Sellvia Review: Is It Worth It?

Today, I’ll be doing a Sellvia review.

Sellvia is an eCommerce platform that acts as a US-based dropshipping supplier.

They also offer turnkey eCommerce businesses that supposedly “work on autopilot and bring you profit for the years to come.”

But… should you actually buy a dropshipping store from them?

Is Sellvia a reliable US dropshipping supplier?

How good is Sellvia’s product catalog?

Let’s find out in this Sellvia review!

What Is Sellvia?

sellvia review intro

Sellvia brands itself as the Ecommerce ecosystem that every dropshipper dreams of…

They approach drop shipping with the unique “done for you and done with you approach.” That means you can use them as an eCommerce supplier for fast US shipping or for building and managing your online store.

To make it easy, you can think of Sellvia as a combination of Shopify and AliExpress that ships directly from the US…

Sellvia also caters to other aspects of dropshipping, like customer support, store owners’ support, and marketing.

They even provide 10,000+ best-selling products with Sellvia Catalog!

Let’s continue this Sellvia review by going over how it works…

How Does Sellvia Work?

how does sellvia work

If you are a dropshipper looking to break into the US market, you would need a set of competent suppliers based in the United States to execute your order and carry out shipping within 1-3 days— that is where Sellvia comes in. 

Unlike other popular e-commerce marketplaces, this platform provides some of the best dropshipping suppliers across different niches in one place.

You can find the best dropshipping products and reliable distributors from niches like kids and babies, home and garden, pet supplies, electronics, fitness, outdoors, clothing and accessories, beauty, skincare, etc. 

We have established that Sellvia doubles as an eCommerce supplier and dropshipping store provider in the United States. Let’s get into how it works in these respective areas. 

Sellvia: US Dropshipping Supplier

sellvia ecommerce supplier

Sellvia is a US-based eCommerce supplier that provides 1-3 days of shipping across the US. They have a plugin that allows you to import products from their eCommerce platform to your dropshipping store.

To access the Sellvia plugin, you must subscribe to Sellvia’s monthly plan. I’ll discuss pricing and other packages as we go further in this Sellvia review…

The Sellvia plugin you use depends on the kind of online store you have. If you use WooCommerce or WordPress for your online store, you need the Sellvia WordPress plugin. If you use Shopify for your online store, you have to install the Sellvia app from the Shopify app store.

Upon downloading the Sellvia WordPress plugin, you’d receive an email containing an API key to activate the plugin. After completing these steps, you can import your first set of products.

sellvia import products

To import winning products from Sellvia, log into the platform, go to your dashboard, and click on “products” and “product lists.” You’ll be taken to all the products currently offered in the Sellvia catalog.

By default, these Sellvia products are listed based on their popularity. However, you can filter your search by niche/category, prices, availability, and other factors.

You can also input a product name or keyword in the quick search bar just above the page. Note if a product is a limited edition, it will have a “limited stock” tag.

sellvia importing products

Once you’ve found the product of your choice, hit the import button just by the side.

Before that, you will see an option to add it to a particular category in your store. So if you are importing jewelry, it could go under accessories.

You can also categorize your product after importing or even create an entirely new category that is not listed. 

sellvia product categories

Once these products have been successfully published on your eCommerce store, you can start selling! You’d also enjoy Sellvia’s automated order fulfillment and fast product delivery services.

Sellvia: Turnkey Online Store

sellvia turnkey ecommerce business

A turnkey Sellvia store provides automatic access to its product catalog, promotional materials, and other additional packages. However, you’d need to subscribe to the Sellvia PRO plan to access these features.

If you consider choosing Sellvia’s custom store package, you’d have to answer some questionnaires to give the platform relevant information about what you need.

These questions may include your desired niches, domain name, the type of theme and store template you want (this option comes in free and paid versions), and marketing options for your store.

After carefully answering the questionnaires, you need to wait up to 1 business day to receive your custom dropshipping store from Sellvia. You can then proceed to add payment gateways and start selling.

Let’s continue this Sellvia review by looking at its multitude of features…

Sellvia Features

Sellvia is a robust e-commerce platform with lots of features and functionalities. Here are some of them…

US-Based Fulfillment Center

sellvia us based fulfillment center

One of Sellvia’s goals is to make drop shipping to the United States faster and hassle-free. They achieve this by storing products at their fulfillment center in Irvine, California. Because of this, Sellvia offers 1-3 days of shipping for any dropshipping business.

