Peeksta Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a Peeksta review.

Dropshipping has become an extremely popular online business recently.

The #1 key to succeeding with a Shopify dropshipping business is finding winning products… so it makes sense why there are many product research tools.

Peeksta is one of the newest product research tools for dropshipping.

But… is it the BEST product research tool for a dropshipping store?

Is Peeksta worth it?

Let’s find out in this Peeksta review!

What Is Peeksta?

Peeksta review The Ecom King

Peeksta labels itself as the “#1 research tool for e-commerce business.”

“With Peeksta, you can find hot winning products for your store and crush the competition.”

This is NOT a unique value proposition, as many tools claim this.

But one thing Peeksta has that others don’t is CEO/Founder The Ecom King.

The Ecom King is a very successful British e-commerce entrepreneur… so his product research tool could prove to be better than others.

Let’s continue this Peeksta review to see if he can deliver on these bold promises.

Peeksta Features

Winning Products

peeksta review winning products

Winning products are manually added here daily, allowing you to find trending products quickly.

You can filter by Niche and Selling Price and Sort by Orders/Newest.

I like how they include products found on Facebook ads and TikTok ads. I do wish they had a filter for it, though.

Scrolling for a few seconds, I’ve already found some pretty solid products.

Let’s take a look at the details of one of these trending products.

peeksta drop shipping product details

They provide numerous details, like costs, margins, and selling price. As well as which target market you should use for ads (country, gender, age range).

You can also see links for the best suppliers and data analytics for the leading AliExpress supplier.

Another important thing they provide is the Shopify store selling this product.

peeksta tiktok ad copy

Probably the most important thing they provide is the ads this dropshipping store uses.

Again, you can use this data to see what marketing works for this product and how they sell it.

Product Spy

peeksta review product spy

This feature is more like an ad spy tool (Facebook ads specifically).

For this tool, you’ll probably want to use filters and sorting, as there’s a lot more data and some low-quality products here and there.

While this tool helps find the best dropshipping products

I think it would be the most helpful if you’ve already found a product to dropship and you want to spy on competitors.

The search function shines in this use case.

Also, I think Facebook Spy is a more fitting name for this tool than Product Spy.

TikTok Spy

peeksta tiktok ads spy

This feature is another ad spy tool that focuses on TikTok ads only.

There are fewer sorting/filtering options… but there’s less data, so that’s fine.

You can sort by Oldest to see the most popular ads. This would be great for analyzing and getting inspiration for your ads.

You can also sort by Newest to see dropshipping products that are being tested right now.

If your drop shipping eCommerce business uses TikTok ads, this tool will surely be helpful.

Product Explorer

peeksta product explorer with suppliers

I find this feature confusing, and I’m not sure of its purpose.

There’s tons of data on e-commerce products/suppliers…

It also shows top-selling products with high traffic… but maybe it’s not for a drop shipping business?


Store Explorer

peeksta dropshipping store with suppliers

This feature is excellent for finding trending stores and seeing what their best sellers are.

Or, if you stumble across trending stores or a successful dropshipping business outside of, you can come here and plug in their domain.

In only a few clicks, you can see their best sellers!

They also provide the links for suppliers for each product.


aliexpress and cjdropshipping suppliers

Another significant factor for a Shopify dropshipping business is dropshipping suppliers.

In previous tools, they’ve provided suppliers for products, but this tool focuses specifically on suppliers and product sourcing.

If you’ve already found a winning product to sell, you can come here to find the best suppliers for it.

Unfortunately, you can search for suppliers from AliExpress or CJDropshipping, but not Zendrop.

If you have tons of sales in the United States…

You could find United States suppliers to minimize shipping times for your customers.

As they add more and more suppliers, this tool should get more and more helpful.

Video Ad Generator

peeksta video ad generator

This tool is pretty simple. Plug in any Shopify product URL… and it will grab the images and make a video ad.

This video ad generator works…

Peeksta video ad generator

I hate to say it, but…

I don’t recommend using their Video Ad Generator, as I don’t think it will get you good results (at least for MOST dropshipping products…).

I’d love to be proven wrong, though!

Thumbnail Ad Generator

peeksta thumbnail ad generator

As you might expect, the Thumbnail Ad Generator automatically makes thumbnails for your Facebook ad creative.

It works, yes…

But like the Video Ad Generator… I don’t find it that helpful.

I’m more of an Ecom veteran, so maybe this is for beginners who are just starting to dropship.

Facebook Audience Builder

peeksta Facebook audience builder

This tool provides you with popular niches like Beauty, Bodybuilding, Camping, etc., along with each subcategory.

You can see dozens of Interests for each niche, making it easy to launch and test your product on Facebook ads.

I like this tool and think it’s pretty helpful.

Facebook does not provide data on Interests, so you must manually search for new Interests to target.

This has been a pain point for the past few years, so I’m glad to see this tool exists.

