Zendrop Review: Everything You Need to Know

Today, I’ll be doing a Zendrop review.

One of the toughest, yet most important requirements for a dropshipping business is using reliable suppliers.

It will quite literally MAKE or BREAK your business…

Zendrop aims to be the best dropshipping supplier with the lowest pricing, fastest shipping, and best customer service.

But… are they the most reliable fulfillment company for dropshipping?

What about costs/delivery time for Zendrop shipping?

Should you use Zendrop as your supplier?

Let’s find out in this Zendrop review!

What Is Zendrop?

Zendrop dropshipping app

Zendrop describes itself as “more than just an order fulfillment company”.

Not only do they provide dropshipping software for automated fulfillment

Zendrop also offers Custom Branding, Expedited Shipping, and World-Class Products.

They also have over 250,000 users and over 1 million products that you can start selling today.

There’s a lot more to go over, but let’s continue this Zendrop review with how their service works.

How Does Zendrop Work?

Zendrop review connect shopify store

Once you sign up for an account (which you can do for free), you’ll need to connect it to your Shopify store.

You can also use WooCommerce or CommerceHQ, but I highly recommend using Shopify.

Once you have your winning product, you’ll need to search for it in their catalog of 1 million products.

I’ll go more in-depth on the Zendrop products list later on. For now, let’s stick with our 1 winning product.

Zendrop shipping times and shipping cost

For each product, Zendrop provides Shopify images, descriptions, and specifications.

But most importantly, they provide product cost, shipping times, and shipping costs.

Shipping costs will vary from product to product…. but they offer the same shipping lines and shipping times for most.

I’ll go more in-depth on shipping time and shipping costs later.

For now, you need to select Regular or Economy shipping. You also need to choose if you want Express Shipping (Pro plan only).

After that, you can import your product to your Shopify store by simply clicking Import.

Zendrop review auto fulfillment

Once you’ve made some video ads and you’re getting orders for your online store, they’ll show up on the Orders page in Zendrop.

You can fulfill orders in seconds by clicking Fulfill All Orders.

Or if you want your business to be even easier… switch on Auto Fulfillment.

This way, you never even need to open up the Zendrop app!

It’s that simple…

Zendrop Products List

Zendrop products list

Zendrop’s products list is quite extensive with over 1 million dropshipping products available to sell.

If you’re still doing product research, you can use their filters to find winning products.

You can sort by category, price, or supplier (Zendrop Fulfillment is the main supplier).

You can also search for winning products that ship directly from the US.

I’d be shocked if they don’t have your winning product… but if they don’t, you can easily add it by using AliExpress Import.

AliExpress Import

Zendrop review aliexpress import

All you need to do is simply paste the AliExpress link to your product.

It’s important to note here that they will NOT use AliExpress as a supplier…

Instead, the Zendrop fulfillment team will get a quote for you after you import it and make a sale.

If the price is manageable, you can continue making sales and use Zendrop fulfillment to get your products to your customers…

This means you can use Zendrop no matter what product you’re selling!

Private Product Listings

zendrop catalog of product sourcing

Let’s say you have a winning product and you think there’s massive potential…

You don’t want word to get out that your product exists.

This way, you’ll have less competition and a much easier time scaling to 7 or even 8 figures

You can do a private product listing with Zendrop so they do NOT add to their catalog.

This is an amazing feature and personally love that they have this.

Zendrop Shipping Times

Zendrop express shipping time

In 2023, shipping times are more important than ever.

Amazon has gotten everyone accustomed to ultra-fast shipping times (1-day shipping).

Having express shipping times allows you to convert more customers and prevent them from going to Amazon.

It also results in happier customers, fewer chargebacks, and fewer account issues with TikTok ads and Facebook ads…

Zendrop review shipping time

Processing time for orders is 1-3 days. It will be closer to 1 day if your product is quite popular and it’s doing serious, consistent volume.

Regular Shipping from China to the USA will take about 10-15 days.

Express Shipping from China to the USA will take about 7-12 days.

International Shipping will take about 10-15 days (they have shipping times for each country on their website).

Zendrop US supplier

Let’s say most of your customer base is in the US.

You can use a US-based supplier and ship your product to your customers in as little as 3 days!

This would be a MASSIVE competitive edge for any e-commerce business, allowing you to get more customers.

Zendrop Shipping Cost

zendrop shipping cost

Shipping cost is going to vary from product to product, regardless of which suppliers you’re using.

It’s very easy to see the shipping cost for each destination in your Import List.

Shipping cost is calculated based on what shipping line is used, as well as how heavy or large the item is.

Faster shipping time = increased shipping cost.

Heavier/larger product = increased shipping cost.

Zendrop Features


Zendrop review branding

You can also add a customized Thank You card with each order.

It might not seem like a lot… but this can drastically improve the customer experience.

You can build a relationship with your customer base, share your social media links, offer them a discount code, and include your support email address.

If you’re struggling with Customer Feedback scores on Facebook ads, or simply just want to build a better brand with happy customers, this is the way to go.

Zendrop can also do custom packaging and private labeling.

Bundles & Boxes

bundles and subscription boxes

Product bundles are a great way to increase AOV and overall profit for dropshipping stores.

Zendrop makes it incredibly easy to create a bundle and fulfill orders in seconds.

Same thing with subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes only work with certain products… but they can be extremely lucrative when used.

Zendrop makes it incredibly easy to configure and fulfill subscription boxes.

Zendrop review trending product finder

Zendrop has another section where they provide you with trending products.

They have tons of valuable data on dropshipping stores, so it’s clear these products are trending.

