The 20 Best One Product Shopify Stores

Today, I’ll review the 20 best one-product Shopify stores in 2023.

Running a successful Shopify store can be difficult and stressful, especially if you’re dropshipping multiple products…

Enter One-Product Shopify Stores.

This online store only sells one product, simplifying an eCommerce business and increasing profits.

But… what are the best one-product Shopify store examples?

How do you build a profitable one-product store?

Let’s find out in this review of the 20 best one-product Shopify stores!

Best One Product Shopify Stores: The Basics

what is a one product store?

Before we go over the best one-product Shopify store examples… let’s start with the basics.

A one-product Shopify store is an online store that only sells one product. This type of store is suitable for people who want to focus on only one product and build a brand around it.

It can be easier to drive traffic to a one-product Shopify store because you can focus all your marketing efforts on that product.

You can also create a more cohesive brand identity when selling only one product. Customers who come to your single-product store know precisely what they will find.

However, making a one-product Shopify store successful can be more challenging because you have fewer products to offer, and it is harder to stand out from the competition.

You must ensure that your winning product is high quality and that you are marketing your Shopify store effectively.

Why Build a One Product Shopify Store?

why build a one product store

Creating a one-product store can provide several advantages. A few of the most prominent ones include:

  • Dropshipping product research is easier (only need to find 1 product instead of multiple)

  • Quality control and tracking orders is more convenient with a single product store

  • Improving the product is much easier as you can funnel all of your time and energy into it

  • Easier to get more reviews with one-product stores (one product with 1,000+ reviews is better than 10 products with only 100 reviews each)

  • Building a brand is much easier as customers know what to expect, and your one-product store is easier to remember.

  • Your one product dropshipping store can have a higher conversion rate (less options/decisions for visitors)

  • Advertising your store will be simpler and more efficient when designed around a single product store

20 Best One Product Shopify Store Examples

Several one-product Shopify store examples have achieved true success within a short period. Here are some of the most successful ones that you can learn from…

1. Truff Hot Sauce

Truff Hot Sauce one product store

While several hot sauce variants are available in the market, Truff stands out with its marketing by delivering a clear and easily-recognized image. There is no fancy copywriting or flashy design, just an elegant product representation with a single image.

Quality plays an essential role as well. Truff hot sauce has several positive reviews online that they display on their Shopify store. You don’t need to bombard your audience with ingredients or tastes. You can let the customer base tell other customers about it.

Like a few one-product stores, Truff started by only selling a single product. Then, once they found success, they began to sell multiple products.

2. Snooz

snooz one product store

Where most speaker manufacturers work with customers’ experience when they’re awake, Snooz focuses on how they sleep. Thanks to their unique approach, they developed a Bluetooth speaker that emits white noise to relax the listener, providing them with a more sound sleep.

Snooz worked on an earlier idea limited to a few scientific pieces of research. The company paid close attention to developing a safe product for the entire family. So much so that they later offered a product range designed specifically for kids.

3. Canny Collars

canny collars one product store

When you think of dog harnesses, there doesn’t seem to be much room for improvement other than comfort and durability. However, Canny Collars attempted to add value to them through wearable tech. They allowed the owners to track their dogs with trackers in the harness.

To add more functionality, later versions even had the pet’s name and owner’s phone number for identification. Canny Collars also built upon the need for customized designs to suit rarer breeds.

4. Neos SmartCam

neos smartcam one product store

Today, most people recognize Neos as an all-inclusive store for home security systems. But only a few know of their humble beginnings as a one-product Shopify store. Back in 2016, the only product they offered was a security camera. They broke through the competition with more accessible solutions.

Instead of an expensive hard drive or computer, Neos used IoT to stream and store all the feed and video information through a smartphone app. It allowed the users to have a real-time view of sensitive areas on their phones without spending a fortune. They utilized this initial success to offer even more security solutions later on.

5. Bleame

bleame one product store

Bleame is a one-product dropshipping store centered around the Crystal Hair Eraser. This skin care product has gone viral for marketers using TikTok ads. The target audience for this single-product store is primarily females who don’t want to use razors anymore.

6. Palmpress

palmpress one product store

Unlike most coffee machine manufacturers that offer inventory for specific jobs, Palmpress went the opposite way. The company sold its compact coffee bean press on the premise that it could suit most domestic needs. Its elegant design added to the appeal as well.

Palmpress also offers a tutorial for potential customers to review the machine should they still have questions about how to use it. That provides a clearer picture to the audience so they realize that a compact device can match the performance of its bulkier counterparts.

7. Dryrobe

dryrobe one product store

Most apparel manufacturers provide their customers with various options for single clothing wear. Dryrobe went the opposite way, developing a product you can treat as a robe, coat, jacket, or raincoat, all at once. Since it was the only product, they could focus more on the quality of each piece. Soon, the brand went international, selling its rugged robes from the US to Japan.

8. MindJournal

mindjournal one product store

Most diary publishers cater to either teenage girls or people who run the upper echelons of organizations. MindJournal sought to fill the gap left for young men facing mental issues.