Best Sellers

peeksta best sellers

This tool is great for finding products and top stores with tons of sales.


Unless you’re a marketing expert, I wouldn’t recommend trying to sell most of these products.

If these trending products already have tens of thousands of sales, they are likely already saturated and will be harder to sell.

This section can be beneficial for analyzing/learning from the top stores and ads.

You can find products to sell with their other tools…

Then sharpen your marketing skills with the data this Best Sellers tool provides.

Peeksta Videos

Peeksta videos

Peeksta Videos is an entirely separate service from their product research tools on Instead of providing winning products, they make high-quality video ads for drop shipping.

I’m pretty sure this service is newer, and it seems like a direct competitor to a website like BandsOffAds or Viral Ecom Adz.

It certainly has excellent synergy with its other tools.

Search for winning products on their main website…

Then come here to get high-quality video ads for your Facebook and TikTok ads.

Peeksta videos examples

Their examples look pretty solid…

But of course, it doesn’t matter what I think.

What matters is how these ads performed when they were put in front of potential customers…

Unfortunately, we have zero data on this.

It’s even newer than their main product research website, so this is understandable.

peeksta videos pricing

Peeksta Video’s pricing is very reasonable.

Their video ads for Facebook and Instagram are significantly cheaper than BandsOffAds ($31 vs. $55).

Their TikTok ads are slightly more expensive than BandsOffAds ($60 vs. $55).

Peeksta Videos seems like it’s worth trying.

Peeksta Pricing

Peeksta pricing

Peeksta pricing is straightforward. You can pay $19.99 per month or $150 for an entire year (save ~$90).

Unfortunately, they don’t have a free trial.

They DO have a three day refund policy…

If you genuinely can’t find winning products with their tools, it seems like you could get your money back.

Peeksta Alternatives

Because they have so many product research tools, many Peeksta alternatives exist. Some of them are EcomHunt, SellerCount, Dropship Rabbit, BandsBox, Sell the Trend, Viral Vault, and Niche Scraper. Here are the 18 best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the closest Peeksta alternatives.

Peeksta vs EcomHunt

peeksta vs ecomhunt

EcomHunt has been a source of winning products for years. Many people that operate a dropshipping business use EcomHunt to find winning products instantly.

One nice thing about EcomHunt is you can access it for free, but with Peeksta, you cannot. It’s minimal, but you can at least see some winning products with EcomHunt for free.

EcomHunt has a lot more data on winning products, but we only care about quality over quantity when it comes to dropshipping products.

After all, it only takes one winner to change your life.

EcomHunt also has numerous tools for finding winning products, as Peeksta does.

peeksta vs Ecomhunt product research tool

Overall, I’d say Peeksta has higher quality winning products and easier-to-use tools.

I also like how they focus on TikTok ads more, as TikTok ads are becoming more and more popular.

Another thing to remember is that EcomHunt has TONS of users…

You will have many competitors if you try to sell one of these trending products on your own Shopify dropshipping store.

You can read my full EcomHunt review here.

Peeksta vs. Dropship Rabbit

I’ve also done a complete Dropship Rabbit review, and I can confidently say Peeksta is much better. Dropship Rabbit is only $15 /month compared to $20/month for Peeksta, but that is the only thing that Dropship Rabbit does better. No need to go deeper into this Peeksta vs. Dropship Rabbit comparison.

Peeksta Review: FAQ

Is Peeksta legit?

Yes. Peeksta is a legit business, and it’s safe to use their product research tools.

Is there a Peeksta free trial?

No. Unfortunately, they don’t have a free trial.

How much is Peeksta pricing?

You’ll have to subscribe to their $19.99 monthly membership to access their product research tools.

Is there a Peeksta coupon code?

As of right now, there is no Peeksta coupon code that exists.

Do I need my own dropshipping business to use Peeksta?

You can certainly use it if you don’t dropship and have a standard e-commerce business. I’d probably say it’s best for dropshipping, though.

Who is the Ecom King (Peeksta Founder)?

The Ecom King, AKA Kamil Sattar, is a successful dropshipping entrepreneur and YouTuber.

Peeksta Review: Pros & Cons

Peeksta Pros

  • Wide Coverage: They provide tons of resources for a dropshipping store like Facebook ads, TikTok ads, suppliers, Shopify stores, and more.
  • Cost: It’s one of the cheapest product research tools on the market at only $20 per month.
  • Winning Products: Some of the winning products they provide can be huge winners in 2023.

Peeksta Cons

  • Not All Tools Are Helpful: While they have many product research tools, some are low-quality and not helpful.

Peeksta Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Peeksta’s website is not perfect and has some errors/hiccups here and there… But they are relatively new, so they get a pass for now.

They have many different product research tools, with the Winners and TikTok Spy tools being the most helpful.

Peeksta pricing is also very reasonable at only $20/month.

FINAL VERDICT: I highly recommend Peeksta.

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