Spocket Review: Everything You Need To Know 

Today, I’ll be doing a Spocket review.

Spocket is a dropshipping platform that appears to have faster shipping times, better product quality, unique branding, and automated fulfillment.

But… is Spocket legit?

Is it the best dropshipping supplier?

Should you use the Spocket app for your dropshipping business?

Let’s find out in this Spocket review!

What is Spocket?

spocket review

Spocket is an order processing and fulfillment app that links dropshippers to thousands of verified suppliers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

It was founded in 2017 but has quickly grown to become a go-to choice for dropshipping businesses looking for faster shipment and flexible control over the quality of products they sell.

Spocket was developed to make the dropshipping industry more automated and less time-consuming. It also bridges other gaps like product testing and quality, price margin, and branding.

As of 2022, the Spocket app already boasts tens of thousands of suppliers in the above regions and, more recently, Australia and New Zealand.

Spocket also supports e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Alibaba, AliExpress, Square, Felex, Ecwid, and BigCommerce, with eBay flagged “as coming soon” on their website.

Let’s continue this Spocket review by seeing what differentiates them from other dropshipping suppliers…

Why is Spocket’s Dropshipping App Different?

Before taking a deep dive into the features of Spocket and how it affects your dropshipping business, let’s take a look at what makes this dropshipping solution stand out from hundreds of others in the market. Here they are…

Fully Vetted Suppliers and Automated Selling

spocket suppliers

Before now, dropshipping was a long, tedious process of product research, supplier sourcing, uploading products, writing descriptions, and processing orders. 

Spocket shortens that process drastically by bringing reliable suppliers to you. It is like a doorway that provides access to high-quality products from fully vetted and hand-picked merchants worldwide.

Each Spocket supplier goes through a thorough verification process before they are placed on the platform. Once you find the one that meets your needs, you can automatically import the item from Spocket to your dropshipping store.

Product Testing and Quality Control

spocket product testing and quality

One of the dilemmas of a dropshipper is having an unsatisfied customer due to inadequacies in product delivery. Since your supplier is in charge of packaging and shipment while you handle customer service and marketing, there is little or nothing you can do about the quality of the product you sell— but that’s where Spocket comes in. 

The dropshipping solution, Spocket, ensures that each supplier on the platform fulfills their claims through interviews and a series of verification steps.

Spocket offers samples of its products so that dropshipper can get a first-hand feel of the item and even take unique product pictures.

Branded Invoicing

spocket branded invoicing

The beauty of dropshipping is that businesses can rebrand products obtained from suppliers as their own, even without having an inventory. Spocket makes branding a little easier by providing a custom invoice to customers after purchase. The invoice usually includes your brand name, logo, and an optional note to your customer to make them feel appreciated.

Good Return Policy

Spocket has a 15 or 30 days return policy on damaged, late, and incorrect products. However, you will have to interact with Spocket customer support, not the product supplier. If the products meet the specified return requirements, the money is refunded to the buyer promptly.

Fast Shipping to the US & EU 

If you have been dropshipping for a while, you’ll know that shipping is quite a hassle, especially from China-based suppliers. In some cases, it takes up to one month… Spocket offers faster shipment time, usually between 2-5 days, as 70% of its suppliers are in the US.

Exclusive Discounts

Spocket offers dropshippers a healthy profit margin by providing 30-60% discounts on their high-quality products. However, the price does not include Customs tax since they differ from region to region. 

Automated Fulfillment

From order fulfillment to inventory updates, Spocket offers an easy and automated way of dropshipping. If there is anything a dropshipper fears, it is accidentally selling a product they have run out of. Spocket prevents this from happening by automatically updating your online inventory. 

Real-Time Order Tracking

Spocket makes real-time order tracking accessible to both dropshipper and customers. You can monitor your item’s progress until it reaches its destination.

How Does Spocket’s Dropshipping App Work?

how does spocket work?

We’ve established that Spocket allows you to sell the best dropshipping products across several niches from reliable suppliers. It also lets you source the best print-on-demand goods alongside platforms like Printful or Printify

Using Spocket is just as easy as its features. Here is a step-by-step guide: 

1. Open An Account 

To start dropshipping with Spocket, you’d have to choose a subscription plan and then sign up to get started. Spocket offers free and three other paid plans, which we’ll discuss in depth later in the article.

2. Connect Spocket to Your Online Store

connect spocket to online store

After creating a Spocket account, the next step is to link your e-commerce store to the platform. The process may differ slightly depending on the store being used. Spocket can be integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other big platforms. At the time of writing, eBay cannot be used with Spocket.

So let’s say you are to link your Shopify store with Spocket; you’d have first to download the Spocket app from the Shopify App Store.

spocket shopify app store

After that, click on the “add App” icon and input your login details in the provided fields. By successfully integrating your Shopify store with Spocket, you get access to a thriving marketplace with thousands of products ready to be published directly to your dropshipping website

If you use a WordPress dropshipping website, you can link your online store to Spocket by installing a WooCommerce plugin.

