find the perfect product for your unique designs because of their wider range.

Overall, deciding the winner of TeePublic vs. Redbubble is a tough choice. It could be worthwhile to test both services if you’re just getting started and aren’t sure what you want to sell. You can also try out some Redbubble alternatives.

How to Set Up a TeePublic Store

1. Create a TeePublic Designer Account

teepublic designer account

To become a TeePublic designer, visit their site and select “Designer Sign Up.”

To learn more about your customers and how they interact with your shop, enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

Create your own Google Analytics dashboard with the help of this brief instruction:

Step 1:

Launch Google Analytics by logging into your Google Account. Enter your control panel, find the Create Property button, and do the following.

Step 2:

Give your property a name, select your country and time zone, decide which currency you’d want to use, and then click the “Show Advanced Options” button.

Step 3:

Activate Universal Analytics Property, add your store’s URL, and choose Universal Analytics Property alone.

Step 4:

After creating your property, locate your Tracking code in the section under “Tracking Info.”

Step 5:

Your shop will continue delivering data to your Google Analytics dashboard, allowing you to learn about the origins of your site’s visitors and the most successful keywords and layouts.

2. Upload Your Designs on TeePublic

teepublic upload designs

After signing up, you may submit your artwork by selecting “Upload Art.”

Make sure to give your uploaded design a captivating name like:

For example, the primary tag, “Summer Beach T-shirt,” would be the primary keyword for your particular design. Include the name and primary tag in the description; for instance, “Here is your Summer Beach T-shirt, enjoy sunny days…” fill in the blanks with your own tags or related terms, such as “Water, Shore, Outdoor, Fun….”

Make everything black once you publish the design (or whatever color you like)

Click “Publish” once you have checked “I have and agree to Terms & Conditions.”

When you are done, you will be ready to begin selling.

3. Promote, Track, and Tweak

teepublic advertising

After you’ve uploaded your designs, it’s time to put in a little more work to get the word out about them.

TeePublic promotes t-shirts through social media, helping your sales prospects improve.

After you’ve set up Google Analytics to monitor your store’s performance indicators, you can use that information to refine your designs in light of customer feedback and emerging trends.

Using search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage may significantly boost your advertising efforts. Use appropriate product keywords to get the most out of your search engine optimization efforts. Google Trends, SEMrush, and Ahrefs are just a few examples of useful tools for this purpose.

Additionally, make sure you make some Facebook ads. Advertising on Facebook, which has billions of active users, is a great way to get your designs in front of more people.

How Does TeePublic Pay Sellers?

teepublic sellers

Teepublic dispenses profits from the previous month’s sales to sellers on the 15th of each month. For instance, if you generate revenue in February, it is dispensed on the 15th.

Teepublic transfers the monthly salary for creators to their accounts via PayPal or Payoneer and is currently unable to provide alternative payment methods.

You can see how much money (in US dollars) you earned from each sale by looking at their earnings chart.

Take note of the “Regular” and “Sale” sections. They use the term “regular” to describe the income you receive from selling products at their usual, non-discounted rates. In this context, “sales” refers to the money made during sale periods or when any item is bought using a customer coupon during non-sale periods.

If you have any concerns regarding your compensation, you can get the most recent details of your sales activity by downloading your earnings report from your account settings.

TeePublic Review: FAQ

Where does TeePublic make products?

Depending on the product, TeePublic has several production facilities and fulfillment centers around the country. For instance, they produce phone cases and pins in Georgia, while stickers come from Iowa. For POD companies worldwide, you can use the best print on demand Canada companies, the best print on demand Australia companies, or the best print on demand UK companies.

What is the shipping policy for TeePublic?

TeePublic provides worldwide delivery. Sadly, they do not currently provide free delivery on TeePublic orders.

Sending shipments to areas in the United States typically costs $7, while international deliveries might cost roughly $8.

Customers can now choose between three distinct delivery options from the company. Standard, UPS Ground, and UPS Air are your options.

Last but not least, buyers get a tracking number to keep track of their shipments.

What sizes are available on TeePublic?

For men’s t-shirts, Tee Public provides sizes ranging from small to 5XL. Small to 3XL is the range for women’s apparel. I advise going to their website to get further information about measures.

What is TeePublic’s return policy?

Unfortunately, TeePublic doesn’t accept returns on any of its goods. However, defective products are eligible for returns and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

It’s important to know that they do accept returns for size issues. Customers are advised to contact the brand for further information if they have any questions or concerns about their purchase.

Does TeePublic offer coupon codes?

Though you won’t find coupon codes for TeePublic products on their site, other sites like Coupon Follow are great places to look for savings.

Sign up for the TeePublic newsletters to be the first to know about upcoming sales and discounts.

Conclusion: Is TeePublic Legit and Safe to Use?

teepublic review conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that a lot of money can be made online.

And after further review, TeePublic is a legit and safe online marketplace where you can buy brand-new, uniquely designed garments and accessories.

If there is an issue with the product or delivery, you won’t have to contact the designer but instead reach out to TeePublic to take care of it.

For sellers, TeePublic is a great way to monetize your artwork without much effort. There is little monetary risk involved since you avoid production, inventory, and shipping expenses.

However, if you’re an artist or entrepreneur serious about making money with print on demand, I highly recommend using an alternative like Printful or Printify.

They offer more products, better quality, faster shipping, and the ability to build a brand. Both of these print on demand companies have free plans as well.

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