Publishing Life Review: Legit Self-Publishing Training or Scam?

Today, I’ll do a Publishing Life review to see if it’s legit or a scam.

Publishing Life, AKA is an education company that teaches you how to make money online by self-publishing audiobooks on Audible.

The Mikkelsen Twins (founders) claim they have pioneered a new business model that everyday people can do to make passive income.

But… can you actually make money online by self-publishing audiobooks on Audible by Amazon?

Is Audiobook Income Academy worth it?

Are the Mikkelsen Twins legit? or are they a scam?

Let’s find out in this Publishing Life review!

What is Publishing Life?

publishing life review (formerly is an education platform started by the Mikkelsen Twins. It aims to teach people how to make money publishing books using the self-publishing business model.

Publishing Life has a free webinar training where they’ll teach you how to make money with Amazon without physical products (hint: it’s online book publishing with Audible). also offers a flagship program called Audiobook Impact Academy (formerly known as Audiobook Income Academy).

The course teaches students about their “trademarked process,” choosing the right topic, writing their book, publishing and marketing it on Audible by Amazon, and making a profit.

Their website states that the Mikkelsen Twins are pioneering an Amazon royalty method for everyday people.

Let’s continue this Publishing Life review by looking deeper into the founders…

Who Are The Mikkelsen Twins?

publishing life founders mikkelsen twins

Publishing Life is an education company founded by Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, famously known as the Mikkelsen Twins. The duo is recognized for introducing an online business model that generates passive income using Audible by Amazon.

In their early years, Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen had never envisioned building and operating a business. According to their personal accounts, they transitioned from aimless high school graduates to accomplished entrepreneurs in their twenties.

The only proof that they actually know what they’re doing when it comes to this business model is that Christian turned his books into audiobooks and made $10,000 per month…

While $10k per month is nothing to scoff at, (1) they don’t say for how many months they were earning that much, and (2) those are real books he worked hard creating.

Everyday people cannot create the books/audiobooks he created because they don’t have his experience and knowledge…

Anyways, let’s get back to the Publishing Life review.

How Does Self-Publishing on Audible Work?

publishing on audible

The online business model of self-publishing on Audible works by allowing authors to create and publish their audiobooks directly on the platform. The process begins with creating an account on ACX, Audible’s self-publishing platform.

Once the account is set up, authors can upload their audiobook files and cover art. The next step is to choose a narrator, either by hiring one or using ACX’s royalty share program, where the author and narrator split the earnings from the audiobook sales.

The author can then set the price for the audiobook, with Audible taking a 60% royalty fee. Once the audiobook is published, it will be available on Audible’s website and app.

Audible also offers promotional tools and marketing support for authors to help increase their visibility and sales. Self-publishing on Audible allows authors to reach a wider audience and earn revenue from their audiobook creations.

What is the Free Training?

publishinglife training

The Publishing Life Free Training program is an excellent resource for those looking to publish their own book. To access it, click the “Watch Free Training” button on the website’s main page.

This will take you to where you can click a blue button to access the free training webinar.

The Mikkelsen twins present the webinar, which runs for 60 minutes. During this time, they share valuable insights into their business model and offer advice on publishing your book.

However, the main goal of the Publishing Life free training is so Rasmus and Christian can sell you on their paid course: Audiobook Income Academy.

Now that we’ve gone over let’s look at what AIA is all about…

What is Audiobook Income Academy?

audiobook income academy

Audiobook Income Academy is a comprehensive course that aims to teach individuals how to earn a significant income by publishing audiobooks, similar to Kindle Publishing Income by Sophie Howard.

The course covers everything from finding the right narrator to marketing your audiobook. Additionally, the course offers templates and resources that make publishing an audiobook much easier.

While the landing page may give the impression that making money is effortless, the truth is that it requires hard work and dedication to succeed in a saturated market.

The course offers a feature called “Ghost Audio,” which refers to hiring ghostwriters to write content and publishing it as ebooks, audiobooks, or print books, allowing individuals to earn passive income.

Audiobook Income Academy Review: Content

audiobook income academy review

Let’s dive into what the course offers and review each module.

AIA Module 1: The Transformation to Prosperity

This module begins with an overview of what to expect in AIA 2.0, followed by mindset training to prepare you for the journey ahead. You’ll learn how to develop new daily routines and create a new identity to succeed in building an internet business. The final session provides a to-do list for the first week of your online business launch.

AIA Module 2: Launching Your Online Publishing Business with the Mikkelsen Twins

This module has eight lessons that cover the essentials of running an online publishing business. You’ll learn about generating revenue, choosing the perfect topic for your first book, and the Mikkelsen twins’ journey. You’ll also learn about ways to accelerate your path to success, manage your money, and learn accounting basics.

AIA Module 3: How To Write Your First Book with Mikkelsen Publishing

In this module, you’ll learn about your potential customers, build your publishing brand, create an outline for a good book, choose a winning title, copywriting, and acquire ghostwritten books. These factors are critical to your success as an Amazon publisher, and you’ll learn how to delegate a large portion of the hard work, even if you’ve never written before.

AIA Module 4: Passive Systems And Automation for Making Money Online

This module focuses on outsourcing and automating your marketing promotion through email. You’ll learn to develop an email list, captivate your readers, and receive done-for-you email sequences. It’s important to note that everyone in the course will have access to the same email marketing copy, so it’s best to change them a little. The final lesson covers creating outstanding descriptions that catch readers in, followed by a to-do list.