3. Acquaint Yourself With The Platform  

Dropshipping on Spocket is relatively easy; however, if you are new, you may want a tour of the platform before getting started. You’d find the tour option on the Spocket dashboard after signing in.

4. Use Various Filters to Find the Right Product

spocket product filters

There are thousands of suppliers and products on Spocket, but you can find the right ones for your brands by using search filters. You can use filters like supplier location, product categories, and premium products to find the perfect product for your store. If you’re looking for high-ticket dropshipping products, you should also sort by price.

5. Add Product To Import List

spocket dropshipping app import list

As you search for different items on Spocket, you can add them to your import list before publishing them on your website. Place your cursor over the product to display the “add to import list” option. The purpose of this list is to give you a second chance to evaluate the product before making it live on your online store. 

You can modify the product’s description, variant, and images to suit your target audience. In the product variant section, you can select the specific size or color of the product if it is available.

You will also find the item’s supplier price, shipping price, and retail price. The selling price can be modified, and your profit will be automatically calculated to know what to expect.

It is advisable not to make too many changes to the description as most of them are already optimized for SEO. 

6. Push To Store

After making the necessary changes to your import list, you can then go on to select “push to store” to publish these items on your Shopify store (or whichever e-commerce platform you’re using).

Let’s continue this Spocket review by seeing what kind of dropshipping products they have on their app…

Spocket Products

spocket products

Spocket is home to over 50,000 merchants and is distinct for offering premium products from different niches, including:

  • Household and Kitchen appliances 

  • Garden Equipment 

  • Automotive 

  • Gaming 

  • Computing and Tech 

  • Fashion and Clothing 

  • Electronics 

  • Sports & Outdoor          

  • Kids & Babies   

  • Gifts

  • Pets, etc.                  

Also, if you’re having trouble finding a winning product for your store, Spocket has an entire page dedicated to winning products!

However, we cannot talk about the quality of products on Spocket without talking about how they verify their suppliers…

Spocket Suppliers

spocket suppliers

The dropshipping solution, Spocket, distinguishes itself from others by offering only pre-vetted suppliers. 

Platforms like AliExpress had NO thorough process of verifying their suppliers until recently, which placed dropshippers at risk of getting low-quality items.

No matter the product you choose, you can be sure it is from verified Spocket suppliers… But how is this possible? 

According to Spocket’s website, Spocket suppliers must go through several processes before being admitted to the platform. Some of them include the following:

  • Agree to offer at least 25% off the product’s retail price. 

  • Only use neutral/non-branded packaging for shipment. 

  • Offer high-quality product images (without watermark) and descriptions so dropshippers can publish directly to their store. 

  • Orders will be shipped with a tracking number. 

  • Maintains an order success score of 95%, with suppliers running the risk of removal from the platform if they cannot fulfill orders consistently. 

Product suppliers also go through additional verification of their inventory/warehouse and product testing by the Spocket team.

Spocket Shipping Times

spocket shipping times

The shipping time of a product depends on several factors, including the location of the supplier and the type of product. As mentioned earlier, Spocket delivery is between 2-5 days. Shorter shipping times have a tremendous effect on dropshipping businesses.

Spocket Features 

The Spocket App has many features that give it a competitive advantage over other platforms in the market. However, these are three that stand out the most: 

Branded Invoicing

spocket branded invoicing

Branding and marketing are vital parts of dropshipping. This business model allows you to sell products from various suppliers while branding them as your own. However, it could turn pretty sour if things are not done right…

Spocket looks to change the issue with dropshipping store branding by providing custom invoices. As mentioned earlier in the article, the invoice offered to your customer after purchase will contain your business name, logo, and a personal note.

Note that this strategy not only builds a connection between you and your customer but also proves the authenticity of your business. It would undoubtedly help the star rating for your product reviews

AliScraper Chrome Extension 

aliscraper chrome extension

If your dropshipping product supplier can only be found on AliExpress, you can use Spocket’s new Chrome extension to import these products to your store.

AliScraper is an automated tool primarily used to import products from AliExpress to dropshipping stores. It can also be used as a way to do automated AliExpress dropshipping.

The chrome extension, AliScraper, is all about importing AliExpress products to the Spocket app, hence the “one-click import” feature.

The AliScraper Chrome Extension is free and can be integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Wix.

how to use aliscraper chrome extension

You can use the AliScraper Chrome Extension on your dropshipping store in the following steps: 

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the AliScraper Chrome extension. 

  • Sign up for free

  • Go to AliExpress to find the product

  • Open the product page of the desired product and click on the AliScraper option on the toolbar to import. 

  • Organize and edit your import list in the Spocket dropshipping app

  • Click “push to store” to connect your online store. (This only happens at the first use). 

  • Click on your Shopify store or other shopping platforms and follow every prompt. 

