Prebuilt Shopify Store: 11 Best Places to Buy

Today, I’ll review the 11 best places to buy a prebuilt Shopify store.

Having a high-converting Shopify store is crucial for successful eCommerce businesses… And building a custom Shopify store can be grueling, especially for beginners.

That’s why many entrepreneurs will buy pre-built Shopify stores instead of creating an online store themselves.

But… should you even buy a prebuilt dropshipping store?

What are the best prebuilt Shopify stores for sale?

Let’s find out in this review of the 11 Best Prebuilt Shopify Stores!

What is a Prebuilt Shopify Store?

what is a prebuilt shopify store

A prebuilt Shopify store is a ready-made online store designed and set up by an eCommerce expert.

This type of store is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business but don’t have the time or expertise to build a store from scratch.

A dropshipping store is a popular type of prebuilt Shopify store. This business model involves sourcing products from suppliers and then selling them to customers. The supplier will handle shipping and fulfillment, so you can manage marketing and promote your Shopify store.

Prebuilt Shopify stores offer a great way to get started in eCommerce with minimal hassle.

Why Buy a Prebuilt Shopify Store?

why buy a prebuilt shopify store

If you’re considering starting an online store, you need to decide if you want to build your store from scratch or buy a prebuilt Shopify store.

Both approaches have pros and cons, but pre-built Shopify stores have several advantages that make them a good option for an online business.

First, prebuilt Shopify stores come with all the features and functionality you need to get started selling right away. There’s no need to worry about designing your store or adding features – everything is already taken care of.

Second, prebuilt Shopify stores are typically much less expensive than hiring a developer to make one for you. This can be a significant advantage if you’re on a tight budget.

Finally, most prebuilt Shopify stores come with support from the seller, so if you run into any problems, you can get help immediately.

11 Best Prebuilt Shopify Stores

11 best prebuilt shopify stores

You can find pre-built Shopify stores for sale online from numerous different sources. However, it’s important to be careful when buying prebuilt Shopify stores…

Otherwise, you may end up with a prebuilt store that doesn’t function properly or doesn’t have the features you’re looking for.

Let’s review the 11 best places to buy a prebuilt Shopify store.

1. Fiverr Review

fiverr review dropshipping store

If you don’t already know, Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancer services.

You can buy many services on Fiverr, including prebuilt Shopify stores (you’ll have to search for “dropshipping store”).

Fiverr is a great option because there are thousands of sellers to choose from. You can see examples from each seller, read reviews, and compare prices to find the best.

They also have many other valuable services for your dropshipping store, like logo design, video ads, and more.

Fiverr Pros

  • Optionality: With thousands of sellers to choose from, you find the best one for your store. You can find the highest-quality custom Shopify store for the best price.

  • Authentic Reviews: Reviews on Fiverr are much harder to manipulate compared to a third-party website. You can find extensive Shopify stores for sale by looking at the highest-rated sellers.

Fiverr Cons

  • Limited Support: Some sellers do not offer support after the store is delivered. This means you will be on your own if you run into trouble.

Fiverr Pricing

fiverr pricing

Pricing for Shopify stores varies drastically on Fiverr. The majority of the time, the highest-rated sellers will charge more. Fiverr has a price filter so you can find prebuilt Shopify stores within your budget.

If I were to guess, the average price on Fiverr is about $100 to $200, but many sellers charge $1,000+.

The optionality makes Fiverr one of the best places to buy a prebuilt Shopify store.

2. Adsellr Review

Adsellr Review

Adsellr offers eCommerce marketing services such as UGC video ads, Facebook and TikTok video ads, and prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores.

Their team has many years of experience in the eCommerce space, so they know what they’re doing.

Adsellr offers stores with one winning product, 25 products, or 100 products. There are also multiple niches to choose from for your prebuilt Shopify store.

Adsellr also connects your online store to top-tier suppliers for fast and reliable order fulfillment.

Adsellr Pros

  • Experienced Team: When it comes to dropshipping, their team knows what they’re doing. This gives them a massive advantage over other competitors.

  • Other Marketing Services: Adsellr also creates video ads and UGC ads to help you market your dropshipping store.

  • Free Revisions: Adsellr offers five free revisions if you’re unhappy with your initial results.

Adsellr Cons

  • Price: Their prices are a bit expensive ($389), but it can be worth it as long your Shopify store succeeds.

Adsellr Pricing

Adsellr Pricing

Adsellr’s one-product store sells for $389, their 25-product store sells for $789, and their 100-product store sells for $2,250.

In 2023, it’s unnecessary to have many products, so the one-product Shopify store should be enough.

$389 is more than you’d find on Fiverr, but it’s still reasonable.

3. Brandafy Review

Brandafy Review

Brandafy is another service that offers a turnkey dropshipping store designed by a team of experts.