High-Quality Packaging

sellvia dropshipping supplier packaging

Sellvia’s fulfillment center also packs products without any sketchy branding or labels, unlike AliExpress. This feature, on top of ultra-fast shipping, makes Sellvia a great dropshipping supplier. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any custom packaging options.

Custom Dropshipping Stores

sellvia custom dropshipping stores

They also provide “done for you” online stores with Sellvia PRO. You get to choose the theme or style of your store from a plethora of pre-designed templates. This is very similar to buying a prebuilt Shopify store

As a dropshipper, you must know that branding is vital to your business model. Sellvia offers a seamless way to make your online store as beautiful and professional as you’d want it to be.

Aside from predesigned store templates, you also get SEO-friendly titles and description, high quality product pictures, and authentic customer reviews. You have little or nothing to edit upon getting your dropshipping store.

Fast Shipping Badge 

fast shipping badge

The Sellvia’s fast shipping badge feature allows you to display the estimates of the shipping days and all the delivery details that your customer should know.

In this feature, there is the “activate fast shipping badge” option which lets you turn it on or off. When turned on, the badge is only visible to customers shopping from the United States.

There are two options for displaying shipment details: “processing time” and “Arrives by.”

The “processing time” option allows you to add the estimated processing time for a particular order. The “Arrives By” option will enable you to display the estimated delivery dates of the product.

You can also add the word “Free” if you offer free shipping…

Robust Product Catalog

sellvia catalog

With a Sellvia subscription, you can get access to 10,000+ high-quality products. Sellvia’s product catalog supports every niche, but they don’t have any high-ticket products.

For all Sellvia products, there is a Product Cost and Shipping & Handling Cost.

Sellvia’s shipping costs depend on order size, the number of products, and the destination point. It also includes costs like storage, picking and packing your order, customer service, and product returns.

Sellvia offers a section called Hot Deals that showcases the best-selling products from dropshipping suppliers.

One-Click Import 

sellvia one click import

Sellvia offers access to thousands of premium dropshipping products and makes importing products stress-free.

As explained earlier, Sellvia lets you import the items on its platform to your WordPress store in one click. You can browse their entire product catalog and import them to your store.

You can find these winning products by niche, availability, price, and other parameters of your choice. You can also group these items into different categories as you want them displayed on your online store.

Automated Order Placement and Fulfillment

sellvia review automated order placement

With the Sellvia e-commerce platform, you don’t have to use an add-on to automate or manually fulfill your customers’ orders. When you sell products, Sellvia automatically receives and fulfills them without any interference from your end.

This is a massive advantage for anyone running a dropshipping business because you can allocate more time toward tasks like product research.

Promotional Materials 

sellvia review promotion materials

Sellvia sets itself apart from other dropshipping solutions by enabling you to launch marketing campaigns for your products. They do this by providing marketing materials like images, graphics, and ad copy for you to launch your dropshipping ads.

You also get to preview the predesigned ad as it will be displayed on platforms like Facebook. If you’re using Instagram shoutouts for your dropshipping store, you can also preview that.

For most Sellvia products, you also get custom product details like product descriptions and images.

Sellvia Ecommerce Marketing Academy 

sellvia review ecommerce marketing academy

Many dropshipping platforms will give you access to premium products. Still, only a few provide learning resources to help you thrive in your business, and Sellvia is one of them. 

Sellvia has an e-commerce marketing academy featuring a wide range of courses, webinars, and marketing materials to help you elevate your marketing strategy. 

Marketing and promotion are vital parts of any business, especially dropshipping. Once you get this aspect right, you are definitely on the road to a successful business.

Note that the Marketing academy features both free and paid courses for different levels of experience. 

Customer and Dropshipper Support

sellvia customer and dropshipper support

Sellvia reduces the load on dropshippers by processing customer orders and offering adequate support when the need appears. One way they do it is through a specific return policy. This way, customers are more confident in your e-commerce brand.

While supporting customers, Sellvia also ensures that store owners get all the help they need. When you open a dropshipping store with them, you are assigned a store manager to whom you can send a quick email when you face any store-related challenges.

Sellvia Pricing

sellvia pricing

Sellvia pricing is very straightforward. The e-commerce platform offers two subscription packages: the Sellvia plan and the Sellvia Pro plan. Here is a quick comparison of the two plans to know which one is for you.