  • Your product has been published successfully. 

Spocket Academy

spocket academy

Spocket Academy is a sub-product of Spocket. It is home to many dropshipping courses and learning resources to help you get started… There are currently hundreds of routes across categories like: 

  • Email Marketing

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Sales

  • Seo 

  • Traffic

  • Advertising

  • Starting afresh (for beginners.)

Spocket Pricing

spocket pricing plans

Spocket pricing is very straightforward, with only four plans to choose from. Here they are…

Spocket Free – $0/month

The free plan is for those who want to get a feel of the Spocket app and its available products before committing to a paid subscription. It only lets you browse Spocket’s catalog without being able to import or connect Spocket to your web store. 

Spocket Starter – $24.99/month

This plan is excellent for new dropshipper still warming up in the industry. It features only products with no branded invoice option and no access to dropshipping Suppliers’ best products. However, you get customer support via email. 

Spocket Pro – $49.99/month

This feature offers access to 250 unique dropshipping products alongside 25 premium products. 

Premium Products are product categories specially curated by the Spocket team. They are high-quality, best-selling items with high-profit margins available only to dropshippers on the pro plan and above.

Finally, a Pro user gets access to branded invoicing— this feature is non-negotiable if you want to build a successful dropshipping business.

Spocket Empire – $99.99/month

The empire subscription supports 10,000 dropshipping products and 10,000 premium products. It is fit for those running a large and well-established dropshipping business. 

Spocket Unicorn – $948/year

This plan is only available for yearly payments. It offers unlimited premium products, supplier sourcing, and bulk checkout.

Spocket Alternatives

Numerous Spocket alternatives offer similar services… These include Zendrop, CJDropshipping, Modalyst, HyperSku, DSers, SaleHoo, Syncee, Sellvia, Dropified, and more. However, the only Spocket alternative that is actually better is Zendrop.

Spocket Review: Pros & Cons

spocket pros and cons

The Spocket dropshipping app has some significant advantages over other platforms…

Spocket Pros

  • Automated dropshipping

  • Straightforward return policy

  • Easy sample ordering

  • Verified suppliers 

  • Wide range of premium products 

  • Faster shipping time 

  • Beginner and expert friendly 

  • Adequate customer support 

  • Compatible with big e-commerce platform. 

Although Spocket has so many amazing features, it also has some drawbacks.

Spocket Cons

  • Premium features are only available in higher payment plans. 

  • It has limited suppliers

  • It does not accept nutraceuticals, pseudo-pharmaceuticals or any product that make health claims. 

  • It free plan is almost non-functional

  • It can be expensive 

Spocket is a great app that opens dropshippers to a world of possibilities. It may appear on the expensive side, but its features will save your online business time, energy, and money in the long run.

Spocket Review: FAQ 

Is Spocket better than AliExpress for dropshipping?

Yes, Spocket is a better dropshipping platform compared to AliExpress. The app offers premium products, good profit margin, and verified dropshipping suppliers. It also features an automated order fulfillment process, unique branding features, and access to a wide range of premium products, giving it an edge over its competitors. This makes Spocket an excellent platform and one of the best AliExpress alternatives.

How does Spocket make money?

Spocket makes money with the different subscription plans it offers its users. You would have to pay a monthly fee to source and import products, process orders, and access premium items. The platform also pioneered an academy that offers a wide range of learning resources to help you thrive in the dropshipping world. These courses are available at a small price.

Can you use Spocket’s dropshipping app for free? 

Although Spocket has a free plan, it is virtually impossible to use it for free since this subscription restricts importation and other essential tasks.

Spocket offers 14 days free trial on all its paid plans except Unicorn. Your free trial can be activated without a credit card and canceled anytime.

How do I change my currency on Spocket’s dropshipping app?

The products in Spocket’s catalog are displayed in USD. However, the app automatically converts it to the domain currency of your store when you add the product to your import list. If you want to change the converted currency, you must change your store’s currency.

Does Spocket have dropshipping suppliers from multiple countries?

Yes. Spocket is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Canada, the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe, the best dropshipping suppliers in the US, and one of the best dropshipping suppliers in the UK.

Can I get a discount on Spocket pricing plans?

Yes, you can get a discount on Spocket subscription plans by paying annually instead of monthly. A yearly payment can reduce the total payment price by two months.

How can I become a Spocket dropshipping supplier?

Anyone shipping products from the US or Europe can become a Spocket supplier. However, you will have to go through a lengthy vetting process.

Spocket Review: Conclusion – Should You Use Them? 

spocket review conclusion

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Putting all the factors above into consideration…

Spocket is an excellent dropshipping platform for both industry beginners and experts.

Its features are geared towards helping people build a profitable dropshipping business with no hassle.

Spocket is a great platform for anyone that is serious about dropshipping and wants to scale their store with reliable suppliers.

FINAL VERDICT: I HIGHLY recommend Spocket.

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