Keeping journals is an excellent method to combat problems such as anxiety and PTSD. Thus, MindJournal sticks with a design that appeals to a crowd that often escapes public attention. Because their product was particular, they could limit their marketing and manufacturing budget, offering deals you won’t usually get with diary publishers.

9. Rose Skin Co

rose skin co one product store

Rose Skin Co is another online store that started as a one-product dropshipping store. They focus on skin care products, and their target audience is women that want hair-free skin without using a razor (similar to Bleame).

10. Smoovii

smoovii one product store

With blenders becoming essential to every household, Smoovii attempted to make its mark with its unique advertising. It caters to a health-conscious crowd that requires ingredients in specific quantities. The website is also smooth (ha, get it?) with design, allowing you to quickly checkout with your favorite variant. Smoovii is a competitor of another great one-product Shopify store, BlendJet.

11. Houndsy

houndsy one product store

Most dropshipping websites that cater to pet owners usually fail to capture attention. That’s due to setting a precedent for the problem before offering a solution. In the case of Houndsy, you can observe them both with a glance at their Shopify website, providing you with all the information you need before going straight to the cart.

It has a two-fold effect as the customers can understand the product swiftly, reducing conversion time. In addition, it removes all the website traffic that has a negligible chance of converting into a sale.

12. Arctic Whitening

arctic whitening one product store

Sometimes, you can stand out from the crowd by making things safer or more convenient for the customers. That’s where Arctic Whitening strived to make its mark. The company introduced bespoke electrical whitening in a world where dental hygiene was all about the right chemicals.

That way, they could market a single bespoke product to a large audience. It is an electrical gel that uses microscopic LEDs to whiten the teeth. The product suits all teeth types and doesn’t change its chemical composition, giving it a unique place in the dental hygiene market.

13. NuitSleep

nuitsleep one product store

NuitSleep has a unique design idea with headphones you can wear as headbands. That made them much more comfortable for users, especially those who listen to music when working out or during a jog. It can also enhance your listening experience with the blinds, letting you remain calm and focus only on the audio.

Due to the blinds, it can also serve as a white noise emitter to assist you in falling asleep quicker. Your partner would appreciate it if they were not into the practice. The plain design also means people from all walks of life can find it appealing.

14. CatGenie

catgenie one product store

Cat owners often dread the time of the week when they must dispose of their pet’s litter. You can train a dog to do its business at a specific location, but cats are very demanding. Instead of making more giant litter boxes, CatGenie offers a self-cleaning, self-flushing variant.

While that instantly makes it land decently in a competitive market, the company didn’t stop there. They offered their products on a well-designed website and got creative with their marketing. The team contacted influencers that gave glowing reviews on using the product on their own, skyrocketing the brand into a massive success.

15. Neck Hammock

neck hammock one product store

Neck Hammock (founded in 2016) claimed that their product helped users alleviate neck and head pain with a convenient routine. To market it, they didn’t just limit themselves to influencers. If you visit their official website, they have several reviews from genuine users that speak highly of the product.

Not to mention that their single-product Shopify store has a high success rate with fulfilling orders. The free size makes manufacturing it much more convenient, so the company can offer bundle offers that make the customers buy even more than they might need. Neck Hammock is a good choice if you want a gift from someone suffering from neck ailments.

16. Lytmi

lytmi one product store

When it comes to specially designed lighting systems for digital screens, you usually see them in a cinema or a private home theater. Lytmi entered the market, offering a dynamic lighting system that fits most LED screens. You can use it to obtain a more immersive TV-viewing experience or as mood lighting for your living room.

The deception of depth is what Lytmi uses on its Shopify store. With the help of the motion theme, they can create an alluring image to make an incredible first impression. This is crucial because they are selling high-ticket products.

17. Galaxy Cove

galaxy cove one product store

Galaxy Cove is a one product dropshipping store that sells galaxy projectors. The target audience for this product is mostly younger people. For this reason, they run most of their marketing campaigns on TikTok.

18. Crown & Paw

crown & paw one product store

While not exactly a one-product Shopify Store, Crown & Paw has a unique concept of using their customer’s pet photographs to print posters, coffee mugs, phone cases, and other best-selling items. It led them to boost their digital marketing campaign, with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers by 2021.

Still, the organization focuses on increasing its social media presence through influencer marketing and targeted Google ads. The interface on their website is quite intuitive as well. You can upload your photos with one click, and it doesn’t force the user to convert them to a specific format.

19. Prone Cushion

prone cushion one product store

Now that most people realize the comforts of a Work-From-Home mandate, Prone Cushion seeks to amplify them even more. It is designed for a particular niche by granting users a relaxed posture as they operate their home or work computers.

What makes them successful is a homepage listing all their inventory’s advantages straight away. Prone Cushion knows that customer behavior is driven more by emotion than analysis. Therefore, they can charge higher prices by making statements that relate to their audience to drive profits.

20. True Harness

cloud chair one product store

True Harness is a one-product store that sells customized dog harnesses. The pet niche is very lucrative, mainly if you sell customized products. This store focuses on social proof and shows many happy dogs wearing the product.