Not only do they provide you with a premade Shopify store, but they also include free winning products.

You can choose the niche for your dropshipping store or if you want a general store instead.

They have prebuilt Shopify stores as well as custom Shopify stores for sale.

Brandafy Pricing

Brandafy Pricing

Brandafy charges $17 for a new Shopify store and $37 if you already have an existing business.

If you buy a new store, you can get a 14-day free trial for Shopify.

Brandafy offers a custom Shopify store for $697 with one winning product. These are much more extensive Shopify stores.

Even though Brandafy’s dropshipping stores are affordable, I still think they are overpriced.

You can read my full Brandafy review here.

4. BeBiggy Review

BeBiggy Review

BeBiggy has numerous options for prebuilt Shopify stores on its site. They offer multiple niches, and you can view a demo for each.

They also have exclusive Shopify stores, which are existing businesses.

On top of that, they have custom Shopify stores for sale where you have them create something new based on your needs.

After you buy a Shopify dropshipping store from them, you get lifetime access to trending products, a marketing mentor, Shopify store management, and technical support.

BeBiggy Pricing

BeBiggy Pricing

BeBiggy has regular Shopify stores for sale ($30) and premium Shopify stores for sale ($60).

BePiggy’s exclusive eCommerce stores and custom stores will cost you $500 each.

I think these prebuilt stores are a bit overpriced even though they are affordable.

5. Dropbuild Review

Dropbuild Review

Dropbuild is another website that builds successful dropshipping brands.

Their dropshipping stores come with winning products that experts have already tested. They also include links to the best suppliers with the fastest shipping times.

On top of that, they include marketing materials like video ads for TikTok and Facebook ads.

Dropbuild Pricing

Dropbuild Pricing

Dropbuild’s prebuilt Shopify stores are much more expensive than other providers. They offer a One-Product store for $449 and a Niche store for $599.

The Niche store includes ten winning products, ten video ads, and ten sets of ad copy.

The examples they showed looked high quality but didn’t look like they were worth $500+.

If price is a critical factor in your decision, then the next provider should interest you more than Dropbuild.

6. Dropship Launchpad Review

Dropship Launchpad Review

Dropship Launchpad provides prebuilt Shopify stores for free.

You can choose between 20 different niches or a general store. They also include 20 winning products for free as well.

You also get three months free access to their dropshipping mentors and coaches.

Dropship Launchpad Pricing

Dropship Launchpad Pricing

Dropship Launchpad offers a dropshipping store with 20 winning products for free.

You will have to use an email address that isn’t already linked to an existing Shopify business.

This is an intriguing offer, but you can find better pre-built Shopify stores elsewhere.

7. Ecommerceify Review

Ecommerceify Review

Ecommerceify offers turnkey Shopify starter stores for sale.

You can choose between 10+ niches or go with a general store instead.

Their dropshipping stores for sale include 50+ winning products, trusted suppliers, high-quality images, and custom product descriptions. This allows you to start selling online instantly.

You can buy a custom Shopify store from them if you don’t want a premade Shopify store.

Ecommerceify Pricing

Ecommerceify Pricing

Ecommerceify has two options for their prebuilt dropshipping stores.

The Basic option costs $149, and the Advanced option costs $299. The advanced option includes SEO, 20 social media posts, payment gateway integration, and a custom logo.

For their custom stores, the Basic option costs $199, and the Advanced option costs $349.

Ecommerceify’s prebuilt stores are a bit overpriced, in my opinion.

8. Ecomency Review

Ecomency Review

Ecomency is another marketplace of premade Shopify stores.

Like other providers, they have niche Shopify stores for sale and general stores.

Each prebuilt Shopify store comes with winning products, a professional logo, all required Shopify apps, and more.

Ecomency Pricing

Ecomency Pricing

The price for Ecomency’s turnkey dropshipping stores ranges from $99 to $249. Most of their pre-built Shopify stores are $149 or $199.

Even though these prices are pretty affordable, I think Ecomency is overpriced compared to the quality of these online stores.

9. DropCommerce Review

DropCommerce Review

DropCommerce is a US dropshipping supplier with prebuilt Shopify stores for sale.

Each one of their online stores is loaded with 100+ fast-shipping US-based products.

You can choose between 15 templates, and your store will be completed within 24 hours.

Each prebuilt store comes with three months of free DropCommerce Pro subscription.

DropCommerce Pricing

DropCommerce Pricing

DropCommerce’s professional-looking store will cost you $249.

One main benefit of buying from DropCommerce is getting DropCommerce Pro free for three months. They also include reliable suppliers and advertising materials.

Even with those extra bonuses, I still think DropCommerce’s dropshipping stores are overpriced.

10. BDroppy Review

BDroppy Review

BDroppy is dropshipping service focused on fashion and clothing from Italy.

