Sell The Trend Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a Sell The Trend review.

Product research tools are a great way to find trending products for a dropshipping business.

While Sell The Trend looks like a simple product research tool, it’s actually an all-in-one dropshipping platform.

Using their platform, you can find winning products, analyze Shopify stores, research suppliers, fulfill orders, and more.

But… is Sell The Trend the best all-in-one dropshipping tool?

Is it worth using for your dropshipping store?

Let’s find out in this Sell The Trend review!

What is Sell The Trend?

sell the trend review

Sell The Trend is an all-in-one tool that offers AI product discovery and store automation.

Their dropshipping product research tool has 7.32 million products and helps you find winning products for your own dropshipping business.

Sell The Trend also has a Shopify store intelligence tool that lets you see your competitors’ best-selling products and Facebook ads.

They also have a marketing toolbox that helps you create high-converting product pages for your Shopify store.

If that wasn’t enough, they also provide the best suppliers and have an order fulfillment app!

Let’s continue this Sell The Trend review by looking at their product research tools.

Sell The Trend Features

NEXUS Product Explorer

sell the trend nexus product explorer

This product research tool has TONS of filters, so you can find exactly what you want.

There is a Ships From filter where you can look for products that only ship from a particular country (Ex: ships from the US).

They also have a massive list of Categories and Niches you can sort by.

On top of that, they have EVEN MORE filters so that you can get creative with your search.

If that wasn’t enough, they have multiple sorting options like the number of Shopify stores selling it and daily orders.

sell the trend nexus hot products

Let’s say you’re unsure of what filters to use…

You can use their preset filters, such as Hot and Trending Products!

These products have been proven winning products for multiple months/years.

Your dropshipping business will have a lot more competition, but you’ll have a better chance of getting some sales…

sell the trend on the rise

You can use the On The Rise filter if you’re looking for newer, more untapped winning products.

This will sort all products by Most Recent. You can then set the minimum number of Shopify stores selling it to 5 to see what’s most popular recently.

As you can see, there are MANY ways to use this dropshipping product research tool to find winning products.

Let’s see what analytics Sell The Trend has on these hot products.

Product Analytics

sell the trend nexus product research

Sell The Trend provides data like the product’s selling price, cost, and profit margin.

They also provide other sales data like the number of orders, total sales, and the number of dropshipping stores selling it.

Sell The Trend also has its proprietary rating called Product Insights Rating. This is a quick and easy way to see if a product is worth selling or not.

This product has a 5-star rating, so this is a product I would want to add to my dropshipping store and start testing ASAP.

sell the trend real trends chart

Another awesome thing they have is a Real trends chart.

This shows the amount of Shopify stores that have added this product recently.

It’s a great way to see how new/saturated a product is and what the trend is.

For this product, only a handful of stores are selling it, and it’s trending in the right direction, which is great to see.

It can also show the amount of AliExpress orders over time.

sell the trend product insights

No worries if you’re unsure how to dissect all this data or unsure what to look for.

Sell The Trend provides Product Insights that are easy to understand.

For this product, it seems like everything is good, hence the 5-star rating.

They also provide a competition meter and top customer countries.

sell the trend product research analytics

If all that wasn’t enough, they provided links for each Shopify store selling the product.

They also provide the corresponding Facebook ads for each online store, making it easy to spy on them…

You can also find the AliExpress suppliers here (there is only one for this product).

Sell The Trend also gives you tons of Interests you can target on Facebook ads.

sell the trend product details

Let’s say everything looks good, and we want to add this to our Shopify store

Sell The Trend provides us with product details from each competitor!

We can pick which store we like best and use their product description and images.

Of course, you’ll probably have to make changes, but this expedites the process.

Store Intelligence Spy Tool

sell the trend store intelligence spy tool

Another product research tool they have is the Store Intelligence Spy Tool.

This makes it easy to find the best Shopify stores and see exactly what they’re doing.

You can see all of the trending products on the store as well as what Facebook ads they’re running.

The store intelligence tool can also be used as a product research tool too…

If a successful online store sells a product, you should probably test that product yourself!

This tool is pretty good, but I think Minea has a much better Shopify Store analysis tool.

Amazon Explorer

sell the trend amazon

Another product research tool they have is Amazon Explorer.