Sellvia – $39/month

The Sellvia Plan is best for dropshippers with a functional store online but needs US-based dropshipping suppliers for easy shipment within the United States. Here are the features of this subscription plan: 

  • 1-3 days shipping within the United States

  • 14-day free trial

  • Unlimited product imports

  • Free technical support 

  • Access to low priced premium products

  • Product returns

Sellvia PRO – $399 + $48.00/year hosting fees

The Sellvia PRO plan is for dropshippers who are starting from scratch. It offers you a dropshipping store alongside the necessary support to run it.

The Pro subscription plan has everything the Sellvia plan has, including: 

  • Custom dropshipping store (Sellvia store)

  • Free hosting and domain name

  • Free personal consultation

  • SEO-friendly product page 

  • Mailing support 

  • Payment gateway integration

Sellvia Alternatives

There are many Sellvia alternatives… These include Shopify, Zendrop, Spocket, CJDropshipping, Modalyst, HyperSku, DSers, SaleHoo, Syncee, Dropified, and more.

Sellvia Review: Pros & Cons

sellvia review pros and cons

Sellvia offers a wide range of unique features. However, it is essential to know its pros and cons before signing up.

Sellvia Pros

  • Fast Shipping Times: Sellvia ships products within the United States in record time, and this feature cannot be overemphasized. It offers a 1-3 days quick delivery service, increasing the chances of repurchasing. 
  • Great Packaging: The dropshipping platform Sellvia handles your product shipment and ensures that they arrive unscathed. All products are delivered in plain yet attractive boxes with no label or sign leading up to your brand. 
  • Affordable Products: Sellvia is distinct for offering dropshipper better profit margins than other platforms by making top-notch products available at affordable rates. 
  • Adequate Support: Whatever subscription plan you choose, you can get the proper support from Sellvia’s team when the need arrives.
  • Free Learning Resources: If you are just starting out in dropshipping, you’d find a wide range of free courses at the Sellvia Ecommerce Marketing Academy. 

Sellvia Cons

  • Limited Products: If you are looking for a platform with the best dropshipping products to choose from, Sellvia is not it. The platform has 10,000+ products, but almost all of them are low-quality.
  • Only Available To US Customers: Sellvia is good if you want to break into the US market. They can provide dropshipping products to customers in the United States with quick delivery times, but it may not be the platform for you if your target audience is outside the US.

Sellvia Review: FAQ

Is Sellvia legit?

Yes. Sellvia is legit, and it is safe to sell products with their platform.

Can you make money on Sellvia?

While it might be possible to make money with Sellvia’s product catalog, it seems unlikely.

How much does Sellvia cost?

Sellvia’s base plan costs $39/month. The Sellvia Pro plan costs $399 + $48.00/year hosting fees and includes a dedicated manager and a complete turnkey store with design and installation services.

Can I use Sellvia on my store if I already have the AliDropship Plugin? 

Yes, you can. If you dropship on a WordPress store with the AliDropship plugin, you can also use Sellvia.

Can I integrate Sellvia with my Shopify store? 

Yes. Just recently, Sellvia made their Shopify integration available. You can now import products from Sellvia directly to your Shopify store.

Can Sellvia deliver branded packages with my logo and business name? 

No, not at the moment. Depending on how you look at it, this feature can simultaneously be an advantage and a disadvantage. On the upside, you can brand your name in your customers’ minds, increasing the chance of repurchasing. On the downside, branding the delivered products could jeopardize your eCommerce business. For that reason, Sellvia only provides packages in plain, nameless boxes.

Does Sellvia have warehouses in other countries?

No. If you need warehouses in other countries, you can use the best dropshipping suppliers in Canada, the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe, the best dropshipping suppliers in the US, or the best dropshipping suppliers in the UK.

How do I cancel my Sellvia Subscription? 

If you need to cancel your Sellvia subscription, send a message to their support team at

Can I use Sellvia for free? 

Yes, you can use Sellvia for free with their 14 days free trial. Afterward, you can only keep enjoying their services by paying for a subscription.

Sellvia Review: Conclusion – Is Sellvia Worth It?

sellvia review conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Overall, Sellvia is a decent dropshipping platform.

As for their dropshipping supplier service, shipping times of 1-3 days is excellent… But their product catalog is primarily old, saturated products that will be very hard to sell profitably.

It’s also very limiting if you want to target customers outside the United States…

As for their custom dropshipping stores, they are decent at best and not worth the money.

I also think it’s unethical to say it will work on autopilot for years, as that is simply untrue.

FINAL VERDICT: I do NOT recommend Sellvia.

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