AIA Module 5: Launch Week for Audible

This module prepares you to put your books online and establish yourself as an industry authority. You’ll perform a manual quality control check to ensure a successful launch and learn how to make your presence known in the industry.

AIA Module 6: Amazon Ads And Audiobook Conversion for Legitimate Earnings

Before starting your first campaign, you’ll learn to target certain keywords and optimize your advertising. Waiting for people to discover your books on Amazon can take a long time, so spending money on advertising is important. The first half of this module covers advertising, and the second half covers converting ebooks to audiobooks using ACX, getting narrated Audible reviews, and actionable steps toward online success.

AIA Module 7: Next-Generation Publishing for Growth and Expansion

This module teaches you how to scale and grow your business. Lesson one covers various methods for expanding, and lesson two teaches you how to become omnipresent on several platforms simultaneously. Lessons three and four address global print publishing with IngramSpark. Lessons five through eight cover various ways to scale your business, such as Facebook ads, website construction, and lead magnets.

Is a Scam?

publishing life scam

Many writers considering self-publishing have wondered if Publishing Life is a legitimate company.

According to Trust Pilot, they have a great reputation (4.9-star rating). However, some have questioned the legitimacy of these reviews.

Publishing Life’s site has numerous testimonials where authors successfully publish their books.

Publishing Life appears to be a legit platform, but making money publishing books isn’t nearly as easy as Rasmus and Christian claim.

Is Self-Publishing Worth It? success stories

Self-publishing has become more viable for authors as the publishing industry evolves. However, weighing the pros and cons is important before deciding to self-publish.

One significant advantage of self-publishing is that you retain complete control over your book. This means you have creative control over the content, design, and pricing.

Another advantage is that self-publishing allows authors to publish their books faster than traditional publishing. There is no need to wait for a publisher to accept the manuscript, which can take months or even years.

Self-publishing also allows authors to easily reach a global audience, thanks to online publishing businesses.

One significant disadvantage of self-publishing is that authors won’t have the same level of editorial support as they would with traditional publishing. This can result in lower-quality content that may not be as polished or well-written.

It can also be difficult to stand out in the crowded self-publishing market. With so many authors self-publishing their work, differentiating your book and gaining a significant readership can be challenging.

Overall, self-publishing requires significant investment in time and money and may not be as easy to generate passive income online as Publishing Life states.

How Much Does Cost?

publishing life cost

The price for Audiobook Income Academy isn’t on the website, but I found it out for you.

It has two options: a one-time payment of $1995 or three installments of $999, totaling $2997. Both options provide lifetime access to the course.

Of course, that’s just the price for the course. Running an online business will incur additional expenses, such as hiring ghostwriters, voice actors, and cover art designers and paying for ads to utilize the course fully

Most reports suggest publishing an audiobook can cost between $400 and $1000. Review: FAQ

What is the cancellation and refund policy for

Publishing life provides a 6-month money-back guarantee, allowing customers to decide if the product suits their needs. If the customer is dissatisfied with the investment within the guarantee period, they may request a full refund for any reason.

What is Ghost Audio?

Ghost audio is a term coined by the Mikkelsen twins, which refers to hiring ghostwriters to create content that can be published under your name on platforms like Amazon as eBooks, audiobooks, or physical books. This approach allows you to outsource the writing task while earning passive revenue.

Can you actually make money online with a self-publishing business?

Yes, however, the earnings of self-published authors vary greatly, primarily depending on their book sales. They can typically earn between 40 to 60 percent royalties on a single book sale, significantly higher than the 10-12 percent royalties received by traditionally published authors. However, this business model is not even close to as lucrative or passive as the Mikkelsen Twins claim.

Are there any positive student reviews from

Publishing life has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Trust Pilot, but some have questioned the legitimacy of these reviews. Most reviews on social media platforms like Reddit are negative, with a few customers even calling it a scam.

Are there other online courses like

Yes, there are many. These include Jordan Welch, Hayden Bowles, Mike Vestil, Davie Fogarty, AC Hampton, Biaheza, Tan Choudhury, Sebastian Ghiorghiu, The Ecom King, Nathan Nazareth, Scott Hilse, Sebastian Esqueda, Sharif Mohsin, Austin Rabin, Cortney Fletcher, Ecom Babes, E-Farming by Igor Kheifets, Modern Millionaires, Iman Gadzhi, The Millionaire Shortcut by Jeff Lerner, Andrew Tate, The Real World by Andrew Tate, Hustlers University, Tristan Tate, Entre Blueprint by Jeff Lerner, Jeff Lerner, Sophie Howard, TheMMSaaS, Agency Navigator, Remote Integrator Academy, The One-Day Flip, Lunar Automation, and Mikey Kass. Review: Conclusion – Is It Legit?

publishing life review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that you can make a TON of money online…

But after doing this Publishing Life review, there’s nothing special about the Mikkelsen Twins’ self-publishing course Audiobook Income Academy.

Yeah, there are some helpful tips here and there, but there’s no way it’s worth $2,000…

And it’s not as easy or profitable as Christian and Rasmus make it out to be (not even CLOSE to passive income).

If you want a chance to make significant money quickly, I highly recommend dropshipping physical products instead.

Running a dropshipping business isn’t easy, but the potential reward is immense (as seen below), so it’s 100% worth it.

max aukshunas dropshipping course