When consumers find a product they like on social media; sometimes, instead of buying it on the dropshipping store, they’ll buy it on Amazon.

So an excellent way to see trending products is by looking at Amazon products with rapid sales growth.

Amazon is primarily average consumers, so you’ll have to sift through many non-dropshipping products.

While I don’t think this tool is as great as the others, it’s still helpful.

AliExpress Explorer

sell the trend aliexpress explorer

Another great way to do product research is by going straight to the source, AliExpress.

Like their other tools, there are numerous filters for you to narrow your search results.

A great way to use the AliExpress Explorer is by sorting by Daily Orders: Most Increase.

This helps you find hidden gems just starting to become trending products.

Another thing to look for is a product that has a large number of orders compared to reviews.

It’s a dead giveaway that a product is being drop shipped if there are barely any reviews.

sell the trend real trends chart

Once you’ve found a product on AliExpress, you can see how hot it is with the Real Trends Chart.

For this product, it’s still doing a considerable amount of daily orders, and it’s accelerating.

This is an excellent sign that there’s still tons of demand for this product.

CJ Dropshipping Explorer

sell the trend cjdropshipping explorer

Sell The Trend also has a tool called CJ Dropshipping Explorer.

It’s very similar to the previous tool, but instead of AliExpress, it’s CJ Dropshipping.

This is even better because 100% of all sales on CJ Dropshipping are for a dropshipping business, whereas there are average consumers on AliExpress…

Meaning product research should be even easier with this tool.

sell the trend cjdropshipping winning products

A great way to find untapped winning products is to sort by Daily List: Most Increase.

You can also set Max lists to 100, which will show you winning products that are just starting to get traction.

This will help you find hot products BEFORE they get too saturated…

Like the previous tools, they provide a Real Trends chart to see the number of Lists over time.

This is one of my favorite features from this Sell The Trend review.

Fast Local Shipping Suppliers

sell the trend local shipping

This feature acts like a Shipping filter for all products on AliExpress.

You can search for hot products with fast shipping times from certain countries.

This could be helpful if most of your customers are in one country.

Although, I recommend using Zendrop over AliExpress.

A.I. Supplier List

ai supplier list

This tool finds the best AliExpress suppliers for the specific product and compiles them here.

You can sort by product cost, shipping cost, shipping method, and more.

Figure out what is most important for your dropshipping store, and choose the supplier you’d like to work with.

Video Creator

marketing toolbox video creator

The first tool in the Marketing Toolbox is the Video Creator.

Essentially, this tool automatically creates a video from a set of images.

I could see this being helpful if you are selling clothing or jewelry…

But I’m not a fan of these tools because they will NOT generate sales for traditional dropshipping products.

You’ll have to use professional video editors if you want sales for your dropshipping business.

Audience Builder

facebook audience builder

The Facebook audience builder is pretty straightforward.

Input keywords related to your product/niche and get Facebook interests in return.

They also have a list of Popular Audiences to choose from.

This is a quick and easy way to find a target audience for Facebook.

Engagement Rating Calculator

engagement rating calculator

This tool helps you gauge how valuable an Influencer’s audience is.

You can choose between Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. You also have to input the number of followers, likes, and comments.

I’m surprised you have to manually input the metrics instead of just providing the link to the Influencer.

Nonetheless, it’s still kind of helpful.

Store Intelligence

store intelligence

This tool helps analyze any Shopify store.

They provide metrics like monthly traffic and estimates for monthly revenue and orders.

You can also quickly see what Facebook ads they are running.

This tool is helpful, but other tools are better at analyzing Shopify stores…

Sell The Trend Chrome Extension

sell the trend chrome extension

Sell The Trend also has its own Chrome extension.

This allows you to import products not already in Sell The Trend’s database.

This also allows you to fulfill orders for your online store quickly.

Sell The Trend Custom Stores

custom stores

Sell The Trend offers a Custom Stores service where their team of experts will build a Shopify store for you.

I’m unsure of the quality of these custom stores, but they are indeed costly.

From my 5+ years of experience, you will NEVER make life-changing money with a custom store, no matter who you buy it from.

Also, you don’t need to when you have themes like Booster that make it super easy to build a store yourself.

Sell The Trend Success Academy

dropshipping courses

Sell The Trend also offers a free dropshipping course and a marketing 101 course.