Best Practices for Successful One Product Shopify Stores

best one product shopify store

To make your one product Shopify store profitable, you must consider a few critical factors to make it stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what makes these one-product Shopify stores unique compared to multiple-product stores…

1. Exceptional Product

When you have a single product in your inventory, an ‘okay’ or ‘above-average’ solution is not enough. You have to sell one of the best dropshipping products. You also must ensure that you land into uncharted waters with your one product store or eliminate the competition. In addition, you must keep the quality consistent, as one lousy batch can create a storm of negative reviews that can ruin your online store.

2. Hard-to-Find

To have a successful one-product store, your product should be unique. It shouldn’t be something that any casual user can stumble upon or find at Walmart. Most consumers will buy from where ever it’s most convenient and accessible (ex: Amazon). Your single product store will have to be the only place to buy that winning product.

3. Social Proof

For any online store, social proof is a must. But this is especially the case with a single product store that someone has never seen. The visitor needs to see that other people have bought the product and they love it. This will increase the trust and authority of any one product dropshipping store. Social proof is a significant focus in almost all of these one-product Shopify store examples. The best review apps will make displaying reviews on your online store easy.

4. Enticing Shopify Store

When you have only one product to display on your store, make sure it utilizes the best website design available on Shopify. You must keep things simple, drawing the viewer’s attention to the benefits without being too flashy with the aesthetics. You also have make changes to your store like removing powered by Shopify from the footer. While some technical information helps influence their decisions, going too much into specifics makes the site look boring. The best ecommerce platform to build one product stores is definitely Shopify.

5. No-Brainer Value Proposition

Pricing is everything with your Shopify store. Of course, your product should fit the market range, but the price tag shouldn’t appear on-screen until the user decides to purchase. You have to keep them guessing by increasing the value with each listed benefit. The best one-product Shopify store examples ensure that the perceived value is much higher than the selling price.

Best Themes For a One Product Shopify Store

An average user forms their first opinion within 50 milliseconds after your online store opens. That is the amount of time you have to impress your audience, which is why choosing the correct theme is paramount for success.

Here are a few examples of one product Shopify store themes that you can get for no charge or at a low price.


booster shopify theme

Booster is one of the best Shopify themes for one-product stores and multiple-product stores.

It’s super easy to set up, has 40+ built-in apps, and is the #1 fastest theme. Because of all the built-in apps, you can save $281 each month.

You can set up a one-product dropshipping store in minutes with their Preset options.

Read my complete Booster Theme review here.


Ella shopify theme

Ella is a one-product Shopify theme initially designed to handle extensive inventories. Still, you can customize the layout to make it suit any product. Thanks to its elegant design, the theme suits almost any color scheme and product type without messing with the backend.

It is also an excellent choice if you want to get your website up ASAP. Ella offers 12 product page layout options that you can use to showcase your item. There are over 100 content blocks that support text, images, and videos.


wokiee theme

Named after perhaps the most beloved species in sci-fi, Wokiee includes a long list of features and templates. Unsurprisingly, the theme has an excellent aesthetic for single-product websites. Wokiee may look plain when you first subscribe to it, but the customization options allow you to suit it perfectly as per your product on sale.

With the same subscription, you gain access to social media tabs, statistics shortcuts, and banner modules that make monitoring the site much more convenient. No more would you need to download ten app files to display the latest sales projections.


minimog shopify theme

Minimog should be your preferred choice if you want to market to the zoomer generation. It has more than 50 templates, each designed with a specific audience type in mind. Finding one to display your single product should be relatively more straightforward when compared to other themes. 

Minimog’s secret ingredient is the Foxkit app. It dynamically modifies the website according to the user’s device, allowing a seamless experience without coding requirements. Moreover, you can cross-sell through social media platforms, improving your brand identity and outreach.

One Product Shopify Store: FAQs

Are one product Shopify stores good?

In the case of a one-product store, you need to be entirely confident that you’re not in a competitive market. You also need to be careful when buying a prebuilt Shopify store.

Which is the best Shopify theme for a one product store?

With a one-product Shopify store, you require a theme that maximizes your audience base, making the product you have desirable to most people. As such, a theme like Booster is best for a one-product Shopify store.

How do I show a single product on my homepage in Shopify?

With most themes, it is pretty simple to display just one product on your Shopify homepage. You can customize a single template or add only one item to the product list. After featuring it on the homepage, you can modify it to your heart’s content. If you do this with your online store, it’s essential to have the correct Shopify image sizes.

Are Shopify stores fully responsive?

Yes. Most Shopify themes are designed to display the relevant details according to a smartphone or computer screen. Nevertheless, a few themes offer improved compliance by identifying the device specifications.

Conclusion – Should You Use a Single Product Shopify Store?

one product shopify store conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that a lot of money can be made…

One product Shopify stores are a great way to get started in E-commerce. This is even more true if you want to create a dropshipping business.

But like most businesses, it’s only profitable if you do it correctly… That’s why you must learn from the best one-product Shopify stores.

See what works for them, and use that for inspiration for your online store.

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