You can also buy a prebuilt store from them with a pre-integrated fashion catalog. Unfortunately, they do not support other dropshipping products.

To buy a custom Shopify store from BDroppy, you must sign up for an account.

One great advantage of BDroppy is that dropshipping backend service is provided with each turnkey e-commerce store.

BDroppy Pricing

BDroppy Pricing

BDroppy pricing is definitely on the more expensive side. And unlike other providers, you must subscribe rather than pay a one-time fee.

Their cheapest plan will cost you about $800/year, but one thing to note is that they provide fulfillment services on the backend.

Still, I think BDroppy’s prebuilt Shopify stores are way overpriced.

11. Flippa Review

Flippa Review

Flippa is a marketplace where you can buy and sell online businesses, including Shopify stores.

It is like the Shopify Exchange, but it supports any online business.

For each business on Flippa, you can see important details such as traffic and revenue data.

Because these are existing businesses that already have customers, they will be much more expensive.

Flippa Pricing

Flippa Pricing

The price for a Shopify store on Flippa is going to vary drastically.

If you’re buying a dropshipping store with significant traffic and revenue, it will cost you $10,000+. The price depends on numerous factors like growth rate, profitability, niche, and more.

But if you’re looking for a prebuilt Shopify store with zero traffic, it will cost $100 to $500.

Flippa is probably best if you have a larger budget and you’re looking to buy an existing business.

How to Get Started With Your New Online Store

how to get started with your new prebuilt store

Once your custom Shopify store gets delivered, it’s essential to verify that everything is set up correctly. If it isn’t, you should reach out to wherever you bought it for help. After that, you’ll have to complete some basic tasks that all successful eCommerce businesses must do before selling.

  • Check For Errors

This includes ensuring all product images and descriptions are correct, payment options are set up correctly, and your shipping policies are clearly stated. There can’t be any spelling errors or layout issues to have a professional-looking store.

  • Optimize Your Store

You’ll want to ensure your dropshipping store is search engine optimized and loads quickly. Having a slow Shopify store can drastically hurt profit margins. You will also want to make sure you remove powered by Shopify from the footer.

  • Install Shopify Apps

Shopify is a great platform, partly because of all the apps that exist for it. You’ll want to install apps that help with tracking and upsells. You’ll also want to install one of the best product review apps. Almost all eCommerce businesses need these apps, but you must be careful because apps can slow down your Shopify store.

  • Start Advertising

To get orders, you’ll need to get traffic. A standard method of getting traffic for eCommerce stores is using paid traffic. You can pay for ads on Facebook or TikTok to get consumers to visit your premade Shopify store.

Prebuilt Shopify Stores: FAQ

Do I need money to open a Shopify store?

You can set up a Shopify store for free using this link. After the free trial is up, you’ll need to choose a Shopify plan ($29/month), and you’ll also need to purchase a domain name ($14/year).

In addition, you’ll need to pay for any dropshipping tools or apps you use to run your store. However, it’s essential to remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started with Shopify.

Plenty of free and low-cost options are available, and you can always scale up your investment as your business grows. So if you’re considering starting a Shopify store, don’t let the cost deter you. With some planning, you can get started without breaking the bank.

Should I buy a prebuilt Shopify store?

There are a lot of factors to consider, and it ultimately comes down to what you need and what you’re looking for in a store. If you’re starting, a prebuilt store can be a great way to get your feet wet without investing too much time or money into building a store from scratch. One new place to buy a dropshipping store is DropshipForSale.

However, if you’re looking for complete control over the design and layout of your dropshipping store, a prebuilt store may not be the best option. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of the store when making your decision.

While you may be able to find a cheaper option by building your store, remember that you’ll also need to factor in the time and effort required to build a custom Shopify store from scratch.

Should I buy a Shopify dropshipping store?

Dropshipping is simply a method of fulfillment. Adding dropshipping products can turn any custom Shopify store into a dropshipping store. You can then connect your Shopify dropshipping store to a supplier like AliExpress to fulfill orders.

Whats the difference between a prebuilt Shopify store and custom Shopify store?

A custom Shopify store is built from scratch and is 100% unique. They are built according to your preferences in products, categories, and colors, so they will take multiple business days to complete. Prebuilt Shopify stores are a copy of existing successful eCommerce businesses and can be delivered within a day or two.

Conclusion: What is the Best Prebuilt Shopify Store?

best prebuilt shopify store

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

In 2023, there are many places to buy a prebuilt Shopify store…

The quality of these prebuilt Shopify stores varies widely depending on where you buy them.

Buying a custom Shopify store can be worthwhile IF you buy from the right place…

After going over the 11 Best Prebuilt Shopify Stores, it’s clear that Fiverr is the #1 place to buy a prebuilt store, with Adsellr being a close #2.

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