They have about 7 hours of training videos, not including their Facebook Ads masterclass, which is $99.

Aside from this, they have tons of helpful tutorials on how to use each of their tools.

Sell The Trend Pricing

sell the trend pricing

Sell The Trend pricing is pretty straightforward with two plans. The Build plan is $39.97/month (usually $100/month), and the Scale plan is $99.97/month (usually $249.97/month).

Build Plan:

  • 1-Click Push To Store – 5,000 products

  • Sell The Trend Shops (ecom platform)

  • Connected Stores – 3

  • Chrome Extension

  • 24×7 Support

  • 1-Click Order Fulfillment

  • The NEXUS Product Explorer

  • NEXUS Hot Stores

  • Monitor Stores & Products – 100 stores

  • Store Intelligence Spy Tool

  • Fast Local Shipping Suppliers

  • A.I. Supplier List

  • Facebook Audience Builder

  • Influencer Engagement Calculator

  • Video Ads Creator

  • Ecom Product Explorer

  • Ecom Store Explorer

  • Aliexpress Trend Explorer

  • Aliexpress New, Hot & Hidden Gems

  • Amazon Trend Explorer

  • Amazon New, Hot & Hidden Gems

  • CJDropshipping Trend Explorer

  • Product Video Library

  • Dropshipping Course

Scale has everything in Build plus:

  • 1-Click Push To Store – unlimited products

  • Connected stores – 10

  • Monitor Stores & Products – unlimited

Sell The Trend Alternatives

There are many Sell The Trend alternatives. These include Adserea, EcomHunt, Pexda, Dropship Rabbit, SellerCount, Peeksta, AliShark, AdSpy, and Dropship Spy. I’ll review one of the more popular Sell The Trend alternatives, Niche Scraper. Here are the 18 best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options.

Sell The Trend vs. Niche Scraper

sell the trend vs niche scraper

Niche Scraper is another dropshipping product research tool.

Niche Scraper only has a couple of product research methods, whereas Sell The Trend has much more and higher quality tools.

Niche Scraper has some analytics on each product, but Sell The Trend definitely has more in-depth analytics and better insights.

One thing that Niche Scraper does have is TikTok ads, whereas Sell The Trend does not.

Niche Scraper has some helpful product research tools, but Sell The Trend is certainly better overall because it’s an all-in-one dropshipping platform.

On top of that, Sell The Trend is only $40/month whereas Niche Scraper is $50/month and provides less value.

In the battle of Sell The Trend vs. Niche Scraper, Sell The Trend wins hands down.

Sell The Trend Review: FAQ

Is Sell The Trend legit?

Yes. Sell The Trend is legit and safe to use.

Is there a Sell The Trend free trial?

Yes. You can get a 7-day free trial with my link.

How much is Sell The Trend pricing?

There are two Sell The Trend pricing plans. The Build plan is $40/month and $100/month for the Scale plan.

Do you have a Sell The Trend discount code?

No. I don’t have a Sell The Trend discount code, but you can try it free for the first 7 days!

Does Sell The Trend have Facebook ads and TikTok ads?

No. Unfortunately, they only focus on Facebook ads. If you want to find TikTok ads, you’ll have to use a TikTok ads spy tool.

Sell The Trend Review: Pros & Cons

Sell The Trend Pros

  • The NEXUS: AI intelligence takes the emotion out of product research and gives you the best dropshipping products to sell based on data.

  • Multiple Research Methods: They provide numerous methods and sources for finding winning products, some of which are uncommon yet very lucrative.

  • Advanced Analytics: They provide data and trend charts to analyze a product’s history and potential. They also have a Product Insights Rating which is extremely helpful.

Sell The Trend Cons

  • No TikTok Ads: The majority of their platform focuses on Facebook Ads and does NOT include TikTok Ads.

Sell The Trend Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

sell the trend review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Sell The Trend has a TON of product research tools…

These tools are genuinely useful too, so I almost guarantee you can find multiple winning products with them.

On top of that, they have awesome analytics, insights, and resources for each product.

You can also find the best suppliers with AI Supplier, and quickly fulfill orders directly on Sell The Trend.

The price is also very reasonable at $40/month, especially when you factor in how much value Sell The Trend provides.

FINAL VERDICT: I HIGHLY recommend Sell The Trend.

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