SellerCount Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a SellerCount review.

TikTok ads have been exploding in popularity recently, especially for an online business like Shopify dropshipping.

This has introduced multiple TikTok ad spy tools, with SellerCount being one of the more popular ones…

But… is SellerCount the best TikTok ad spy tool?

Is SellerCount worth it?

Let’s find out in this SellerCount Review!

What Is SellerCount?

sellercount tiktok ad spy tool

SellerCount describes itself as “the first and largest searchable database of TikTok ads. Without having to spend all your time looking for a product.”

I think they should’ve left that second sentence out…


SellerCount says users can find viral TikTok products in minimal time.

Can they live up to these promises?

Let’s continue this SellerCount review by looking at their features.

SellerCount Features

sellercount review search ads

This is their primary TikTok ads spy tool.

If you’re looking for something specific, you can search for a keyword.

You can also filter by Category, Gender, Country, and when the TikTok ad was created.

Just looking for the best TikTok ads? Sort by Most Impressions.

Unfortunately, it shows a lot of data I don’t want to see (non-e-commerce ads from large corporations like CVS, Starbucks, or Chegg).

sellercount tiktok ads spy tool

Filtering by Newest is helpful.

I can use this to find new dropshipping products that are being tested.

You can go a step further and sort by category if you’re looking for something in a specific niche.

sellercount search for ads

If I’m currently scaling a product of my own (ex: fitness hula hoop), I can search for the product to see what competitors I have.

I can also see which one of my competitor’s ads are performing best, then implement something similar with my TikTok advertising.

When filtering, I recommend choosing the same country that you’re advertising in.

The United States is by far the best place to advertise, as Americans have a lot of money and love spending it all.

If you don’t live in the US, you should get a VPN to run TikTok advertising in the US.

Product Finder

SellerCount product finder

This feature is similar to the previous one but more focused on products.

You’ll see a lot of overlap in the products and video ads.

The only difference here is that they have a couple of other filters and provide more data on the Shopify stores.


Winning Ads

SellerCount winning ads

This tool shows many winning products and the ads and Shopify stores for each.

I’d guess SellerCount adds these winning products manually.

This tool is pretty solid.

I recognize a bunch of these products and would test some of them myself.

Like their primary TikTok ads spy tool, you can sort and add multiple filters.

If SellerCount were to become the best TikTok ads spy tool, it would be because of this feature.

SellerCount Pricing

SellerCount pricing

SellerCount pricing is very straightforward.

They have one plan: Basic.

It’s only $9.99 per month with no free trial.

You get full access to 24/7 customer support.

Super simple and very cheap compared to other ad spy tools.

SellerCount Alternatives

Because TikTok dropshipping is relatively new, there aren’t many SellerCount alternatives. Let’s review the two most popular SellerCount alternatives to see which has the best TikTok ads spy tools.

SellerCount vs PiPiAds

SellerCount vs PiPiAds review

PiPiAds is similar to SellerCount, as it’s also a TikTok ads spy tool.

PiPiAds offers more filters and sorting options and a more extensive and higher-quality database of TikTok ads.

I’d have to say PiPiAds is the best TikTok ads spy tool out of the two.

You can read my full PiPiAds Review here.

SellerCount vs Peeksta

SellerCount vs Peeksta review

Peeksta focuses on TikTok ads AND Facebook ads, with other helpful product research tools.

They have multiple TikTok ads spy tools that are easy to use and provide high-quality winning products for dropshipping.

Peeksta’s pricing is much closer to SellerCount than PiPiAds.

You can read my full Peeksta Review here.

SellerCount Review: FAQ

Is SellerCount legit?

Yes. SellerCount is legit and is safe to use.

Is there a SellerCount free trial?

No. SellerCount does not offer a free trial on their TikTok ads spy tool.

Do you have a SellerCount discount?

No. Unfortunately, they don’t offer discounts. But this is okay, as SellerCount pricing is very cheap at only $10 per month.

How accurate is SellerCount’s TikTok video ads data?

The video ads data SellerCount provides is somewhat accurate and accurate enough for the tool to be helpful.

Does SellerCount have the best TikTok ads?

No. Their database is missing tons of the best TikTok ads that can be found on other TikTok ad spy tools like PiPiAds.

SellerCount Review: Pros & Cons

SellerCount Pros

  • Cost: SellerCount’s pricing is ridiculously cheap at only $10 per month.

SellerCount Cons

  • Quality: While they have multiple tools, they are low-quality and ineffective. You will have to spend a lot of time sifting through products to find something valuable.
  • Minimal Filters: They only have a few filters and sorting options. This will slow down research and cause you to waste time.
  • Small Database: Despite what their site says, they do NOT have the largest database of TikTok ads. They lack ads that can be found on other spy tools.

SellerCount Review: Conclusion – Is It Worth It?

sellercount review

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

TikTok advertising has become a lot more popular recently. With that, come spy tools like SellerCount.

Their website has some errors and weird formatting. As for ease of use, it’s decent.

As for the data they have, it’s certainly lacking in some areas and it’s questionable if they have the largest database.

Overall, I think there are better tools out there…

FINAL VERDICT: I do NOT recommend SellerCount.

From my 6+ years of experience, it’s 100% worth it to invest a little bit extra…

You will get MUCH better results in FAR less time if you use these tools instead.

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