If you’re struggling to find a winning product, you can come here and find a winner in seconds.

Zendrop Academy

zendrop course

This course will teach you everything you need to know about optimizing your Shopify store, scaling your business, and running scroll-stopping ads.

It has six modules including things like Facebook Ads Master, eComm MasterClass, Mawer Capital eComm Course, Beyond Six Figures, and TikTok ads.

Instructors include Jared Goetz, Rudy Mawer, and Justin Woll.

Chargeback Management

Chargebacks are inevitable with any e-commerce business, but especially with dropshipping websites.

This feature provides you with detailed tracking information so you can easily deal with disputes.

Zendrop Alternatives

Zendrop vs. CJ Dropshipping

cj dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is an eCommerce/dropshipping fulfillment company.

CJ Dropshipping has been operating for longer so they have more warehouses around the world…

But that’s all CJ Dropshipping has that is better.

A fulfillment company is your business partner… and Zendrop is far more user-friendly, trustworthy, and reliable.

CJ Dropshipping also doesn’t exactly have a world-class support team…

Overall, I recommend using Zendrop over CJ Dropshipping.

Zendrop vs. Spocket


Spocket is another eCommerce/dropshipping fulfillment company.

Spocket offers FAR fewer products (you can fulfill ANY product with Zendrop).

Spocket also works mainly with AliExpress suppliers, which I really dislike because they can have very long shipping times and bad communication.

Spocket is also more expensive and lacks awesome features like auto fulfill.

Overall, I recommend using Zendrop over Spocket.

You can read my full Spocket Review here.

Zendrop vs. DSers

DSers aliexpress

DSers is a fulfillment app for Shopify that was made in partnership with AliExpress. Because of this, you are only able to use AliExpress suppliers with DSers.

The DSers app is incredibly easy to use, similar to the Zendrop app.

However, the DSers app lacks numerous features, such as auto fulfillment and custom branding.

You’ll also have to pay sales tax on basically every order you fulfill, which is a huge disadvantage for a dropshipping business with already thin profit margins.

Overall, I recommend using Zendrop over DSers.

Zendrop Pricing

Zendrop plan pricing

They have multiple plans, with the Plus plan being the most popular and the one I recommend most.

Zendrop FREE

This includes:

  • Access to 1M+ Products

  • 24/7 Support

  • Product Sourcing

Zendrop PRO

Includes everything in the previous plan and more:

  • Unlimited Orders Per Month

  • Automated Fulfillment

  • Custom Branding

  • US Products

  • Express Shipping

Zendrop PLUS

Includes everything in the previous plan and more:

  • Zendrop Academy

  • Product Bundles

  • Subscription Boxes

  • Chargeback Management

  • Private Product Listing

  • Trending Product Finder

  • $100 in Order Credits

Zendrop SELECT

This is only for the heavy hitters doing serious volume. This is the tier that you should be striving for…

It includes everything in the previous plan and more:

  • Personalized support

  • Fast US shipping your specific product (2-5 days)*

  • Price negotiation

  • Partner resources

  • Brand development (custom packaging and private labeling)*

*FYI, these 2 perks are ridiculously valuable. They can turn a mediocre dropshipping store into a branded powerhouse that you can sell for 7+ figures down the road.

Zendrop Review: FAQ

How long does Zendrop take to ship?

Processing times are 1-3 days. Shipping time varies based on the reliable suppliers you chose, shipping line, and destination. Once shipped, they’ll provide a tracking number for each order which will automatically be imported to Shopify. If you’re looking for ultra-fast shipping from the US, you might want to try Sellvia.

Can I use Zendrop for free?

Yes. You can use it for free with their free plan. You will still get access to over 1 million products, 24/7 access to their world-class support team, and product sourcing.

Is there a Zendrop free trial?

Yes. You can get a Zendrop free trial for 7 days with access to their Plus plan.

Does Zendrop use AliExpress?

No. AliExpress is a middleman between a dropshipping business and manufacturers. Thankfully, Zendrop deals directly with manufacturers to get online merchants the best prices.

Does Zendrop have reliable suppliers for a dropshipping business?

Yes, they have strict requirements for the third-party suppliers that are on its dropshipping platform. They also have their own Zendrop Fulfillment team which is the main supplier for most products.

Is Zendrop a general dropshipping supplier?

Yes. Zendrop has products from every category and ships to most countries. If you want to dropship specific products, you can learn about pet supplies dropshipping, clothing dropshipping, or jewelry dropshipping. If you need warehouses in specific countries, you can use the best dropshipping suppliers in Canada, the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA, the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe, or the best dropshipping suppliers in the UK.

Does Zendrop have phenomenal customer support?

Yes. Their normal customer support operates 24/7 and is very helpful. If you’re one of the advanced dropshippers on the Select plan, you’ll get personalized customer support for express email support. This is very important considering how unpredictable logistics companies can be with delivery packages.

How do I connect Zendrop to my online store?

Using their tutorial, you can easily connect their dropshipping software to a Shopify store, WooCommerce online store, or CommerceHQ online store.

Zendrop Review: Conclusion – Should You Use Them?

zendrop review conclusion best dropshipping supplier

After being in the dropshipping trenches for 6+ years, it’s clear that only the best of the best should be used…

Fulfilling orders and dealing with logistics is EASILY the most stressful part of an eCommerce business.

But with Zendrop

You can auto fulfill pretty much any product in existence with top-tier shipping costs and times.

Not only will this make your customers happier and improve your business…

You’ll also be able to sleep better knowing they have your back and everything is running smoothly.

FINAL VERDICT: I HIGHLY recommend Zendrop.

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